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What is Discord PFP and How to Make an Attractive PFP for Discord

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Discord is the creation of gamers, but it shouldn’t scare you off. This free video and text chat service is now a prominent platform for anyone looking to start public or private communities.

Discord lets friends communicate directly via video, voice, or text and join servers where larger communities can hang up.

However, any online community can access the features Discord provides.

In this guide, we're going to dive into how to create your aesthetic Discord PFP beginning with the requirements, top Discord PFPs 2021, and a tool to create your own PFP for Discord.

Part 1: An Introduction to PFP for Discord

Every element on any social platform contributes to the overall user’s impression. His profile picture or Discord PFP is one of the most effective elements that go a long way towards branding.

Note: Discord users can only use a single avatar or profile picture on the platform and can't switch between servers.

Keeping this in mind, selecting a cool PFP for Discord helps you represent yourself everywhere on the Discord platform.

Discord Profile Picture Size and Content Guidance

Like all other online communication platforms, Discord has rules regarding the suitability of specific images and the use of an avatar.

Firstly, you must know the size limit of images which shouldn’t be too large as it can affect the channel. On the other hand, too small images may look bad and are not legible due to pixelization.

The ideal images size for your Discord PFP is at least 512 x 512 pixels – enough to be visible and far above the 180 x 180-pixel minimum.

Discord allows photographs and various types of cartoon images, memes, and illustrations and accepts JPG and the Discord GIF PFP.

Also, there are community standards that you’ll have to meet in terms of image content, or your Discord PFP submission might get rejected for failing to meet Discord’s terms and conditions.

No NSFW images are allowed on Discord. Explicit nudity or pornographic content is not welcome on this platform, and the same goes for promoting non-consensual forms of sexuality or showing minors in any sexually suggestive positions.

Part 2: Best 5 Discord PFP

Discord is overrun with anime/videogame and other cool PFP for Discord. If you’re unfamiliar with either of these, selecting a PFP for Discord can be a challenge.

So today, we have devised a selection of the 5 best of what we believe are the best Discord profile pictures.

1. My Hero Academia – Midoriya Izuku

my hero academia discord


This is a lowkey one. This picture of a young Midoriya Izuku gives a very tired and sleepy vibe. The poor child doesn’t know what the future holds for him.

2. Re:Zero – Rem-Rin

rem rin discord pfp


Rem, the anime character stole everyone's heart who watched the show in 2016. With Season 2 over the head, this is the perfect opportunity to show that you're on team Rem.

3. Kermit The Frog – Everyone Loves Kermit!

kermit frog discord

We all love Kermit, the frog. Use his smiling picture to make everyone's day just a tad bit better.

4. Shrek – Meme Face

shrek discord

If cuteness isn't up your alley, here's a funny profile picture. Poor Shrek, what have they done to your beautiful face.

5. Persona 5 – Joker

discord pfp persona 5 joker

If you're a Persona franchise fan of the Persona franchise, I offer this profile picture to you. The joker, looking as stunning as always.

Part 3: How to Design a Discord PFP Avatar in Filmora?

If you are also among the users who decide to create custom anime Discord PFP or other PFP for Discord, this option is highly advisable to unveil your creative skills.

It is an effort to make a fantastic Discord PFP or avatar that will be unique and exactly narrates your story behind the brand. You can use many different software tools for this purpose, but since the task is effortless, you can use an accessible and practical program such as Filmora.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

The process of designing a PFP for Discord in a visual suite like Filmora is not very complicated and consists of just a few simple steps.

Begin by selecting or choosing the picture that will form the basis of your avatar – it can be a real-life photo or an animated avatar. You can download from some discord PFP sites or directly search on Google.

Next, upload the chosen image into a new project and then resize it to fit preferred Discord dimensions. To modify the shape, click Effects -> Utility -> Image Mask to optimize PFP for Discord.

create discord avatar Filmora

By adding overlays to the primary image, you can further enhance its visual or textual elements to customize the Discord PFP avatar.

And, you can also consider using Discord GIF PFPs to get maximum attention. A GIF avatar that jumps off the page in every chat you are a part of highlights a strong vibe of creativity.

Part 4: Best 3 Websites to Grow Your Discord Server PFP

There are different ways to carry our Discord server growth, and one of them is to submit your Discord server to server directories or websites that allow you to post a listing for your server.

1. Disboard

discord server pfp disboard

Disboard is one of the demanding server listing sites out there, and

As severs here are browsed by category, ensure that you select the correct category while adding it to your listing.

No matter you have a music server or a gaming server, there's sure to be a category for your server, and if not, there's also an "other" server category, so fear not!

top gg discord server, which is a bot, is another best server listing site. It helps you submit listings for both your servers and bots with a fantastic user interface.

The listings display the number of emotes available, the voting mechanism, as well as your server's description.

Servers categorize through tags, including Anime, Music, and 30 plus other categories to explore better.

A cool feature of the site is the users' comments on the custom server listing pages so that you can enjoy a great community.

3. Discord

discord servers

If you're hoping to grow Discord server and its associated Discord PFP, Discord Servers is another preferred server listing website.

It allows users to submit your listing on category pages, including Minecraft, Programming, Anime, and other categories. And, there are high chances that you will find your category on this server as it's quite vast.

However, adding your Discord server to this listing will require a bot to be added to your server.


So, this was the gist of creating fantastic Discord PFPs in 2021! With the top-performing examples of PFPs for Discord, you can take a hint and follow your own rules of creativity with Wondershare Filmora – your only Discord PFP avatar maker!

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