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Add Glitch Sound and Video Effects in Filmora

A Glitch effect is a type of visual art in which deliberate distortions are made in the digital content to give it an aesthetic or retro look. The data is corrupted on purpose by either exploiting the hardware or manipulating the visuals.
In Filmora, you can add glitch sound to video footage, or create glitch text effect and glitch transition. What's more, Filmora provides glitch video effect presets in the Effects library, which allows you to try for free directly.

How to Add Glitch Effects to Videos in Filmora Easily

There are tons of software that you can use to produce fake glitches in your picture. But you can do it more easily with Wondershare Filmora without any subscriptions or plugins. With just a little effort, you can apply the Glitch effect to your files. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

Explore More Creative Ways to
Use Glitch Texts/Transitions/Effects in Filmora

Besides adding glitch effects to video, you can now create glitch texts and transitions in Filmora easily.