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ReelShort and Mini-Series: New Trends in the Era of Short-form Content

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 26, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

The entertainment industry is continuously evolving to best fit the busy schedules of audiences. It leads to the invention of short-form content, which provides bite-sized entertainment. Such content is released in easily digestible chunks on short-film apps like ReelShort. If you want to explore this new entertaining platform, review this article and uncover everything about it.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What Are Short-Form Soap Operas?
  2. Part 2. What is ReelShort?
  3. Part 3. Top Shows on ReelShort
  4. Part 4. ReelShort App: Coins Price & User Reviews
  5. Part 5. How Does ReelShort Success?
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs Related to ReelShort
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An all-in-all AI video editor that will help you create engaging short videos for Reelshort!
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Part 1. What Are Short-Form Soap Operas?

Soap operas are serialized dramas with themes of domestic, personal, or family relationships. They are open-ended serials with multiple characters and plots, contemporary problems, and their solutions. Short-form soap operas are a new trend of digital dramas and reels inspired by traditional soap operas. They are condensed storylines and episodes that can be seen on mobile devices within minutes.

Considering the attention span of today's generation, minidramas try to keep viewers engaged. These short-form operas are on social media platforms like IGTV, TikTok, and Vimeo. Besides, dedicated streaming services like Wattpad and Quibi also use the same recipe. ShortTV, DramaBox, FlexTV, and Sereal+ apps are not behind in streaming short-form soap operas.

short-form soap operas

Part 2. What is ReelShort?

ReelShort is an HD streaming platform that has changed how content is consumed. It's the biggest player in minute-long melodramatic content creation with vertical shot episodes. This app is owned by Crazy Maple Studio, a company in Northern California. Originally, this company was backed by Beijing-based digital publisher COL Group. According to Mr. Joey Jia, chief executive of Crazy Maple Studio, ReelShort gets people hooked.

The idea of a smartphone-friendly app like ReelShort was inspired by Quibi. Quibi was a high-profile launch in 2020 that failed after six months because of wrong timings. Meanwhile, ReelShort takes inspiration and proved successful with a top-downloaded iOS app in the US. Following that, other Chinese apps like 99TV, GoodShort, and DramaBox are using the same models.

overview of reelshort

Part 3. Top Shows on ReelShort

The ReelShort app gives people unlimited access to new weekly series, shows, and episodes. It has different stories from suspense, thriller, or romance, and each episode lasts 1 minute. Let’s look into some top-rated examples of ReelShort content in the given section.

1. The Double Life of My Billionaire Husband

It's an enjoyable low-budget series on ReelShort that infuses charm with its simple love story. In the story, Sebastian Klein is rumored to be a loser after prison, and Natalie Quin marries him. This marriage led to a secret billionaire marriage, as the girl was not actually aware of such truths. In the meantime, Natalie faced hardships, constant taunts, and bullying from her surroundings.

double life of my billionaire husband

2. Fated to My Forbidden Alpha

This drama series is different from typical ReelShort billionaire husband stories. It belongs to the horror genre, where two clans of werewolves battle for supremacy. The story revolves around Selene, who grew up orphaned and neglected in Blood Moon Pack.

Her only dream was to run away from the abusers as she turned 18, but Moon Goddess had other plans. Its famous dialogue is, "Fate is a twisted thing; you could be waiting anxiously for a whole year before you shift, or it could happen on your sixteenth birthday.”

fated to my forbidden alpha

3. We Will Love Again

We Will Love Again, a romance TV mini-series, was recently released in February 2024. It's a heartfelt exploration of love's resilience with a captivating narrative based on themes of regret and second chance. In the story, Mira shares a charming life with her boyfriend, who does tragically. After some time, she returns to New York to rediscover love, but her past haunts her.

Quote from the Novel of We Will Love Again

“You left Noah Preston, the love of your life, when he was dirt poor and had nothing. 5 years later, he’s now a billionaire who’s looking to acquire your company and make your life a living hell. Will you tell him the truth about why you really left him, or is it too late for a second chance at love?”

we will love again

Part 4. ReelShort App: Coins Price & User Reviews

A ReelShort series contains 80-90 episodes on average, each offering five free episodes. You need 50-55 coins later to watch episodes when free episodes finish. According to coin pricing, you have to pay a certain amount, which is mentioned in the table.



500 Coins


1000 Coins


1500 Coins


2500 Coins


5000 Coins


10000 Coins



Good Reviews

  • Love the series you post, but it would be great to have a monthly subscription either buying stars. (Lisa-Cy, 2024)- App Store
  • I love this app!" Wow, I love the fact that it allows you to watch the storyline until the end. Even tho you have to watch adds and, it only gives you five times. Most of these apps don't give you that opportunity. You would have to pay right across the board. (Sweets Dillon, 2024)- Google Play
  • Unique novel experience and you can watch a lot of episodes with the watch ad feature of. Well done! Great experience so far! (Rina_Ina_M, 2023)- App Store

Bad Reviews

  • It started off great …. Being able to watch ads for some extra content and bonuses, then for most of the days… the ads are not working, and so I haven't been able to watch anything since… knowing that I keep trying to collect bonuses and watch the ads everyday … but for more than a week it hasn't been working!!! It's simply frustrating. (Georgiana, 2023)- App Store
  • I will admit that I don't spend money on this app, but I do use the ads for minute points. But I am fed up with having to watch extra ads to get my points and now they have changed it so you have to watch More ads for fewer points and wait longer between ads to play to get credit. And the stories have not gotten better. Seriously considering dumping it. Don't waste your time! (Aaron Doege, 2024) - Google Play
  • Suddenly, while I was watching the episodes, the advertisements then episode… I couldn't see any other advertisement to move forward. Is that a trick to force you to pay? The watch Ad button didn’t let me press it. (Stelios, 2023)- App Store

Part 5. How Does ReelShort Success?

According to Mr. Jia, they found out that their core audience for building a successful mobile app is women. Such short genres became popular in the Asia-Pacific region as the clips were advertised on TikTok. This app is No. 3 in the entertainment category apps on the App Store right now. ReelShort gained 1.9 million downloads in November only.

In December, ReelShort saw 1M downloads on the App Store, and the company reported $22M in revenue. In total, 7 million people downloaded ReelShort in the US in 2023. As per the style of content, Kasey Esser, a Los Angeles-based actor, describes it as a soap opera. Each series takes about a week of filming with a tight budget of $200,000.

You can watch ReelShort content on TikTok and YouTube using Android, iOS, or other devices. Roughly 75% of the audience of the ReelShort app are females who are tired of lengthy soap operas. Moreover, ReelShort TV costs less than $300,000 to make an entire show without any luxury wardrobe or sets.


In short, mini-series of soap operas are a new form of entertainment for busy video consumers. That’s where the launch of ReelShort became popular due to its compelling storylines and short form. This article reviews this app from all aspects, such as cost, pricing, reviews, and reason for success. If you are interested in making your short-form film after reading this guide, try Wondershare Filmora (iOS | Andorid). It's an all-in-all AI video editor that will help you create engaging shows with automation.

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FAQs Related to ReelShort

This comprehensive guide on the ReelShort app well-defined the dimensions of short-form soap operas. If you have any queries regarding this app, you can consult the common queries below.

01of 03Are there any ReelShort’s alternatives?

Like every other app, ReelShort has competitors and alternatives in the digital market. Some of them include Netflix, Mubi, Hulu, Viki, TikTok and Likee.

02of 03Is the ReelShort app free?

Yes, this app is legit and safe to use, as the NewLeaf publishing company developed it. It has over 11 million downloads across Play Store and App Store and is rated nearly 4.0 stars.

03of 03Is the ReelShort app free?

Installing ReelShort on your mobile devices from the App Store and Play Store is free. However, you need to pay for watching episodes after the first 4-6 ReelShort Free episodes. To get free coins, you can watch ads, link your e-mail, and download recommended apps.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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