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How to Schedule LinkedIn Posts With 10 Best Schedulers

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Presently, there is no LinkedIn scheduling tool available on the LinkedIn platform. But luckily, some LinkedIn post schedulers can help users post on LinkedIn regularly, and part of them are even free.

As LinkedIn has more than 300 active million users, publishing a post is critical to developing your network on LinkedIn. If you don't have time, you can use LinkedIn automation tools to help you schedule LinkedIn posts. In this article, you will learn how to schedule a LinkedIn post easily. Besides, we will also cover the 10 best LinkedIn post schedulers on desktop and phone.

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Part1: Schedule Linkedin Posts With Postcron

Method one: If you are lucky to find the right LinkedIn scheduler, the steps to schedule posts will be much easier. Here, we can use Postcron to help us schedule a LinkedIn post. You can use it on desktop and phone, so you can schedule LinkedIn posts anywhere and anytime you want. Besides, if you have more than one post needed to be scheduled, you can also use bulk importing to schedule. Check the steps below to know how to schedule posts one by one.

Step 1: Log in Postcron

When you want to schedule LinkedIn posts using a LinkedIn scheduling tool, suppose Postcron. Firstly, you must log in to the Postcron account through Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook.

schedule linkedin posts by using postcorn

Step 2: Choose LinkedIn

Once logged in, you have to select the LinkedIn account or accounts where you wish to schedule the posts for publishing.

login account to schedule

Step 3: Upload the content and schedule

You may also add other accounts using the LinkedIn button on the top right corner, under add accounts. Then, upload the content you wish to update your LinkedIn account with and schedule LinkedIn posts.

linkedin scheduler to upload posts

Method two: Above are the basic steps to schedule a post on LinkedIn. If you only want to schedule one post, that is great. You can use this way. But if you're going to schedule more than one post, say 100 posts, what would you do? In fact, Postcron also can schedule LinkedIn bulk posts at one time. Check the steps below.

Step 1: Create a Google sheet

You will use Google sheet to import your post in a specified format, so the first thing you need to do is create a Google sheet. Here is an example offered by an official. You can follow it to fill out this sheet. You need to bear in mind that the sequence is crucial while you enter information. In column A enter the text you want to post. In column B, you need to set the posting year, column C for the month, column D for the day, column E for the hour, column F for the minute. In column G, you can enter the image link if you have, and the image format must be.JPG or.PNG. In column H, you can enter a page link. At first, you may feel this is complicated, but it is still easier than publishing LinkedIn posts one by one.

fill out linkedin post

Step 2: Import the sheet to Postcron

Once the sheet is done, log in Postcron like in method one. Click Or upload a file with lots of posts all at once to start importing Google sheet. The uploading process may need a few seconds.

import linkedin post to schedule

Part2: Best Scheduling Apps For Phone

1. HootSuite (Android/iPhone)

With over 15 million users, HootSuite is one of the best Android apps for managing your business in the social networking platforms like LinkedIn. Up to 3 social network accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram is free in Hootsuite. The features of Hootsuite include-

  • Easy addition of social network accounts
  • Build and manage your LinkedIn audience from any place
  • Tie analytics back to your goals
  • Schedule LinkedIn or other social media posts
  • Share posts on all social network at one go
  • Track click-through stat report analytics

schedule linkedin posts hootsuite

2. Postfity (iPhone)

It is a free LinkedIn scheduling tool for iPhone. The Postifity for Android is still in the testing phase. Do you want to post a certain thing and want it to appear on your social media platform late at night when all are asleep? Now, it’s easy with this free scheduler to schedule any time for your posts. The features of this Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn automation tool include-

  • Help in boosting your social media presence
  • Schedule and share posts to save time
  • Track your audience engagement
  • Free to use as a scheduler

buffer schedule linkedin posts

3. Buffer (Android/iPhone)

Do you wish to schedule posts or track performance? The Buffer is a simple tool that helps in saving your time and schedule LinkedIn posts and other posts in different social media accounts, all at once. The features are-

  • Forget logging into various accounts, just post and schedule it to make an announcement on every social media account at one go
  • Create your influence and build your following to maintain a strong social media presence
  • Easy to read analytics to analyze the performance of your posts
  • Connect 3 social accounts and 10 posts per account completely free
  • Support from Buffer friends

buffer automate linkedin posts

4. DrumUp (Android)

Now, schedule LinkedIn posts or other social media posts through Drum Up. It is one of the powerful and effective social media management and curation apps. Whether Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, DrumUp is your ultimate social media manager. Use a single Drum Up dashboard to read and share posts on multiple social media platforms. The features of DrumUp include-

  • Schedule LinkedIn posts and other social media curated posts tailored to your needs
  • One-click LinkedIn scheduling tool
  • 90% time saved using DrumUp for social media management
  • Programmed, customized date-time and repeat scheduling options
  • Short URLs for better readability

drumup linkedin post scheduler

5. Sprout Social (Android)

Sprout Social is a great scheduler to post on your phone anywhere. You just need to set the posting time. The steps are easy to make. Select the post you want to schedule after you wrote the post, and then choose a time to post. But, one thing you need to know it is wise to know the best posting time on LinkedIn. With this tool, you can also monitor social and brand on the Intenet for better posting. After posts are sent, view clicks and likes.

  • Manage LinkedIn posts in one tool
  • Assign other people to tack the scheduled post
  • It offers LinkedIn analytics to know the post-performance

Sprout Social linkedin post scheduler

6. Crowdfire (Android)

Crowdfire is a LinkedIn post scheduler that you want to use as a business and individual. You can write your post and then schedule them automatically. In this way, you can save many times and energy. You can also use the extension to share pages you like. More than LinkedIn, you can also schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, and more.

  • Intuitive interface to use
  • One post to schedule on all social platforms
  • It offers LinkedIn analytics to know the post-performance

Crowdfire schedule linkedin posts free

Part3: Best Scheduling Tools On the Desktop

7. SlackSocial

A one-stop solution for scheduling social media posts, SlackSocial is a completely useful app to keep your audiences engaged in social media. You just need to schedule LinkedIn posts or other social media posts that you wish to share and set the particular date and time when you want your posts to go LIVE. SlackSocial ensures the timely delivery of your update. The features include-

  • Supports 5 social media networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger and Tumblr
  • From Facebook and Twitter groups to LinkedIn groups, unlimited accounts attachment
  • Just a few clicks to schedule LinkedIn posts
  • Analysis of your social engagement statistics

drumup how to schedule posts on linkedin

8. PostCron

The instant share feature wherever you are watching makes Postcron quite an attractive and effective LinkedIn scheduling tool. You can manage up to 6 social accounts. Besides, schedule 10 posts at a time. The features of this app include-

  • Schedule posts with text, emoticons, images and/or links
  • Republish and multiply your scheduled posts
  • Schedule LinkedIn post and Save draft your posts
  • Connect your account for following the link’s statistics shared through Postcron
  • Refresh the accounts that you added to your dashboard as many times as you want


9. MeetEdgar

It is easy to schedule and automate posts on LinkedIn. The steps are easy to follow. You just need to add the article or images first. You can use the bulk importing function. There are many categories to choose from. Then you can schedule a post at any time you want. The features of this app include-

  • It can write status updates after posts are sent
  • MeetEdgar can make your reach at the largest
  • As a LinkedIn post scheduler, you have guides and blogs as a reference


10. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a professional LinkedIn post scheduler. It divides users into 3 categories: agency, teams, and small business. You can choose Agorapulse to schedule LinkedIn posts according to your needs. Many famous brands are their clients.

  • Agorapulse connects with brands to get post scheduled
  • It offers a free trial to use

Agorapulse schedule linkedin post


In order to engage your audiences with the right set of messages, it is essential to create relevant posts. When you schedule LinkedIn posts using a LinkedIn scheduling tool, it makes your work easier, simpler, and most importantly faster. Time is precious and when you get access to a free scheduling tool to manage all your scheduled posts on social media at one go, what more could you ask for. There can be nothing better than cutting down on time for the same work again and again. It ensures great content curation or creation, posting, scheduling, and tracking at one go without waiting for any particular time. So, make use of these great LinkedIn scheduling tools for mobile and desktop to manage your social media posts in just a few clicks.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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