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How to Stream on Discord [Step-by-Step Guide]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 05, 22, updated Jan 17, 24

Discord is a great communication tool that also offers live streaming services. You can use this platform to engage and connect to your audience by conducting a live session. Through its “Voice Chat” feature, you can directly interact with your audience in a comfortable environment. If you are unaware of how to go live on Discord, this article can help you.

For your assistance, this article will instantly address how to live stream on Discord. Let’s dig into the details.

In this article
  1. What is Discord?
    1. Create your Discord Server
    2. Create your Discord Channel
  2. How to Stream Videos on Discord
  3. How to Stream your Webcam on Discord
  4. How to Change the Shared Screen on Discord
  5. How to Stream Discord on my Mobile Phone?
  6. FAQs about the live stream on Discord
  7. Bonus Tip: Easily Record and Edit your Stream with Filmora

Part 1: What is Discord?

Discord is a popular platform created to offer a better communication experience between game players. The major reason for the massive recognition of Discord is its ability to generate servers instantly. Game players and other users can instantly create voice or text servers for enhanced communication.

Discord provides excellent flexibility to users by providing high-quality audio services with no background noise. Even if your friends are in different parts of the world, you can chat with them smoothly. You can create private and public servers in Discord to communicate with people having similar interests.

discord interface

Along with using Discord Voice and Text chat features, you can live stream your gameplays. The live streaming on Discord won't be a public show, as it will only be confined to your selected server. Through this, you can ask your friends for assistance while playing games. Moreover, Discord is also capable of capturing other screens. Hence, it’s a great platform for professionals, game lovers, and other individuals to communicate efficiently.

Part 2: Prerequisites for Stream on Discord

Many social media platforms put restrictions on users for live streaming. Some platforms require you to have a specific number of followers in order to conduct live streaming. However, in Discord, you don’t have to worry about such restrictions. By creating a server and channel on Discord, you can easily go for live streaming. Check the below prerequisites for performing a live stream on Discord:

1. Create your Discord Server

Step1 Open your Discord and hit the “Plus” icon given on the left side. It will open a small menu where you can select a template to start or create your own server.

select the server template

Step2 If you want to create your server, click "Create My Own." Now select the type of server you want to create. Once done, create the server name and click the "Create" button.

choose the type of server

2. Create your Discord Channel

Step1 To create a Discord channel, open any of your servers from the left side. Now tap on the "Plus" icon adjacent to "Voice Channels."

tap on the plus icon

Step2 You can either create a “Text” channel or a “Voice” channel. After choosing the channel type, create a channel name. You can also enable the “Private Channel” option to create a private channel. Once done, click on the “Create Channel” button.

adjust the channel settings

Part 3: How to Stream Videos on Discord

Once you have created a server and channel, you can begin your live streaming. Discord provides you with an option through which you can stream your videos instantly. To know the process, check the below steps:

Step1 Open Discord and navigate to your desired server. Now proceed to your voice channel and click on the “Share Your Screen” button given below.

tap on share icon

Step2 Select the screen you want to stream in the "Applications" tab. From the new menu, you can adjust the stream quality, such as resolution and frame rate. After adjusting the live streaming settings, click on the "Go Live" button.

press the go live button

Part 4: How to Stream your Webcam on Discord

Do you want to give a tutorial session through your webcam? Through live webcam streaming, you can demonstrate a particular product while giving facial expressions. Using Discord, you can stream your webcam with a single click.

Step1 Once you have opened a server on Discord, go to your Voice channel. From there, tap on the “Camera” icon above your username.

choose the webcam option

Step2 It will open a new screen through which you can start an activity or share your screen. Moreover, you can also invite others to join your webcam streaming. Once done with your activities, click on the “Red” button to disconnect.

webcam live streaming activated

Part 5: How to Change the Shared Screen on Discord

Do you want to change a shared screen on Discord? If you want to open a presentation, web browser, or any other application, Discord can easily change the shared screen. Through this facility, you can quickly shift between multiple screens without hassle.

Step1 If you are live streaming your shared screen, you can instantly change windows on Discord. For this, click on the “Gear” icon on your live streaming screen to open settings.

tap on gear icon

Step2 From the settings menu, click on "Change Windows." Now select the screen that you want to change. After choosing the required screen, hit on the "Go Live" button.

select change windows option

Part 6: How to Stream Discord on my Mobile Phone?

Discord has the same operating systems on Android and iOS devices. That’s why the steps to stream on Discord on both these devices are the same.

Step1 Open Discord on your mobile and select the desired server. Now choose the voice channel through which you want to live stream Discord.

access your voice channel

Step2 Now tap "Join Voice" to initiate live streaming. Here, you can turn on your camera and share the screen. You can also mute your voice from the given options. Once done with live streaming, tap on the “Red” button.

access your voice channel

Part 7: FAQs about the live stream on Discord

1. How many people can watch my Discord live simultaneously?

During the pandemic, up to 50 people were able to join live streaming on Discord. Normally, 25 people can watch live streaming on Discord simultaneously.

2. How to add the game types on Discord?

Open Discord and navigate to the “User Settings” given at the bottom of the screen. Select the "Game Activity" section and activate the option "Display currently running game as a status message." Now click on the “Add it” button and choose the type of games you want to play. Once done, Discord would be able to detect the type of game automatically.

3. How to share a video on Discord?

On your computer, launch Discord and go to your desired channel. On the chat box space, click on the “Plus” icon. Now browse the video from your system that you want to share. Click on the "Open" button and select the "Upload" option. By doing so, you can easily share videos.

For mobile users, go to your Discord app and choose the preferred channel. On the left side of the typing area, you can see the "Image" icon. Tap on this option and choose the video you want to share from your phone. Now hit the “Arrow” button to send the selected video.

Bonus Tip: Easily Record and Edit your Stream with Filmora

To save and edit your live stream sessions, we will highly recommend you the screen recorder of Wondershare Filmora. Through this screen recorder, you can capture your live-streaming session on Discord in the best possible quality.

Using this screen recorder, you can capture your desired area during live streaming. Once you capture your live-streaming session, you can edit it on this platform. Using the editing tool of Filmora, you can cut, crop, resize, and modify your screen recording efficiently.

filmora screen recorder settings


Have you ever streamed on Discord before? Discord is a great communication platform that provides advanced features. With its vast flexibility, you can create private servers and channels. This article can guide you to learn how to go live on Discord. We have also suggested Wondershare Filmora, which can help you to screen record and edit your live streaming sessions on Discord.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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