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10 Free Star Wars Fonts to Make Your Video Amazing [Recommended]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Sci-Fi movies and TV soaps of the 70s, 90s carried its own charm with elegance. Emerging of Star Wars series was on peaks. The movie, characters and title were enough to slay people.

To bring back the classic image to reality, its essence must be felt in the work.

And if you wish to dedicate it to Star Wars, powerful scenes in art, movie and music is needlessly useful. Fans are gaga about looking Star Wars font to make editions for sci-fi video. Good fonts and edits are required and free facilities are too hard to resist.

That’s why we’ve collated 10 free versions of Star Wars fonts you can surely look up to.

Part 1: Do you really know what is Star Wars font

If anybody asks you what is the Star Wars font? Your response would certainly be like “A bold font with some curves on”.

Chances are you would not be able to recognize Star Wars logo which is actually known as ITC Serif. Back in the 70s and 80s time, TV shows and sci-fi fictions employed it and of course it was the Star Trek film and He-Man.

Over the lapse of time, the styles have been twisted and turned, polished and remade. Gone are those days when the starter lines used to be handwritten. Now the opening crawls with News Gothic touch for the title and crawls text itself.

You can use After Effects to make Star Wars fonts if you like.

Part 2: 10 Best Free Star Wars Fonts

1. Death Star

Galaxies and stars have long signified the epic series, right font to use for projects. The death star is a much-refined addition to the caps you have been using.

To spice up your video with the rushing element of the 80s, Death Star is one of the fonts you would reckon to have. Being completely free for commercial use, this geometrically curvy font is the best you could get.

With an ounce of limited stroke for a retro look, Star Wars font serves to fit aptly in the video or can be used as the prime logo to your tee, mug or frame!

Death Star

2. Star Jedi Logo

Without Young Jedi, Star war collections look incomplete. It comes with a series of logos you could possibly make good use of. Like in the Star Jedi Logo Mono Line & DoubleLine ½ capital font’s wand the strings of connections and variations.

They’re capable to blow life into single or double text lines with the right Star Wars reflection. Whichever logo suits you right, invest on it! Opt for special frames, decorative lines or logo fragments.

Punctuate in between the video or at the beginning to flare up the sci-fi emotion via using this Star Wars font.

Star Jedi Logo

3. dafont

Fonts may prove to be helpful in enhancing any kind of textual formats. You may make a great deal out of your description box or subtitles.

To give it that Star war font, you can make use of this gallery of icons, texts, abstract mini symbols that will give the perfect essence of Sci-Fi look. This is absolutely free Star Wars font from Boba Fonts.

Get the file online and extract it to reap great sort of benefits out of it. Special key combinations and chart will be given in the word doc.


4. 1001 Fonts - Star Wars Fonts

Here is the gallery of the grotesque elements of Star Wars. These logos are key in making perfect logos for your video. You can also use these free Star Wars fonts which are available in 4 fonts:

  • Red Five - Commercial use
  • Jabba the Font – Commercial use
  • Death Star – Personal use (not available for a commercial purpose)
  • SF Distant Galaxy – Commercial use

1001 Fonts

5. Star Jedi Special Edition

For duly giving respect to the spirit of Star Wars, its Trilogy Special Edition logo typeface is something you cannot overlook. Laid completely bold and classic it is; it can undeniably rock your content to a great extent.

You can get all the information about its charset tables as well as samples in the Word 97, available in the zip folder.

If you closely observe, the bold font is rooted from the very Star Jedi, the capitals are serif variants of the lowercase.

Star Jedi Special Edition

6. Star Jedi

For putting that hollow Star Jedi charm, make use of this free Star Wars font. One can certainly create groups, connections. There is also a variety of small lettered hollow versions in Star Jedi which are all in caps, sans serif with a much-rounded counter. Star Jedi rounded is a bit different variant.

Star Jedi

7. Star Wars Font

Assorted kin of Star Wars fonts are a win-win for users who are wishing to fire up their project with the classic signature of Jengi. These fonts can easily be used with their personal or commercial projects.

That too for free of cost! So you have Mandalorian seen in the Episode II Visual Victories or the Star Wars imperial lettering in the return of the Jedi Droid cartoons. Also, Star Wars Special edition to ponder over!

Star Wars Font

8. SF Distant Galaxy

One of the favorite Star Wars fonts is SF Distant Galaxy image. Flare-up your imaginations with its great enthusiastic design that can preferably suit up in your home project or the video you wish to showcase to the world!

SF Distant Galaxy

9. Star Jedi Outline

To give the essence of Star Jedi in your video, the best way is to get a good capital font. It has some unique kind of variations and connections. It also shares compatibility with the logo series which can be framed in the logo lines and injected in the logo pieces too.

Try out the free Star Wars font which is an outlined variant like the SJ Hollow.

Star Jedi Outline

10. Font & Text Generator

By using this interface, you can certainly reap the benefits of getting the best of any font you like. Simply, make use of the text generator, write the matter and get the equal font for it.

Download the free star war font type of text on your PC and add it into a piece of frame you wish to put it or intend to get on with.

Font Text Generator


All in all, if you intend to make your video turn into an amazing shot, we’ve got you the best Star Wars fonts you could look up to. Whether you wish to make your beginning interesting, encapsulate interesting logos, punctuate the Star Wars effect, use the desired fonts to make your video much interesting.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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