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YouTube Shorts Monetization: How to Make Money on YouTube Shorts?

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

If you have access to YouTube, and you are able to sign in to the platform with your Google account, you can easily make a decent amount of money online. However, there are certain regulations and norms by the tech giant - Google that you need to comply with in order to get your wallet stuffed.

With that said, the following sections explain some of the practical methods to earn money from Google and YouTube and how YouTube Shorts contributes to the process.

How to Make Money on YouTube Shorts? (Practical Way)

The good news is, you are not solely dependent on YouTube Shorts to generate funds from the Internet. In fact, there are several other means that can help you with that. Some of the practical ways that YouTube and Google allow you to earn through include:

  • YouTube Shorts Fund

YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100 million fund that is to be distributed from 2021 to 2022. It was introduced in May 2021 as the first step for YouTube Shorts monetization. YouTube Shorts creators that meet the requirements of the fund will receive the bonus.

To be eligible for the YouTube Shorts Fund bouns, you will need to meet the below requirements.

  • Publish one eligible Short in the last 180 days.
  • Your channel does not conflict with the YouTube Community Guidelines, copyright rules, or monetization policies.
  • Content needs to be original and unique on the YouTube Shorts platform. Uploading movie clips or re-uploading videos from other video platforms are not allowed.
  • The creator must be 13 or older.
  • Revenue by Advertisement

With this method, you can have advertisements displayed on your regular YouTube videos. These advertisements help the streaming media generate funds, some part of which is then shared with you. In a broader spectrum, the more videos your YouTube channel has the more money you make.

  • Channel Membership

If you prepare engaging videos that are liked by the majority of users, you can set up your channel for paid members who may get attractive perks in return.

  • Merch Shelf

In this method, you can sell your (or others) branded products to potential customers for monetary gains.

  • Influencer

If you are good at speaking and can motivate people, becoming an influencer is another method you can make a decent amount of money from YouTube with. When you become an influencer, you can get associated with multiple organizations and companies to promote their products and services and get paid.

  • Super Chat and Super Stickers

If you have a good fan base, you can highlight their messages and chat and can charge them for this.

  • YouTube Premium

You can prepare some engaging and informative videos that are exclusively available for the YouTube Premium members. Because these subscribers have purchased YouTube Premium membership, the streaming platform shares the profit it gets from such users with you.

The approaches discussed above can help you earn money with YouTube. Now that YouTube has rolled out the plan for YouTube Shorts monetization, we can anticipate more YouTube Shorts monetization in the future. You can also publish your YouTube Shorts video on your channel and the Shorts Shelf. YouTube then suggests these clips to others with similar interests (depending on the keywords that you have added in the description). When such users watch your short videos, the chances are that they would subscribe to your YouTube channel and watch the regular videos that you have already posted, thus helping you make money using any of the methods listed above.

Another positive aspect of this approach is, the number of views your short videos affects the overall analytics of your YouTube channel (in terms of view count and playback duration), and therefore play a vital role in meeting the minimum requirements as per YouTube policies to get your other, regular YouTube clips monetized.

Why did People See Less Revenue Than Regular YouTube Video?

When you start publishing short videos on your YouTube channel, the views that those clips get also affect the total view count and the playback duration of your channel. Although this helps you reach the minimum threshold for the monetization services that the platform offers, because the short videos cannot be monetized, you may see some depreciation in the revenue generation over time.


Because YouTube Shorts is still in the Beta phase at the time of this writing, the short videos don’t directly contribute to the monetization process. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, every time your short clips are viewed, your channel’s analytics are affected as per the view count and the playback time.

Furthermore, with interesting short videos, your channel is likely to get more subscribers, thus resulting in meeting the minimum threshold to becoming eligible and applying for YouTube’s Partnership Program.

Regardless of the fact that the revenue may seem deteriorated in contrast with the number of views and play time of the videos, the increment in the number of subscribers and paid members (if your channel allows them) would significantly appreciate your income.

And the most optimistic part is, Google is still working on and exploring YouTube Shorts. With that, the chances are, even the short videos could be monetized in the future.

The bottom line is, no matter what the current scenario of YouTube Shorts is, you must ensure to create engaging videos for YouTube Shorts using any of the tools like Wondershare Filmora in order to attract more subscribers to increase your earnings.

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