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How to Do VHS Effects Easily with Recommended Overlays

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Sep 09, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Wondershare Filmora

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Have you ever seen TV series from the 90s era? They had a unique textured and distorted appearance due to limited technology at that time. They were recorded on tape cassettes and played on Video Home System (VHS). Today, technological transformations have revolutionized the global film industry. Modern high-tech devices have enabled us to make HD videos with clear sound.

However, what to do if somebody wants to record a video with a traditional 90s appearance? Is it possible to make your videos appear pulled off from a camcorder? Definitely yes, by adding a VHS effect with advanced video-editing software like Filmora. This article is going to explain what the VHS effect is and how to add it to your videos.


Part1: How to do VHS Effect in Filmora?

Before adding the VHS effect, keep a few things in your mind. A VHS effect gives a vintage look to your videos, so, you have to customize everything including the title, background noise, overlay, and even end credits. The video should resemble those from the 90s era.

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Here’ how you can do this with Filmora:

step1Launch Wondershare Filmora, open the Media tab, click on Sample Colors, and drag and drop the black image onto the project timeline. Once you’re done, adjust its duration according to your requirement.VHS_Effect_Filmora_1

step2Now, open the Titles tab and click on End Credits from the left sidebar. Bring Credit 1 text into the project timeline, place it over the black image, and stretch it all the way across. By doing this, you can enter your desired text in the video and change it anytime.VHS_Effect_Filmora_2

step3Open the Effects tab, type VHS in the search box, click on the VHS Distortion Bad effect, and drag and drop it on the timeline above the text layer. Set the alpha value s 25 and click ok.VHS_Effect_Filmora_3

step4Again open the Effects tab, click on the VHS Distortion effect and place it on the previous layer, change its value to 35 and click ok.VHS_Effect_Filmora_4

step5Now, drag and drop the VHS Rewind effect, place it over the previous layer, and set its alpha value to 10.VHS_Effect_Filmora_5

step6Now, drag and place the Strong Glitch effect over the previous layer, and set its alpha value to 25, and click ok.VHS_Effect_Filmora_6

step7Drag and place the Chromatic Aberration effect over the previous layer, and set the following parameters: Fade: 0.05 Alpha: 60.VHS_Effect_Filmora_7

step8Go to the Effects tab again, type distortion in the search bar, drag and drop the VCR Distortion effect, place it over the previous layer, and set its alpha value to 25.VHS_Effect_Filmora_8

step9Drag and drop Glitch Distortion effect to the timeline, place it over the previous layer and set its alpha value to 30.VHS_Effect_Filmora_9

step10Finally, drag and drop Distort effect to the timeline, place it above all the layers, and set the following parameters: Amplitude: 15 Frequency: 17 Alpha: 0.VHS_Effect_Filmora_10

step11After you have done editing, click on the Export button and export your edited video with VHS effect to your desired format.

Part2: Where to Find the Best VHS Overlay and Filter?

Are you searching for creative VHS overlay and filters online? Check out these amazing sites and download your favorite overlays and effects.


Filmstock is an online store by Wondershare where you can purchase and download a variety of royalty-free video effects, stock media, templates, and audio effects for Filmora. Trusted by millions of customers globally, Filmstock is a huge library of media assets including audio and video effects, stock footage, and images that can be used in different video-editing software like Filmora and Adobe After Effects.

Features of Filmstock

1.A wide range of media assets and original video effects available for download

2. A massive library comprising over 10 million assets on different categories

3. 100% royalty-free media assets that allow you to use them without attribution

4. Flexible pricing models according to the clients’ needs


TwoMotion Array

Motion Array is another online marketplace with a large database of highly creative royalty-free stock assets required to make stunning videos. Whether you are editing a video or improving its quality, Motion Array has everything you need to meet your editing needs. Download unlimited creative assets of your choice including video templates, presets, stock footage, royalty-free music, motion graphics, plugins, sound effects, photos, and videos. All these assets can be used with Adobe Exchange Partner and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Features of Motion Array

1. Become a video-editing expert by accessing learning resources

2. Get direct access to your desired access from editing software and save your time

2. Trusted by leading media companies including BBC, Netflix, Sony, Disney, Discovery, Fox, and ABC



If you are looking to download designer video assets and templates for free, there can be no better option than Rocketstock. Here, you can find thousands of stock videos, audio and video effects, music tracks, and motion graphics for free. Besides, the website also offers After Effects Templates, Stock Vector Graphics, royalty-free images and music, stock photos, and AE titles.


Part3: Where to Find the Best Sound Effect and Voiceover for VHS Effect?

A VHS effect is incomplete without a clear and natural sound. To make your video look antique, you should add realistic sound effects and a voice-over. Given below are some of the best sites where you can download sound effects for VHS effects:

1. EpidemicSound [Royalty Free Sound Effects]

2. Murf[AI Sound]

3. Artlist[Paid]

4. Motion Array

5. Videovo

6. Story Blocks

7. Rocket stock

8. Benonistudio

9. Babyaud

Part4: How to Add a Timer in VHS Videos?

You can show time in your vintage VHS video by adding a timer overlay. By doing this, your video will look like a recording of some old video camera of the 90s era. Given below are simple steps to add a timer in VHS videos:

1. Go to Templates websites, like FilmStock(for Filmora), Motion Array, Envato Elements, etc... to choose the right timer for the style of you video.

2. Apply your templates. For different editing software, there are different methods to adopt a template.

3. Adjust the timer to fit your footage. Usually, the timer should be put in the left upper corner or the right lower corner.

4. Give it a run to check.

Want to know more about the count-down timer? Read this: How to add a countdown timer. 

Part5: What are the Best Fonts for VHS Videos and Where to Find Them?


Multilingual projects supported.

Mokoto Glitch Typeface

Video games, motion graphics, flyers, CD cover, branding, packaging.

System Glitch

Titles, display, apparel, video games.System_Glitch


Commercial and non-commercial projects.VCR_OSD

CRT – 64

The glitch affects text, background text.

Latrera Caps

Personal designs, commercial use.


Stationery, logos, and artworks.


Commercial projects.


Vaporwave-based web or print projects.


CD covers for EDM music bands.Uncracked

Part6: Extensive Reading

A VHS effect is a distorted, vintage, and artificial effect added to videos to make them look traditional from the 90s era. It is a unique combination of a few identical layers, overlays, and altered effects that collectively give the appearance of an old analog video recording that was played on a Video Home System (VHS).

The VHS effect is often used by filmmakers and professional photographers to bring a nice old-school discord to videos recorded with modern digital devices. This retro and textured effect allows you to make your film belong to the 90s era by giving it a tubular and radical look.

Why a VHS Effect is used?

There can be many occasions where you can use vintage VHS effects such as conveying a dramatic recollection of the past, creating an atmosphere of distortion, or mimicking an ancient historical event. Over the years, VHS effects have become very popular and video editors like using these glitch effects to change the theme, tone, and overall appearance of their videos.


Individuals belonging to the 90s generation must be aware of poor quality textured videos played on a Video Home System (VHS). In today’s digital age, however, such videos might look interesting to modern generations with access to HD videos and high-tech devices.

Filmmakers and professional video editors often add VHS effects to give their videos an antique and vintage look. For this purpose, they use advanced video-editing software like Wondershare Filmora, which allows users to make VHS videos and add retro glitch effects professionally.

Finally, you can access online libraries like Filmstock to download a variety of video effects, stock media, templates, and sound effects for Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora

Make all the effects as you like.

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