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8 Best Webcam for Live Streaming

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

1. Logitech C922 Pro Stream:

Resolution: 720p with 60fps frame rate.

Features: Auto Focus, SkyPe calling supported

This camera is recommended for Skype video call recording needs. When Professionals are not much focused upon its video capabilities rather they demand better delivery then Logitech C922 appears to be the best choice. You will be able to fix it at any difficult location with its adjustable mounts and smooth autofocus ensures perfect video footage. Users can easily avail brief setup information from manual and also additional guidelines about how to take maximum benefits from it. More cameras for you to do live streaming.



    • It offers impressive low light correction abilities.
    • Easy set up with wide mounting range.


  • Audio signals get affected by external noise.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream

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2. Microsoft Lifecam Studio:

Resolution: 1080p level supported.

Features: Skype compatible, hi-fi microphone and auto color correction.

This web cam is designed to serve with great quality results to professionals when connected with big monitors. You can switch it to 1080p resolution level while recording footage and for live video calling it automatically goes to 720p level. This camera is recommended for Skype video call recording needs. Lifecam studio can cover 360 degree focus and users can easily mount it over tripods. The autofocus works effectively from a distance of 4 inches up to infinity. This webcam captures audio with crystal clear voice and the advanced True color system make automatic adjustments for exposure when you are shooting in darkness.



    • Offers wide field of view with impressive focus.
    • Expressive quality.
    • Best suited for corporate needs; recommended for presentations and conferences.


  • Designed for professionals, may appear little complicated to beginners.

Microsoft Lifecam Studio

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3. Logitech C930e:

Resolution: It works with 1080p resolution level.

Features: Designed with wide angle lenses, equipped with Zeiss lenses and offers on-board processing.

C930e is rated as one of the most advanced and feature rich unit from Logitech but at the same time it is priced very high. Although, most of the conventional web cam units need PC to complete the encoding process over data but the best thing to know about C930e is that it performs the encoding process by its own. the 190 degree FOV allows users to enjoy quality footage development in presentations and video conferring needs.



    • It assists in on board type video processing so results are much faster.
    • Will not possess additional load on your CPU so maximizes its performance.


  • Costly design.

Logitech C930e

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4. Hue HD Pro:

Resolution: 1600x1200

Features: bendy neck, document capture, powerful software support.

Hue HD is designed with little unique appearance as compared to other live streaming devices in market. This device is well recognized as a projection camera or document capture device, it leads to slow motion effects. The bendy neck assists in highly flexible performance whereas tough construction ensures its easy access at difficult locations. You can easily connect this webcam to Mac and PC platforms and a microphone can be included to obtain crystal clear voices during live streaming.



    • Flexible unit with lots of advanced features.
    • This pro edition is designed with powerful software support and LED lights are added for indications.


  • Can be used by grown-ups, appears little complex to beginners.

Hue HD Pro

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5. Logitech C920:

Resolution: It offers 1080p resolution.

Features: Auto Light correction added, Autofocus and Stereo Audio Functionality

Logitech can appear little costlier choice to beginners but it is a great deal with impressive features. This device offers full HD recording facility with its 1080p resolution level and is compatible with MAC platform. Although Logitech has recently launched so many web cams into market with all new features but C930e is able to cover most of them so you will enjoy a great deal if you buy this. The automatic light correction feature helps to provide better focus even in low light conditions.



    • Full HD.
    • Comes with adjustable mounts.
    • Mac and PC compatible.


  • Expensive.

Logitech C920

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6. GeniusWideCam F100:

Resolution: 1080p works with 15fps frame rate.

Features: Adjustable mounts, auto focus ability

GeniusWideCam F100 offers solid image quality with breathtaking pictures. Users find it much easier to set up as it can be either placed on deck or can be mounted over desktop screen with ease. WideCam provides two adjustment ranges for auto focus: You can either go for fixed focus setting or twist the ring to begin with auto focus abilities. The design is quite impressive but it suffers few troubles in terms of digital zooming abilities



    • Offers wide field of view that leads to much better focus over multiple objects at a time.
    • Impressive audio quality.


  • When you record in low light then it may cause grains in footage.
  • Lacks in digital zooming abilities.

GeniusWideCam F100

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7. HP HD 4310:

Resolution: It offers 1080p resolution level at 30fps frame rate.

Features: 13MP stills, auto focus.

HD 4310 can be called as a well rounded camera unit that possesses all impressive specifications along with Full HD video shooting and 13MP stills ability. This device generates crisp and smooth footage that can be easily uploading to social media platforms to improve your popularity. However, the audio quality is not much improved but solid video performances compensate it well. The auto focus feature works with effective face tracking mechanism. Users can easily make settings to customize their recording needs where white balancing is most essential for production of perfect skin tones.



    • Rated as most powerful and engaging tool for all live streaming needs.


  • The camera lens is made up of plastic material instead of glass.
  • Lacks in digital zooming capabilities.

HP HD 4310

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8. Creative Live! Cam Chat HD:

Resolution: 720p with 30fps.

Features: Stunning audio quality, manual focus adjustments

The Creative Live Cam Chat HD device is one of the most beautiful camera units in current price range. Although it lacks in certain features but the overall results are good enough for e beginner. The controls are pretty easy and the audio quality is stunning when compared with other popular units. You will find very small ambient noise in this device with natural and clear sound appearance. The sad part is that it does not offer proper mounting facilities and there is no support for titling or panning needs.



    • It offers impressive audio quality.
    • Low price range.
    • Decent still quality.


  • Users will find it difficult to mount this device as it gives limited options for placement and mounting.
  • Manual focus adjustment.

Creative Live! Cam Chat HD

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