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Top best 15 GBA games of all time

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Dec 07, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

It's been two decades since such Game Boy Advance debuted on shelves, bringing the already popular Game Boy Color into a landscape perspective. It was on the best GBA games of all time that many of Nintendo's finest remakes could be enjoyed for the first time by a whole new generation. The best GBA games of all time brief three-year reign as the leading portable device saw some of the finest games from brands like Metroid and Castlevania released on the system. This is a good moment to look back at some of our fondest childhood experiences and rank the best GBA games of all time ever, especially nowadays that Game Boy titles are coming to a Nintendo Switch.

Even while this list attempts to rate all of the games, it should be seen more as a guide for fans to revisit each of the titles on this list, including some of the best GBA games of all time to date. Remakes are also towards the bottom of the list since we want to emphasize how unique and creative a few of the top GBA games were. 

Best GBA Games of all time (Top GBA games)

1.Super Mario Advance 4


Super Mario Bros. 3 or sometimes known as Super Mario Advance 4 for the GBA platform had a pre-release buzz, unlike previous Super Mario games By the moment the game was released, Nintendo fans and players alike were ecstatic about the prospect of playing Super Mario Bros. 3. The buzz was well-founded, and the game exceeded expectations in terms of visuals and added features.

There are a lot of similarities between this and the original Super Mario Bros. game. Move Mario from one side of the level to another and you'll be done. The game makers made sure that each level had a distinct theme to keep players from becoming bored while playing. As you go through the game, you'll encounter fresh themes and viewpoints.

Several changes elevate Super Mario Advance 4 to a superior GBA title. A good example is the introduction of Mario's suit system, which grants him access to various power-up items. In addition, Super Mario Bros. 3 has all of the features found in its predecessors.


  • Super Mario Bros. 3 is being ported to the Nintendo DS.
  • Play the classic side-scrolling 2D game
  • NES classic ported to the GBA

2.Metroid Fusion


Metroid Fusion is for you if you're a fan of space exploration. This is a simulation of what it might be like to go on a mission to another planet.

In the game, you’ll be presented with various hard pathways. On the other hand, your character does not have a predetermined path. You have complete control over the outcome of the game.

Each task is intertwined, and you will eventually finish all of them at some time. To put it another way, it's not uncommon to have to finish one obstacle before moving on to the next.

Unlocked along the quest, Samus' abilities and gadgets are important in conquering a range of challenges. As you continue through the game, your abilities and weapons improve, allowing you to tackle previously unsolvable challenges. As a result, you'll be prepared for anything is thrown your way.


  • Unifying theme
  • side-scrolling game
  • Obstacles and challenges

3.The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap


To enjoy this game, you must have a taste for adventure and action. You'll never get bored with this GBA game's gameplay.

The game is based on a strong and engrossing story arc. You'll feel as though a higher force is guiding you throughout the game. Smaller side tasks may be found throughout the game, however. These optional missions provide new information about the overall story and provide you with a token that may be used in the main game.

After defeating an adversary or completing a problem, you may discover a new weapon or ability that may be used later. In this manner, the obstacles develop on one another and are intertwined.

You have an armory of weapons at your disposal to beat your adversary. Swords and bows get more effective as the game progresses. As a result, subsequent confrontations will be much simpler.


  • Fights and brainteasers
  • Intensification of the difficulty gradient
  • There are several subplots to this story.
  • Storytelling that is easy to follow

4.Golden Sun


If you're seeking a game that will keep you riveted for the duration, Golden Sun is your best bet. Intriguing storylines and challenging gameplay make this game a must-play. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Like Isaac, the protagonist, you'll be immersed in the story from start to finish.

In Golden Sun, you'll construct a group of characters much like in classic RPGs. As a result, Isaac plays the game alongside three other characters. Every player has a distinct function to play and a specific benefit to provide in the broader scheme of things.

Within the game, there are severalGBAdistinct realms. You'll face new difficulties and see new sights in each new realm. You'll never get bored because of the variety of worlds in the game, which keeps things fresh.


  • Unifying theme
  • There are many universes to choose from.
  • There are several subplots to this story.

5.Spider-Man: The Enemy of Mysterio


A Spiderman game must be included on any list of the top video games. Due to his immense popularity and admiration, he is often the "greatest superhero of all time." This is why our list of the top best GBA Games of all time ever includes a Spiderman game.

Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace falls within the superhero action-packed games genre. Peter Parker, better known as Spiderman, focuses on the game's narrative. It's up to him to stop Mysterio from terrorizing New York City (the lead antagonist). In addition to Mysterio, the Master of Illusion, our hero must also battle Hammerhead, Rhino, Big Wheel, Scorpion, and Electro, among other enemies.


  • Top video game
  • Immense popularity
  • Superhero action-packed games genre

6.Mario Vs. Donkey Kong


Mario Vs. Donkey Kong is a fun and tough game to play in 2020. Donkey Kong has stolen the Mini Mario Toys from the corporation, so you'll have to assist Mario to follow him down in this game.

A high-quality game in terms of level design is what Mario Vs. The donkey has to offer. Immersive gameplay is possible because of the high-quality visuals. The Nintendo's high-resolution screen, the 3D Hero models give you an exceptional gaming experience every time users pick it up.

Casual gamers often criticize playability on mobile devices. In Mario vs. Donkey, timing and puzzle-solving are at the heart of its success. Once you start playing, you won't be able to put down the console for a while. For both casual and expert gamers, Mario Vs. Donkey is indeed the best game to buy now.


  • Over 100 levels
  • Classic animations
  • Support GC-GBQ link cable

7.Fire Emblem: Sword Of Seals


As a result of its incredible gameplay, visuals, and storyline, Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals is a mind-blowing strategic role-playing game. Roy, a Pherae nobleman, commands an army against King Zephiel of Bern in the game. The king possesses magical abilities that he intends to use to conquer Elibe and stop him.

Like Nintendo, graphics and acoustic effects on a portable device make the game awe-inspiring. High-refresh screens have been optimized for the graphics, so they seem smooth and fluid. Regardless of whether you're playing inside or out, you won't have any issues with the game's viewing angles.

Nintendo speakers or even a pair of headphones will provide you with a pleasurable experience, regardless of how you choose to listen to the game's soundtrack.


  • Strategy for role-playing
  • In the game Super Smash Bros.
  • Has a well-defined plot arc.

8.WarioWare: Twisted


Wario, the elusive video game character, has returned, and he's taking a new strategy this time. WarioWare: Twisted! is a fantastic GBA game if you're a fan of the series. Every time you play this game, you get a new experience thanks to Nintendo's simple and inventive approach.

Twistedpurpose !'s is to rotate your GBA through all the minigames. There are a plethora of minigames to choose from, each with its own unique mechanics and setting. Because of this, there is no worry of boredom from a typical minigame-centric game. When playing these minigames, you'll need to use various strategies. It's possible to breeze through some of them, while others demand a degree of skill.

With a little variety in level design, each minigame seems new and familiar at the same time. However, the Game Boy Advance visuals aren't as spectacular as those on other titles. However, the inclusion of fascinating minigames means that the makers deserve some leniency.


  • Different storylines
  • Multiple mini-games
  • A handheld game therefore easily played on the go

9.Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure


There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Dragon Ball has made mainstream Anime popular in the West. It is one of the most popular Anime media series among children in the 1990s. No surprise Dragon Ball: Extreme Adventure was a smashing success on the GameBoy Advance. This GBA game's gameplay and plot focus on Goku's adventure as the Dragon Ball protagonist.

The Red Ribbon Army is out to destroy the planet. To defeat the bad guys, you'll need to take control of Goku and train him to be a champion. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure is one of the top best GBA Games of all time because of its spectacular storyline.


  • The most popular Anime media series
  • The plot focuses on Goku's adventure
  • GameBoy Advance games because of its spectacular storyline

10.Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!


Dixie Kong & her younger cousin, Child-friendly Kong, are the game's protagonists. Unfortunately, Kremling commander Baron K. Roolenstein has taken Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong hostage. It’s up to you and Dixie to save Donkey Kong Island once again, as double peril brews on the island. Your primary objectives are Diddy Kong, the captive donkey, and King K. Rool's crazy plots.

The 14 Brothers Bear is a new feature in the third installment of the series, and they provide suggestions as well as other services in return for Bear Coins. Each level in Donkey Kong Country 3 is jam-packed with bonuses and treasures. Jumping across ledges, riding on moving platforms, & climbing vines to dodge wandering attackers are all part of the action.

The overworld map is a huge improvement over previous versions of the game. Compared to the previous two games, you may roam around more freely & access smaller landscapes in this one. You may exchange sequences with the 14 Brothers Bear on the overworld map to help you go into additional hidden caverns.


  • Features pre-rendered 3D imagery
  • The storyline features Donkey Kong characters
  • Detailed backgrounds

11.Pokemon fire red


Pokemon Red and Blue were released on the Game Boy in 1999, and the series has been a big success ever since. So popular were the original games that a remake, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, was created to celebrate their success. If you've played the original games, you'll get a feeling of deja vu when playing these new games, but you'll appreciate seeing all of your old favorites in full color on the GBA. Pokémon fans of all skill levels will enjoy FireRed and LeafGreen's extensive and enthralling storyline. The game's mechanics haven't altered much over the years, yet it's still very compelling. FireRed and LeafGreen's introduction of a wireless adaptor makes Pokémon's famous multiplayer mode more available than ever before.


  • There are only two fire-exclusive Pokemon in the Pokemon FireRed game: Growlithe and Arcanine.
  • FireRed is a refined version of Pokemon Red or an improved version of an original game.

Rom for pokemon fire red:

The Gameboy Advance version of Pokemon - Fire Red Version (V1.1) is now available for download on Google. only offers the US-English version of this Pokemon game. Use an emulator to play Pokemon - Rom for pokemon fire red version (V1.1). Play best GBA games of all time online in high definition on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Please check out our other Pokemon games: Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon HeartGold on Emulator Games as well.

12.Final fantasy tactics


When we think about the finest tactical role-playing game on the GameBoy Advance, we immediately think of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The Final Fantasy series consists of a number of games. However, this one is the most detailed on the GBA platform. To win the battles in this game, you'll need a lot of strategies.

Along with the grueling battles and rich plot, this game has it all. You must start with low-level troops and become fearsome warriors to establish a formidable army. After that, you'll have to face off against monsters and magicians to build up a strong reputation and collect prizes.


  • Consists of a number of games
  • To win the battles in this game, you'll need a lot of strategies.
  • Build up a strong reputation and collect prizes.

Final fantasy tactics advance rom:

The Gameboy final fantasy tactics advance rom - Tactics Advanced may be downloaded from Google. is the only place to get the US-English version of this game. Use an emulator to play the Final Fantasy - Tactics Advanced ROM. Play top GBA games online in high definition on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. We recommend Final Fantasy 1 + 2 - Dawn Of Souls and Final Fantasy 6 Advance for those who love this free ROM on Emulator Games.

13.Super Mario 3D


It is a credit to contemporary Nintendo's innovative and democratic development process that each designer's ideas are given a fair shot. An endless stream of amusing concepts appears, shines brilliantly, and then quickly fades away to replace newer ones. Whether it's a platform that flips when you step on it, an able-bodied plesiosaurus, a surreal circus, an invisible bridge that appears beneath your feet, or a power-up that multiplies Mario and his friends until there's a sea of them running around on the screen, there's no level that stays the same for long enough to get boring. I can't get enough of this game, which combines the linear, themed stages of 2D Mario games with the flexibility of 3D Mario.


  • Great co-op gameplay
  • Creative levels and power-ups
  • Quickly fades away to be replaced by newer ones

Super Mario advance rom

Google Play has the Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (V1.1) ROM for the Gameboy Advance. is the only place to get the US-English version of this Mario game. Use an emulator to play the Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (V1.1) ROM. Play Top GBA games online in high definition on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Super Mario World & Super Smash Bros. are two of the most popular and top GBA games on Emulator Games if you love this ROM.

14.Mario Kart GBA


In addition to launching a new genre, the original Mario Kart was a fantastic game. With various go-karts to race against all of your favorite Nintendo characters, it has a lot to offer. As a multiplayer game, it had a lot of replayability.

In the N64 version of Mario Kart, there were a few new characters and a few new circuits, but the gameplay was roughly the same. I've never been able to get enough of any of these classics, and the newest addition to Nintendo's superb series is no exception.

In addition to the original SNES game's 20 songs, there are also 20 additional ones to enjoy. What a bundle of joy! Smoother animations and more complex visuals have been added to the SNES engine, making this version of the game much more enjoyable (they even move.) This one is a must-have for everyone who likes karting in racing games.


  • Three divided characters
  • Also on the Wii U's Virtual Console
  • 5 game modes

Mario Kart GBA rom

You may play the Gameboy Advance version of Mario Kart Super Circuit by downloading the game's ROM from Google. is the only place to get the US-English version of this Mario game. Use an emulator to play Mario Kart Super Circuit ROM. Play Top GBA games online in high definition on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Super Mario World & Mario Kart 64 are good alternatives to this free ROM on emulators if you like it (V1.1).

15.Fire emblem the binding blade


Intelligent Systems and Nintendo have teamed together to create Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, a tactical role-playing game set in Japan. March 29, 2002, marked the release of the sixth and final Fire Emblem game on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance portable system.

Before Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem's release, this was the final Fire Emblem game to be published in Japan alone. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, set twenty years before the events of The Binding Blade, was released as a prequel to the main series.

Fire emblem the binding blade rom

The Gameboy Advance version of Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword (Translated) is now available for download on google. is the only place to get the US-English version of this game. Use an emulator with the Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword (Translated) ROM to play the classic game on the go. Play Top GBA games online in high definition on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. There are many more games on Emulator Games that are comparable to this one, such as Pokemon Ultra Violet (1.22) and Pokemon Fire Red Version (V1.1) (Fire Red Hack).


  • Songs from Fire Emblem
  • Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Game's arena and multiplayer battle themes.
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