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How Instagram New Algorithm Update will Affect You in 2024

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Have you heard about the Instagram algorithm change? Since we got the news, our search mode was on. We went on frenzy to decode what all the new Instagram algorithm is about. Well! After gathering all the information about Instagram’s new algorithm we are all set to share that with you.

Whether you are a regular Instagram user, advertiser or an Instagram influencer, let’s see how the latest algorithm from Instagram is going to impact you.

In this article, we are going to introduce what changes the algorithm has brought in. Let’s explore together.

Part 1: The 3 mains ranking factors

Here, we feature the basic factors that contribute to influence your ranking on Instagram.

Interest: Instagram’s prediction about the kind of posts you would like

Instagram has announced that the algorithm based timeline would populate your most preferred content on feed. Depending on your interest of content, the photos and videos on your feed would be displayed. A post’s timeliness and your relationship with the person sharing the post also contribute towards it.

In case you are regularly consuming content from a specific genre, content from that genre might get ranked higher by Instagram on your feed. But, content with less engagement might also be ranked higher on your feed, if that is relevant to your frequently consumed content.

Advanced photo recognition technologies used with the algorithm enables Instagram to categorize posts into different genres. They might move deeper to fetch more sophisticated genres. Even the #hashtags would prove to be apt tools for the algorithms to look into it.

Relationship: Most frequently interacting accounts

When it comes to Instagram algorithm change, it has been noted that Instagram feed ranking algorithm considers you should view the latest post from your favorite person. It makes their posts rank higher on your Instagram feed. It doesn’t matter how many accounts you follow, but with how many of them you interact with.

According to sources Instagram looks into your past interactions for deciding, your best friends. Factors helpful in tracing the people you care for –

  • People known to you in person
  • People whom you search
  • People whose videos, photos, and stories you like
  • People you interact on DM

According to Instagram’s new algorithm, Instagram possibly thinks your frequent searches for profiles as the ones you care for. It ranks them higher on your feed to avoid searching their profiles repetitively for content. According to an Instagram insider, the new Instagram algorithm has significantly reduced the number of searches.

Timeliness: Freshness of a post

Well! Freshness is the key factor in every aspect of life and how Instagram’s new algorithm could escape this. Instagram fills your feed with posts having the freshest and relevant content.

Older posts might not be of interest to you, when you have latest content which is a day or an hour older. Even if the old posts had lot of engagement, they won’t crawl up your feed. The relevance of your posts is important along with the timeliness to rank higher on Instagram feed.

Instagram probably re-orders fresh posts between your recent and last visit only. Let’s say you have visited Instagram 2 AM and revisit at 11 AM the same day. If there were 40 posts created when you were away, then the new Instagram algorithm would fetch only those 40 posts. According to this algorithm, the best time for posting content is while your followers are active.

ig algorithm

Part 2: The other important algorithm update

Now that you have been through the most prominent factors of Instagram’s new algorithm and how it drive’s the post ranking on your feeds. Find out, what updates Instagram algorithm has brought.

Let’s have a look on these secondary but significant factors –


When you frequently use Instagram every day, you are going to see the latest posts. But, people using it less often end up seeing few days old posts.


The way you access Instagram influences the algorithm to populate your feed. When you browse randomly for few moments, Instagram algorithm will show only the priority posts on your feed.


When you follow a limited number of people Instagram algorithm will get few posts to work with. As a result, you would see more posts from everyone. Whereas, following thousands of people will result in seeing lesser posts from each of them.

ig algorithm timeliness

Part 3: Some notes you should know

Post Instagram algorithm change, you need to keep in mind the following key notes.

Video is better than picture?

If you are wondering whether picture or video is better for your Instagram post. Then let’s face it. It’s been the thing of the past and feed ranking universally doesn’t favor whether video or photo formats. It solely depends on what you consume there. If you don’t watch videos then it is less likely to see them on your feed.

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Chronological Instagram feed will come back?

Wishing the comeback of chronological Instagram feed won’t be possible. With Instagram’s new algorithm the chance to have a ‘New posts’ button is ruled out. So, in short, you can see everything posted by people you follow by scrolling down your feeds.

Instagram algorithm will affect advertisers?

Introduction of Instagram’s new algorithm enhanced the image recognition technology for organizing posts according to video and image content. It has toned down the priority of #hashtags. As a result, the use of #hashtags won’t make your content as spam over your caption.

With relevant content for your followers, Instagram algorithm prioritizes content on their feeds. Refining posts as per their consumption pattern would enhance likes, views and comments and improve engagement. As a result, your posts will top the ranking.

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These points about the Instagram algorithm would certainly assist you while crafting your next brand video or photo post over Instagram. Keep experimenting and reaping benefits all the way.

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