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Top 360 live streaming cameras for youtube and facebook you should know.

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Currently, most of action camera developers are launching their powerful 360 cameras with lots of impressive features. They are very easy to operate and make live streaming much easier to popular social media platforms like Periscopes, Facebook and YouTube. If you are also searching for one of the best 360 camera that can assist you in adventurous recording activities then the list below can be highly useful for you. Here we are introducing top models with their unique features and pricing details so that users can pick best within their budget range. Check below 6 360 live streaming cameras for youtube and facebook.

1. ALLie Camera:

If you have ALLie then you will definitely be able to enjoy peace of mind with your 360 degree recording needs. This device is well designed with all latest features and allows users to share their content directly to Facebook or YouTube or it can be directly saved to cloud storage. ALLie is capable enough to deliver color rich 360 degree video content and it can be integrated with smartphones easily to improve user experience. This camera is available with a price tag of $299 only.

Key Features:

  • It offers impressive 4K resolution for 360 degree recording using advanced 8MP sensors.
  • Users will be able to enjoy stunning 360 degree VR videos even without observing any blind spot. It leads to awesome virtual experience.
  • ALLie can help you to live stream your data directly on YouTube.
  • Social sharing is enabled via tablet or smart phones.

ALLie Camera

2. Ricoh Theta S:

Ricoh Theta allows users to play with impressive shoot that have 1080p HD quality and details are always fine tuned. This camera can work up to 30 minutes with once time charging. Those who are curious enough to live stream their footage to popular social media platforms can directly transfer it anytime even without making any dedicated connection to your personal computer. You will love to explore recording hours by connecting your device to smartphones for remote control needs; the specially designed application can assist you in easy switching between different functions. You need to pay $349.99 to buy this camera.

Key Features:

  • It can record 360 degree videos along with spherical images.
  • Comes with new enlarged sensor having 12MP rating.
  • The output size use to be 14MP.
  • You can enjoy full HD recording at 30 fps frame rate.
  • Live streaming can be activated using USB and HDMI connections.
  • A dedicated Ricoh theta application assists users to have direct control on their footage sharing abilities.

Ricoh Theta S

3. Insta 360-Nano:

Insta 360 Nano is a beautiful compact camera unit for iPhone users. You will love to use your device screen as view finder with this 360 camera. It possesses two lenses with 210 degree focus each, that can cover everything from all directions and memories are stored directly into SDCard. However, this device does not offer 4K resolution so it could be considered a better option for casual needs. You will have to wait for one hour to fully charge its battery and then it will start capturing breath taking shoots. You need to pay $199.00 only to won this device.

Key Features:

  • It offers maximum video resolution of 3040x1520 at 30fps.
  • Users can enjoy 360 degree wide field of view.
  • Battery life is extended up to one hour.
  • It offers MicroSD card type storage with 64GB capacity.
  • Its compact size is the biggest advantage for 360 degree video developers.


4. Giroptic iO:

Giroptic iO :This device is especially designed to assist iPhone users. Professionals love to carry this 360 camera to their tours due to its compact pocketable size and its ability to capture stunning 4K photos whereas videos can be of maximum 1920x960 resolution level. Although it has all good features but still appears to expensive with a price tag of $249 as compared to its competitors in market.

Key Features:

  • It offers 1920x960 resolution for videos whereas stills are available with 3840x1920 resolution level.
  • Giroptic is dedicated to iOS users.
  • It offers maximum battery life of 1.15 hours.
  • 360 degree field of view results in outstanding shoots.

 Giroptic iO

5. Orah 4i:

Orah 4i is a well known 360 degree camera that comes with professional level live streaming ability. You will love to record impressive videos with its ultra high resolution, 30 fps frame rate and 360 degree wide focus. It is also possible to capture audio information from 4 channel audio input using microphones. One magical feature of this camera unit is its ability to auto stitch the advanced virtual reality content on real time basis so that everything can stay live stream ready during shooting hours.

Key Features:

  • It possesses a fisheye type lens with four 8-elements in multicoated form.
  • Maximum video resolution offered by Orah 4i is 4K at 30 fps frame rate.
  • Orah 4i offers better control over white balance and automatic exposure.
  • It can accept 4 channel audio inputs.
  • You can control its operations with dedicated smart phone app.

Orah 4

6. Live Planet:

Here is the amazing news for all 360 video lovers that live planet is designed with advanced 16 lenses that work in synchronized fashion to result outstanding footage in terms of 360 degree videos. It offers 4k resolution at 30 fps frame rate during live streaming activities. Users have huge connectivity options with their Live planet camera unit as it can be connected using SDI output, HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi as well as Ethernet connectivity.

Key Features:

  • It offers 512 GB on board storage capacity so you can easily enjoy long hour adventurous recording.
  • The overall weight of this device is 1.5 pounds only that makes it best choice for traveling needs.
  • Best option for VR platforms due to its easy handling and stunning output quality.
  • The 16 lens synchronization feature assists in immersive content development without any blind spot in between shoots.

Live Planet

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