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How to Delete Discord Server?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Discord servers are made and designed to help gamers – and now work colleagues – communicate and coordinate via private rooms.

As a communication app, it offers permanent servers for people who are working on the same project, playing the same game, or even if they're part of the same family!

However, you may have to someday delete a server you own.

Today we will discuss how to delete Discord server or deleting the Discord server of someone who has passed away:

Part 1: How to Delete Discord Server Permanently on A Desktop?

If you're familiar with Discord, you will know that there will come a time that you no longer need a server: it may be because you've resigned from your workplace or stopped playing a game.

If you are looking into how to delete your Discord server, you came to the right place. Even though Discord makes communication easier, you may need a break from around-the-clock connectivity for various reasons.

Discord works on desktop platforms and smartphones, with a blend of a VoIP chat system, a chat lobby, and a message board in a single app. Therefore, you can attempt to delete a server off on any device that you may have Discord downloaded and active on.

Most server owners choose to delete their Discord server when too many extra, strange, or ill-meaning visitors are visiting.

Servers are more like chat rooms inside the application. Deleting them is a relatively simple process – as you will learn from our how to delete server on Discord tips – however, their retrieval is impossible.

Once the server has been removed, you can not "undo the process" or recreate it. Therefore, be absolutely sure and proceed with caution.

It is also advised to skim through any essential files that you might have on the server. Back them up before letting it go forever.

And lastly, ensure that this is what you intend on doing because deleting a Discord server is permanent. Here are the simple steps to follow on how to delete a server on Discord:

  1. Open the Discord desktop app and click on the server you want to delete
  2. Once you select the server, there will be an options list under the server's name
  3. Click the "server setting" button from the menu (This will be the second option on the list)

 Discord Server Settings

  1. At the end of the sidebar, you will find the option "delete the server on the left side." Click it

 Discord Server Overview

Image: The image shows the screen that pops up after clicking "Server settings," here, the delete button can be seen in red.

  1. After clicking, a pop-up window will appear, asking for confirmation
  2. Confirm by entering the server's name and authentication code; this is only required when two-factor authentication is enabled
  3. Click on "delete server" to confirm

 Discord Server delete confirm

Image: As mentioned, you must be sure you want to permanently lose a server and all of its content before deleting it; this prompt serves the same purpose

You can also transfer your server's ownership to another individual if you do not want to delete it. To do this:

  1. Open server settings and then select "Members" in the left sidebar
  2. A list of every server member will open, hover over the person's name that you want to transfer ownership to, and then click the three dots appearing on the right


  1. Select "Transfer Ownership" and then confirm the transfer.

confirm discord server ownership transfer

How to Delete A Server On Discord Via The Mobile App?

Suppose you do not want to go through the hassle of logging on to the desktop app. In that case, you have the option of deleting your Discord server via the mobile app quickly.

Here are some easy to follow steps on how to delete Discord server using the mobile app:

  1. Open the Discord app on your Android device or iPhone and then tap the hamburger settings icon on the top-left
  2. Search for the server you wish to delete, and then long-press the icon of the server you chose
  3. A mini option bar will pop up; here, you must click on "More Options" and then the server options will slide up on your screen; click on "Settings" to continue.
  4. This will take you to the control panel; here, click on the three-dotted settings on the top right
  5. Now you will be provided only one option: "Delete (server name)." Click on it

At this point, in the how to delete server on Discord process, Discord will ask you why you chose to delete the server as part of their customer experience surveys.

It is nothing but a formality; choosing to ignore it or answer it will not affect the process's outcome.

You can choose from pre-decided answers as well, and to give you an example, one of the options is: "I couldn't get people to join."

How Do I Delete A Discord Server Without Ownership?

Previously you could delete your Discord server using a BOT. Anyone who had permission to use the command/action within BOT could also delete the server. However, now only the server owner and the Discord trust and safety team can delete a server.

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