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What Can You Get from Excellent Video Marketing?

Excellent and creative marketing videos are beneficial in influencing buying decisions, which ultimately helps increase your revenue. But that’s not the only benefit of video marketing! A marketing video tends to increase the dwell time on your website, which is important for your website to rank on SERP, eventually giving way to organic traffic. It’s a win-win situation!

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2022 | What Big Data Tells About Video Marketing?

Why should you go for video content marketing? Does it have a promising future when it comes to ROI? Is it really worth it to spend billions of dollars on creating the perfect marketing video for your business? Yes, yes, and yes! And, here are some video marketing statistics to prove it!

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Prefered video content
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Reported videos give a positive ROI
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Use video as a marketing tool
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Top 12 Marketing Video Types You Should Know

Video marketing is not just about creating short marketing videos similar to ads, and putting them up on your social media or website. There’s a lot more to it, like the different categories of marketing videos. Talking of which, did you know that there are 12 types of marketing videos that can help you promote your business?

promo videos

Promo Videos

Do you have an exciting event going on? Are you launching a new product or having a sale? Get the audience hyped up with an upbeat promo video .

live videos

Live Videos

Talk to your audience, hear them out, solve their problems, have a one-on-one conversation with them, and gain their trust by going live!

animated videos

Animated Videos

Let your creativity flow! Create an animated marketing video to let the audience know about your ideas, brand, products, and services in a unique way.

demo videos

Demo Videos

Take the users through the features of your product, the steps of how your product works and how they should use it with a detailed demonstration video.

explainer videos

Explainer Videos

What do you have to offer? How will you solve customer pain points? Highlight your main thoghts and ideas with a brief explainer video.

brand videos

Brand Videos

Build audience's brand awareness . Showcase the company's high-level vision, mission, products or services. Hit home with a sentimental brand video.

personalized videos

Personalized Videos

How successful was you in a specific area? How many sales did you generate? Get close with the audience with a personalized video.

case study videos

Case Study Videos

Real customer stories are always compelling. Tell people about the hurdles that came in the way and how you overcame them and succeeded with a case study video.

cutomer videos

Customer Videos

Got a bunch of happy and loyal customers? Ask them to send their objective reviews and express their satisfaction in a customer video.

event videos

Event Videos

Let the audience know what happened at the event you hosted. Highlight the main attractions by publishing a professionally shot event video.

expert interview

Expert Interviews

Invite an expert in the field and interview them. Let them share their success story, professional opinions, and what worked for them with the viewers.

educational videos

Educational Videos

Create awareness about specific issues, and teach your audience something new or build the foundational knowledge in educational videos.

All-in-One Creative Marketing Video Maker

Discover the art of story-telling with Wondershare Filmora marketing video editor! It is one of the best video editors for marketing that enables you to create all types of spectacular and successful marketing videos to create brand awareness, promote your business, educate your audience, and increase your sales! One software can do it all!

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Create Engaging Marketing Videos in One Click

With such a huge variety of basic, advanced and cinematic video editing features, creating a watch-worthy video that keeps the audience glued to the screen is a piece of cake. The simple drag-and-drop feature makes editing even more easier and fun! Using Filmora marketing video maker, you’re one click away from creating a marketing video that helps you achieve amazing things!

Video Tutorials

Warm Notice! There are some guide videos for Filmora 9. But never mind, since the editing interface is almost the same. You can have a reference when using Filmora X.

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Color Correction

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Color Matching

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Audio Ducking

Make Your Marketing Videos Right Away!


Confirm a Theme

To confirm a video theme is not an easy thing! Your video content needs to follow the main topic. An inspirational and touching idea will help you figure out a great theme. A hot-spot issue will also be good to follow. But don’t be blind, the theme should be consistent with your channel style.


Write a Video Script

The video script is an instruction for your video content. A logical video script with clear main plots will help you both in shooting, recording, and editing. First, create your outline. Then, amplify the script with visualized images, engaging dialogues, and vivid actions. Remember to remove the redundancy.


Collect Video Materials

If you are making videos that need human beings shown in the video, you need to shoot and collect the video clips and trim the videos. However, if you are making animated marketing videos, what you need is an animation marketing video maker, it can intelligently build characters and transfer scenes for you.


Edit The Video

Marketing video editing is a necessary process. In the process, you need to add video intros, outros, transitions, voiceover, background music, and subtitle. A professional and handy marketing video editor will help you in lowering the learning curve so as to save your time and energy. Here we strongly recommend Filmora video editor, it is designed for beginners, professionals, and everyone.


Export And Share

Good video marketing content needs to be distributed to different platforms to promote economic effectiveness. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Tiktok, and so on are popular social media video marketing platforms. However, the video proportions and video marketing strategy for different social media platforms are varied. In this case, you might need the auto-reframe function of Filmora. Besides, do consider what is your video marketing strategy in different platforms.

Vast Library of Creative Templates

If you’re not up to manually editing your video, you can use Filmora’s built-in templates! With a vast library of templates and visual effects, you can add a wow-factor to your marketing videos with one click. Not only this, but there are more than 15 after-effect templates to quickly add animated 3D effects to your videos.

How to Improve Engagement of Marketing Videos?

Usually viewers quit watching a video after the first 5 seconds if it fails to grasp their attention. But there are certain video marketing tips to keep them engaged and interested. For starters, make the introduction compelling. Ask a question or start with a story. Anything that evokes emotions will work. Secondly, keep it short and to the point. If you deviate from the topic, chances are the audience will lose interest. Next, use animations, visual effects, and annotations to keep it happening. Lastly, include a dramatic CTA that makes people take some action.

video engagement data

Focus on Video Quality First

Nobody likes a shaky blurry video! So, the first step in creating a marketing video is to make sure the quality is good. Wondershare Filmora, with its carefully-designed advanced video editing features, helps you to make professional-level videos. You can adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness and hue for the video to look just right! A good quality video, followed by a captivating introduction, and precise content, always gets a good response.

Optimize Your Video for Search

Next, it’s time to get your video ranking on SERP. This calls for some SEO techniques specific to videos, like:
● An engaging thumbnail
● Choosing the right platform for marketing
● An enticing title
● A keyword optimized description
Once you get all these things right, nobody can stop your video from appearing on the search engine’s first page.

Promote Your Video

Explain some effective methods to promote the videos. Now, how to promote your marketing video? There are several ways for it:
● Start by sharing your video on your social media as a preview only. This will compel the people to head over to your channel to view the full version.
● Use YouTube's built-in promotion tools.
● If your video is targeted towards a specific community, post it on its forums and groups.
● And of course, ask the viewers to share your video.

Track and Review Your Analytics Regularly

Explain how readers can efficiently track the data, analyze data and improve the videos accordingly. You can show some SEO Tools for their convenience. Just like website analytics, you can also track and review your video analytics.
● Check the view-through rate (VTR). This is the number of people who clicked play on your video.
● View the click-through rate (CTR) by tracking the number of people who clicked on the CTA button in your video.
● Measure the watch-time. This shows the actual engagement, the actual number of how many times people watched your video till the very end.

Cater Your Video to Each Platform

Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Vimeo, and other social media platforms support different video proportions and prefer video length. The standard aspect ratio for YouTube on a computer is 16:9, while that for Facebook videos can be 16:9, 1:1, 4:5, 2:3, and 9:16. Youtube users love to watch videos that last for over 3 minutes. But for Tiktok and Youtube Shorts, people only want to play short videos. So catering your marketing videos for each socail media platform will be a secret to cost efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Wondershare Filmora you can create marketing videos of all sorts. From demo videos, to brand videos, to educational and promotional videos, you name it and Filmora makes it possible.

Wondershare Filmora offers a free trial version. That means you can edit and export videos with waterproof. However, If you want to use some advanced features and export without waterproof, it is recommend that you purchase Filmora marketing video maker. you can choose from the 2 available plans for Win and Mac:

- Annual Plan: $61.99/year for Win, $51.99/year for Mac

- Perpetual Plan: $89.99/perpetual for Win, $79.99/perpetual for Mac

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Wondershare Filmora is a marketing video maker software with several editing features, both basic and advanced. Using these features you can enhance the quality of your video, add visual effects, use the green screen to add unique backgrounds, etc. Once you create the perfect marketing video, it will result in successful video marketing.