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Watch Youtube green screen videos and inspire your green screen ideas

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Aug 30, 2022• Proven solutions

Green Screen is a widely used technology in everything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the weather forecast. The idea is simple: shoot a video with a single colored backdrop (blue or green is often used), and then replace the background with any other video clip, graphic or still image you want. It's highly effective and can be used for different topics and subjects. If you don't know what a green screen is and how it works, check out the video tutorial below to get an overall idea first:

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In fact, nowadays, green screen is actually well within the capabilities and budget of people like you and I. Just shoot your video anywhere, and then replace the background with any stock photo, branded graphic or fantastic video clips. Want to try it out? You’d better get your own green screen ideas first. Now let’s watch some Youtube green screen videos and get inspired.

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You can also get some cool video effects from Wondershare Filmora Effects Store. Just check the block buster video effects below and download Filmora to try.

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Check more video effects at: Filmora Effects Store

1Music Video

Action: Record yourself playing guitar or singing songs against a green screen.

Green screen idea: Replacing the background and add stunning filters to play at impossible locations.

2Time Travel

Action: Combine a green screen clip with a suitable video footage.

Green screen idea: Adjust the playback speed of each. And add an “Old Film” effect onto the speeded up clips.

3Clone Yourself

Action: Record you having a conversation with yourself.

Green screen idea: Put the videos in a single video, by adding a second video track, remove the backgrounds and then flip one clip to "clone" yourself.


Action: Take a spooky video or picture.

Green screen idea: Add the spooky video or image to a green screen video. Then adjust the contrast, opacity and add filters to complete your "ghost" clip.

5News Report

Action: Record an interview against a green screen.

Green screen idea: Add a meteor exploding overhead, skydiving, UFO sighting and more.


Action: Put a green screen over the floor or wall and record a video as if you’re flying or leaping over tall buildings.

Green screen idea: Add some image of landscapes or footage of clouds to make your self flying.

7Travel Around the World

Action: Take photos of yourself in front of a green screen.

Green screen idea: Give yourself some amazing backgrounds with landmark, combine several clips together as if you've already gone there.

8Space Walk

Action: Record yourself "Space Walk" in front of a green screen.

Green screen idea: Replace the green background with an image of space. You can also slow down the playback speed to make the video more vivid.

9Be Invisible

Action: Wrap your body up in a green cloth in front of a green backdrop.

Green screen idea: Replace the green color with another scene to make yourself invisible just like Harry Potter.

10Fairy Tale

Action: Create your own fairy tale outline and invite your friends to do some role-play.

Green screen idea: Replace the background and apply fantastic video filter to enrich your video.

Got inspired and have your own green screen ideas? Download now the best video editing software to make a green screen, it's so easy!

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Watch Youtube green screen videos and inspire your green screen ideas

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by Richard Bennett Aug 30, 2022 20:09 PM

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Richard Bennett

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