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6 Best Corporate Videos to Grow Business with Examples

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Nov 13, 2023• Proven solutions

Who said corporate videos are straight and boring? Though, most of them are true to some extent, but time has changed and so as company videos. In fact, some of the best corporate videos in the market usually break the stereotype. They are full of fun and humor to keep the audience glued to them.

It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you cater to, there must be some fun aspect to your corporate videos. We bring these best corporate videos examples to help you get some ideas about your new video.

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6 best corporate videos for you

While speaking of the top corporate videos, you need to be sure that they have a unique appeal to them. It’s not a single aspect that makes any video the best one. Rather a set of features that grab the attention of the viewer, visually, contextually and emotionally. Here are the most loved great corporate videos examples that we will discuss today. We have highlighted the best part about them.

1. Use an unusual narrative way

Honestly, this one caught our attention the moment it began. It’s like an award winning corporate video. The video is about choosing a job with an IT giant. This funny corporate video begins with few not so motivated people doubting their capabilities. And then there was a message saying, ‘these people don’t work for XYZ’. Then came the people from that company, who were enthusiastic and fully motivated. Their faces beamed explaining how great they feel about touching peoples’ lives, seeing their clients’ name on daily news, working and sharing knowledge with colleagues, and the perks of visiting places. We must say this corporate video idea is brilliant.

2. Focus on main idea

After watching this video, you won’t stop yourself from smiling. Yes! This is the perfect example of a company video that would make you fall for them. From the reception people, to the people in the core team, from the places across the globe they have offices to the only place they don’t have one, their old offices to the present one. They walked the audience through it all. The main idea here was introducing the company to a prospective employee. The super cool work culture to the area around their headquarters, the way they have narrated is sure to win your heart too.

3. Be creative and genuine

When you think of creative excellence in a corporate video, this video has crossed all the boundaries. A young boy pleading his grandfather to show him magic, the old man doesn’t respond first. But, his cute grandson’s pleading eyes made him rub his palms and blow air to show a plane flying in the sky. The video looks so genuine that the boy thinks the plane was blown out by his grandfather and he again keeps pleading for more magic. The gist of the story is the airlines flies that frequently over the area.

4. Create a story

The charm of a company video lies in the way they narrate it. This video advertisement is so captivating that someone may mistake it for a movie trailer. The entire video focuses around an imaginary story by this daily paper giant. It shows 3 pigs (with a human body and face of a pig) have been accused of killing a wolf and the way media worldwide covering the case, protests, riots etc. The story is indeed very realistic for any Ad. People are trying to save those 3 little pigs and justice being done to them.

5. Properly use humor

Humor is an integral emotion that connects people across ages. This video is a live example of that. A Hollywood actress wearing a bathrobe and messy hair approaches the cabin crew of an airlines, and asks them whether they have showers in flight. And, in response they laugh at her offering hot towels and peanuts. The actress then falls down on her way, and to her surprise she was sleeping on her bed in another flight. What she saw was her nightmare about some other flyer, rather than the usual one she travels. Then she enjoys a drink after a while.

6. Use animation

The best corporate videos also include animation for showcasing what their company is all about. Sometimes when a person narrates the services or products offered by a company that seems tad boring and monotonous. To avoid this boredom and if you don’t want to depend on models to shoot a video, what else is better than animation? This video explained what they do and what their strength is and how they take care of their clients. Animations look interesting and lot better than only a voice explaining a process or service.

Final Verdict

After going through these corporate videos examples, we believe your doubts regarding corporate videos are clear. You can make use of the points carried by the above mentioned videos and create the best corporate video for your company. Being inspired with such interesting videos will possibly help you in the best way. Irrespective of your business niche, you can benefit by incorporating these aspects in your video. Once you compile all the points in your videos, get the help of a video editor Filmora and see the added advantages that can beat your counterparts.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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