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How to Use Video in Email Marketing to Increase ROI

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

With a limitless demand for videos online, incorporating the video email campaigns witness the most return on investments than the one who does not opt for video email marketing.

According to the eMarketer, 55% of the video email marketers observed higher clickthrough rates, 44% users spent increased time going through the video in email, and 41% users shared and forwarded the video email.

It is trendy to embed video in your email as video email marketing is the upcoming trendsetter. In this article, you will learn how to embed video in email marketing.

Part 1:How To Use Video Email Marketing With Example

1. GIFs

The video is an entertaining and engaging way to keep the users engrossed. Creating a video email becomes super easy when you use the gif animations. You just need a few frames to make it appear moving.

For instance, the ShoeMint video email marketing campaign. Here you can see a pair of 3 legs wearing colorful socks and moving happily. The tagline says, “C’mon, get happy!”. Yes, the animated gif of the moving legs in colorful socks indeed shows happiness.

It asks the customers to be happy as with every customer get the pair of socks completely free.

gifs email marketing

2. Use Movie Clips

Using movie clips in the video email is another interesting way to use videos easily in the email marketing campaign.

It is basically the combination of images and video which when used through the Cinemagraph, appears to be a video loop. In such clips, only a part of the photo moves, rest of it remains stagnant.

For instance, the Netflix video email marketing campaign where it seems like two people sitting in the moving car.

movie clips

3. Embed HTML5 Video

Do you have the technical expertise in HTML? Then, embedding a video in email can be considered. But, often the HTML videos do not support the video playing option in the inbox.

So, considering an HTML video in email campaign can be a bad idea. If your subscribers are mostly Outlook and Apple Mail users, then you may consider using HTML 5.

It offers a range of options and more robust. Another advantage of embedding video is you are able to track the user clicks on the email when you customize click tracking.

Part 2: Tips for Video Email Marketing

1. Set video to auto-play

When you wish your traffic to hit the landing page by embedding a video in email marketing campaign, you would definitely want your customers to return to your page again and again. You would also want conversion along with the click.

So, setting the video on auto-play mode is a sure shot way to attract your customer’s attention. It also helps your customers to reach you without clicking here and there, a number of times.

auto play

2. The video should be within 60-seconds

The video email marketing is high target campaigns to retain the user’s attention span. The top funnel campaign videos must be around 30-90 seconds and other individual videos additionally down the sales funnel lasts 1-30 minutes.

The attention period of the prospective customer depends on their progress through the sales funnel.

When the content of the email is highly targeted, only then you will be able to attract your prospective client’s attention. While dealing with the top funnel leads, you must ensure that the video carries its message within the first few seconds.

It must be short and heart touching. The main objective of the top funnel video is to attract the prospective clients within those 4-5 seconds and guide them with short messages through the steps of sales funnel.

The videos for the prospective clients who are your further target along the funnel should be the longer ones. It must answer the queries or give complete product description in order to solve the doubts of the probable clients so that they can get attracted to your products.

within 60 seconds

3. Add a call to action to email

Encouraging your prospective customers to take an action like download or share or purchase or subscribe is what call-to-action refers to.

When you use video email marketing, your sole objective is to convert the client or boost him to take an action. In order to do so, your video content must be short, crisp, rapid without much steps involved and a clear call to action without tempering the message you wish to deliver.

The placement of your call to action is vital. You may include it in between or at the end of your video email. Placing your social contact or a contact form at the end of the video email can be a great call to action.

Creating limited offers or a sense of urgency like hurry and following up or connecting with your customers by replying them can also be a good call to action technique.

add call to action

4. Add the word “video” in your email

A popular study reveals that mentioning the term “video” on the subject line of the video email enhance the chances of opening the email by 19%, the click-through rates are increased by 65%, and the unsubscribing rate decreases by 26%.


The video email marketing, being such an important tool makes it essential for the marketers to focus their creative ideas on making a professional and high-quality video.

You do not need a great investment for it and can be done on a budget with Filmora. Yes, Filmora is a simplified software with an amazing range of editing features that help to give your videos, an expert finish. Try it out for using a professional video in email marketing.

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