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8 Best Types of Videography for Video Production

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

In the recent times, the power of video content knows no bounds. Even a novice can earn big if he have some creativity and a video camera or even a smartphone can do a great job.

Simple it may sound, but the fact is video content and videography is the buzzword today with superpowers. There are several types of videos and videography. All you need is the idea, little bit of creativity, and the right marketing knowhow to start earning from your video content.

In this article, the spotlight is on the best types of videography for you to learn and decide what you wish to create.

Part 1: Types Of Videography For Beginners

1. Time-Lapse Videos

A time-lapse app or a camera is one of the best tools for creating videos. The simplicity and ease of use makes the time-lapse tool, a most preferred one amongst the audience as well as the creators.

Whether an artificial structure or a real existing one, time-lapse videos can be created easily. It gives an idea on the entire world working on the macroscopic levels. From a growing seedling to the moving cloud, time-lapse videos help you sense beyond everything imaginable to the usual human understanding of time.

2. Review Or Commentary

People rely on social media like YouTube to ensure the quality of any product. Whether buying a phone or a book, people search for reviews from people or trusted sources to make sure whatever they are buying is good enough to invest on.Thus, the influencer’s product reviews videos are the best things that help you earn today.

The survey shows that more than 62% people depend on the product reviews prior to purchasing an item. So, whether a running commentary or the product reviews videos garners amazing attention from the users.

3. Prank Videos

Amongst the various types of video, the prank videos are the most preferred choice within the users. The jokes and other social experimental funny videos created by the social influencers on their relatives, friends, or any public figures are amazingly popular videos on YouTube. Such hilarious prank videos are often shared and garner praises, likes, and a huge fan following.

4. Interviews

This is one of the best types of videography that you can create with minimal effort. It can be of two types.

Firstly, you and your partner or your staffs may enact as an interviewer and interviewee. You may also interview a social media influencer or your customers in such types of videography.

Second types of videos are where you share your part of the story. You narrate your interview story by directly talking on camera. It may be in question-answer pattern or narration. You may also create videos in advance and use video editing software to edit later on.

Hosting such types of videos live with social media tools like Instagram or Facebook Live is also a great option.

Part 2: Types Of Videography For Pros

5. Promotional Videos

The 30 to 90 seconds promotional videos are many times considered amongst the best types of videography.

Usually, the promotional videos are about relationship building and user engagement but some of them can be about your services and product showcasing. Addition of some witty one-liners and background score can make your promotional video stand out. You can use Filmora Business to make promtional video for your company.

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6. Tutorial

Do you believe in yourself and have the confidence that you have a certain skill that must be shared with others? Then, the tutorial types of videos are the best ways to showcase your knowledge with others.

Whether explaining a critical method in Photoshop or cooking some kind of delicious food in your own style, the tutorial video can be of any type that helps others to learn something new from your tutorial.

7. Animation

It is a certain style of video that leave the people in good frame of mind. It makes the viewers happy and do not let them feel the stress. It is a powerful kind of videos that helps to make even the trickiest of services or products explanation seem easy and simple. It is affordable as well as the most used ones on the landing pages.

8. Webinars

Webinars are the free live events that help the viewers in getting valuable and helpful insights on a particular subject. There are neither any actors nor any script in the Webinar types of videography other than just few Google calendar invites.

The Q&A sessions may be hosted with your clients or product demos sessions and even meeting interviews with industry leaders in the webinar types of videography.


The different types of videography are always fun and exciting if you know what you wish to create. Any confusion can lead to a clumsy and not so interesting videos. If you think your videos are lacking the right colors or background, theme or music or maybe the right resolution which can make it more attractive, try out Filmora.

It is a one-stop video editing software for computer with a great range of features to make your videos eye-catching and appealing to your audiences.

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Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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