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How to Add and Custom Slack Emoji-Wondershare Filmora

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

A Slack emoji is just like the emojis you usually use on Whatsapp, Messenger, or other chatting platforms. There is a wide range of emojis you can use to express yourself better or lighten the working environment.

Plus, the option to create a custom Slack emoji makes it more interesting. You can use it to create a new and unique Slack emoji to personalize your chatting experience. Why write long texts when you can just add Slack emoji to say it all?

Let me show you the ropes on how to create a custom Slack emoji and make your chatting experience more fun.

Part 1: How to Add Slack Emoji

At Slack, you can find a Slack emoji for every emotion or occasion. Finding the perfect Slack emoji is as easy as browsing through the categorized sections. Better yet, the option to search for a Slack emoji makes it a cakewalk to get the exact Slack emoji to express oneself.

Also, you can add Slack emoji with a single tap. And it allows you to add unlimited Slack emoji in one message.

Let me show you how to add Slack emoji in a few quick steps:

1.Download and open Slack on your desktop or smartphone.

Open And Launch Slack

2.To add a Slack emoji, click on the Smiley face icon in the bottom right corner of the message box

Find Slack Emoji Option

3.Browse through the categories to find the right Slack emoji for your message. In the search bar, type the kind of emoji you are looking for to find it faster.

Select Slack Emoji

4.Click on the Hand icon in the bottom right corner to choose the default skin tone for all your emojis. Finally, to add Slack emoji to your message, just tap on it. Add as many Slack emoji as you like just by tapping on them.

Tap And Send Slack Emoji

Part 2: How to Custom Slack Emoji

Using the commonly used emojis can get boring. Sometimes, even the Slack emoji collection falls short in expressing the exact feeling you wish to convey. However, the good news is that you can easily create a custom Slack emoji without any hassle.

A Slack custom emoji can range from your own picture to any other image. You can create a personalized custom Slack emoji to crack inside jokes or create your brand icon Slack emoji.

Here's how to create an awesome custom Slack emoji-

1.On your workspace, click on your company name or icon to open the settings drop-down menu. Tap on Settings&Administration<Customize.

Slack Custom Settings

2.A new window will pop open. In the Emoji tab, click on Add Custom Emoji.

Add Custom Slack Emoji

3.Here you can upload any image to make your custom Slack emoji. Click on UploadImage to select a file.

Upload Slack Emoji

4.Then, give your emoji a name so you can easily find the custom Slack emoji while chatting. Click Save to finish.

Name Slack Emoji

5.Now, go back to the workspace and click on the Smiley icon. Type the custom Slack emoji name to find it and click to send it.

Send Slack Emoji

Bonus Tip-Edit Emoji and Add Emoji to Your Video

Now, let me present a top-notch video editor to help you add Slack emoji to your video without needing any editing experience.

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful video editor with a highly intuitive interface. It is loaded with high-end editing tools that are incredibly easy to use. You can add keyframe animations to make your videos more dynamic with a single click. Motion tracking allows you to track the specified object's movements throughout the video, even allowing you to blur certain parts of the video. From the Effects tab, you can add cinematic effects to your videos, or you can easily color match all your scenes with one tap or apply noise reduction.

If you wish to edit or add custom Slack emoji to your video, you can import the image to Filmora and then drag it to the track above the video in the timeline. You can then add animations or motion tracking to adjust the custom Slack emoji. Cool transitions and color adjustments can also be made to make the video more appealing and unique. Special effects or catchy captions are just a tap away to help you create stunning videos

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version


With the introduction of emojis, the need for writing long messages has diminished. Using a Slack emoji can turn your conversations around and make them more interesting. Chatting has never been easier or more fun.

Add Slack emoji or react to what others have to say. It's time to create a custom Slack emoji to wow your friends and colleagues with tiny emojis that are exclusive to just you. If you want to spice up your work chats, just add Slack emoji and enjoy.

Try out Wondershare Filmora to add Slack emoji to your videos to make them unique.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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