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Instagram Influencers List: 25 Top Influencers You Should Know

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

When it comes to a social media platform full of relevant pictorial content, Instagram wins the race without any competition. Be it beauty, fashion, travel, or food, Instagram is an exceptional social media platform with 1000 million monthly users. With a long Instagram influencers list, it is tough to have the right one for your brand.

Being a brand marketer searching for Instagram influencers, you shouldn’t be worried about picking the best one. With this article we are going to introduce you to the top Instagram influencers list. Keep reading to explore more!

Part 1: Instagram fashion influencers list

1. juliahengel

With a 1.2 million followers Julia Engel is all set to launch her own clothing line very soon. This Instagram fashion influencer from Charleston has a blog called Gal Meets Glam since her college days. Initially being partnered with Gap, Coach, and Tory Burch like brands, she rose to become one of the top fashion influencers in fashion.

ins juliahengel

2. brightbazaar

This Instagram travel influencer from New York has a lot to offer. With 2.43 million followers Will Taylor is an ideal influencer who majorly caters to interior design, style and travel segment. Apart from being a design consultant and Instagram influencer, he organizes many voluntary activities around his place.

ins brightbazaar

3. Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a top notch Instagram fashion influencer with 3 million followers. She made Peter Pan collars and overalls completely chic for adult women. She has launched her own lines together with AG Jeans and Marks and Spensers.

ins alexa

4. isabellath

Isabella Thordsen is one of the Instagram fashion influencer who made Scandi-meets-London style so popular. Having 1.9 million followers, this Denmark based influencer blends London fashion with her home country, as well as the best coffee and cake recommendations.

ins isabellath

5. iamgalla

Instagram travel influencers like Adam Gallagher are worth inspiring. Unlike typical fashion influencers, his journey across the globe is for fashion inspiration and adventure. With 1.8 million followers his posts span holiday ideas, men’s style, music, grooming, travel inspiration.

ins iamgalla

Part 2: Beauty influencers Instagram list

1. beautyisboring_

Robin Black of Beauty is Boring fame juggles multiple professions of a professional photographer, makeup artist. Helmed among beauty influencers in Instagram, Vogue, Vogue Italia, Allure, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair etc. published her work internationally. Her crisp makeup shots are a treasure for beauty inspiration.

ins beautyisboring

2. Violette_fr

This beauty influencer for Instagram hailing from Paris has her venture Estee Lauder based out of Brooklyn. This makeup artist picks up red lips, glitter, and lush finishes, ditching contouring aside.

ins violette

3. beautybymathu

Mathusha from Sri Lanka has a knack for makeup tutorials. With 63.7K followers to her credit, she also excels in Arabic-inspired eye shadow lessons and traditional Sri-Lankan makeup tutorials on YouTube.

ins beautybymathu

4. makeupbyjakejamie

1.59 million followers for Jack-Jamie Ward created a movement in the makeup industry #MakeupIsGenderless and rose to fame. This Beauty Boy of social media has represented the male face for L’Oréal UK. This beauty influencer on Instagram got a YouTube channel with 1.4 million plus views.

ins makeupbyjakejamie

5. amrezy

AmraOlevic, the beauty influencer in Instagram has 5.5 million followers. She has associated with various cosmetic brands because of her impeccable pictures on her Instagram account. She features breathtaking makeup looks on her account.

ins amrezy

Part 3: Fitness influencers Instagram list

1. tracyandersonmethod

This fitness influencer on Instagram has 66.9K followers and her motto is sweat and dress up. Her account looks more of a fashion fitness page. It features brilliant shots of her while working out or relaxing with her own style. She has NU Creator to her credit.

ins tracyandersonmethod

2. jtm_fit

Jay T. Maryniak created The Functional Method. With 2.73 million followers, this fitness influencer on Instagram has type 1 diabetics. His account boasts his impeccable workout moves starting from L-sits on barbell plates to flipping and catching 35 pounds barbell plates.

ins jtm

3. kayla_itsines

This fitness influencer on Instagram from Australia has 9.8 million followers. Her 28-minute workouts accessible beyond the gym are a hit with fitness lovers.

ins kayla

4. bjgaddour

Being a fitness influencer on Instagram, BJ Gaddour has 2.22 million followers and his 28-day shred programs are a massive hit. He posts nutrition tips and daily exercise videos on his account.

ins bjgaddour

5. jenselter

Jenifer Selter has 11.6M followers on Instagram. She posts nutrition, fitness, health and lifestyle. Her posts encourage people to join her community and be a part of her fitness journey.

ins jenselter

Part 4: Food influencers Instagram

1. skyemcalpine

This food influencer on Instagram with 1.52 million followers, juggles her time between London and Venice. Skye McAlpine is all set to release her cookbook ‘A Table in Venice’. Cooking is her passion and writing a book was her dream.

ins skyemcalpine

2. ashrod

Ashley Rodriguez with 1 million followers is one of the awesome food influencers on Instagram. She has drool worthy post of simple food shots and her outdoor cooking video series is a visual pleasure.

ins ashrod

3. ladyandpups

1.025 million followers, and this food influencer on Instagram is self-proclaimed as ‘angry’ food blogger. Mandy Lee’s posts feature mouthwatering home-cooked plates along with quirky captions.

ins ladyandpups

4. themodernproper

Natalie Mortimer and Holly Erickson is a team of top food influencers on Instagram. With more than 80,000 followers they focus on preparing simple meals and modern age homemaking. In 2016, they were finalists for Saveur’s Best Home-Cooked Food Blog.


5. kenjilopezalt

66.6K followers of J. Kenji López-Alt, food influencers on Instagram no doubt love his food choice with a scientific approach. He edited ‘Cook’s Illustrated’ and authored ‘The Food Lab’. ‘Serious Eats’ his current food lab to blend science and cooking.

ins kenjilopezalt

Part 5: Instagram travel influencers

1. thepointsguy

Brian Kelly of the ‘The Points Guy’ fame is a great Instagram travel influencer. This account has 62.7k followers, whereas Brian’s personal account has 1.97 million followers. He believes in keep moving and offering everything you need to know about travel.

ins thepointsguy

2. muradosmann

Murad and Nataly Osmann as Instagram travel influencers, set serious couple goals. Their travel blogging began with Nataly’s photos leading Murad for visiting new places. They have 4.6 million followers. A stunning backdrop with Nataly’s arms stretched behind is their theme on every location.

ins muradosmann

3. theplanetd

Dave & Deb the Instagram travel influencer couple of The Planet D fame bagged several awards for their blog. With 2.24 million followers on Instagram, they offer travel tips across genres. From adventure travelers to cultured travelers, The Planet D is a hit among all.


4. oneikatraveller

Having 63000 followers on Instragram, this Instagram travel influencer travels to bring a change in the world. Oneika Raymond positively endorses the lands she visits and creates a better travel map that people would look up to.


5. giarogiarratana

This Instagram travel influencer with 4.22 million followers is a fashion model. His posts depict beautiful people in fantasy lives, fancy hotels. GiaroGiarrantana blends marketing with rockstar lifestyle.


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