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Best PowerDirector Alternative for Beginners
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Best PowerDirector Alternatives for Android and iOS

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Aug 30, 2022• Proven solutions

Video editing was once exclusively the realm of the PC, but with the power of modern smartphones and tablets even professionals are more frequently editing on the go. This should come as no surprise as most of our photos and footage are stored on mobile devices, while apps like PowerDirector give the full functionality of a professional editing suite on mobile technology.

Currently PowerDirector is only available on Android, but if you’re using an iOS device you’re sadly missing out. Luckily there are several alternative apps that allow you to edit your footage from a mobile device; see our reviews below.

Best PowerDirector Alternatives for Android and iOS

1. Kinemaster - £2.91 per month

System: Android, iOS

Kinemaster is an impressive app that brings simplicity to complex professional editing tools, making it easy to use even on a small screen. It supports multiple layers including unlimited text, handwriting and sticker layers, as well as up to two video layers and four additional audio tracks. The precision editing features allow you edit frame by frame and it’s easy to quickly import extra footage and add additional effects. With a host of other features we haven’t mentioned it’s amazing how simple this app is. The only downside is the pricing model; instead of a one-off payment you’re saddled with £2.91 per month, an investment that could end up exceeding the value of the app.

2. LumaFX - £2.99

System: iOS

LumaFX is a treasure trove of editing effects and goodies, allowing you to completely change the look of your video. The colour and FX sections of the app have a variety of filters and presets that allow you to do anything from fixing annoying colours to transforming your video into a psychedelic cartoon. The versatility of crop tools is also incredibly impressive, allowing you to crop your clip to different aspect ratios that can then be can be flipped and rotated, slowed down, reversed, and trimmed. Even if you decide on another more powerful editing app, the low cost and range of features of LumaFX makes it ideal for using in conjunction with your app of choice to produce the ultimate video content.

3. iMovie – Free

System: iOS

Every iOS user should be familiar with iMovie as it comes bundled on every apple device. Costing nothing is a big upside, especially when the technology handles as intuitively as it does. Splicing footage becomes laughably easy. On the audio side you can add music and personalised voiceovers to your videos and if you’re in the mood for something a little silly there are plenty of over the top TV templates and movie style themes. Accessibility is a big plus for iMovie, but it’s definitely geared to more casual users – professionals will find high end features lacking and should consider a more powerful paid alternative.

4. Adobe Premiere Clip - Free

System: Android, iOS

Another free offering, Adobe Premiere Clip shares many of both the benefits and flaws of iMovie. For the casual user its ideal, offering a straightforward means of arranging clips that’s predominantly designed for speed. The creative cloud allows you to continue editing on the desktop Premiere Pro making it a handy extension for existing Adobe customers. It’s also a much more compact download than iMovie; 91 MB compared to 600. There’s a standard array of editing features including trimming and a basic title editor, as well as the option to export options to social sharing sites of your choice, but unless you already work within the creative cloud there’s limited reasons to choose this over the superior iMovie.

There really is no beating PowerDirector for Android, but iOS users should be able to find an app or combination of apps to allow them to continue editing on the move.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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