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Best Free Discord Logo Maker | Updated 2024

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Discord’s a great tool for getting together with people who share your interests and sharing content, ideas and discussions. The only thing is, most people have quite a few interests, and so your server is likely to be fighting for attention amongst many other servers. Users can join up to 100, after all. So, a good Discord server logo is essential, as it makes it easier for your server to stand out and be found. This article will look at the best free Discord server logo makers.

Part 1: Best Free Discord Server Logo Maker

We’ve picked out some of the best free logo makers, so you can customize your own Discord server logo.

1 Logo.Bot

Logo.Bot uses AI to generate your logo for you, so that you don’t need to worry about drawing anything. It can create a professional logo that you can easily download to use for your Discord server.

Firstly, it’ll ask for your ‘Company’ information – just use the name and description of your Discord server.

Discord Logo Maker - Logo Bot

You’ll then be asked to choose a colour scheme, so pick one that is either relevant to your server or that you simply like. You can pick up at most 3 colors.

Discord Logo Maker - Logo Bot - select color

Next, it’ll give you a list of icons to choose from based on your details already entered, but you can still search for new keywords if you want. Choose up to five icons.

 Logo Bot icon Preference

Logo Bot will then generate 3 logos based on the information provided before. You can then edit your favourite options using the site’s built-in tools.

 Logo Bot preview

Once you’re done, you can download a free version of your logo as a low-resolution JPG. The problem is that it’ll come with a watermark. If you want the version that is best suited to Discord without a watermark, you’ll need to pay a one-off fee of $20.

 Logo Bot editing interface

2 MyBrandNewLogo

MyBrandNewLogo is another option that makes it simple to create Discord logos. They even have a specialist tool just for Discord. You’ll start by giving the name of your server (‘Company’) again.

 MyBrandNewLogo interface

Then, you can enter some keywords to help it choose the icons to use as part of your logo.

With MyBrandNewLogo, the colour options are slightly more limited than with Logo.Bot, but you can also ask it to surprise you if you aren’t too fussed about the colour to use.

 MyBrandNewLogo select color

From there, you’ll again be shown a mix of icons and fonts combined to create a logo. You can then edit the layout of your logo, the background, add a slogan, change the icon and more to tailor it to your exact specifications.

 MyBrandNewLogo editing

Unfortunately again you do need to sign up and pay to download your logo. A basic package with one low-res file is €20, while the Professional pack costs €50.

 MyBrandNewLogo purchase interface


The third option is Here you dive straight in – as soon as you’ve entered your Discord server name. You will see a list of logos that you can use as a base design. So it automatically reads your server name and searches for icons related to the term. For the generated logo files, click the Custmoize button to adjust. interface

You can then work your way down the list on the left, editing the icons to decide where you want it to live, and how big it should be. You can adjust its design, the icons on the logo, the color and the colour themes of your logo, the text, including the font and any changes to how it’s displayed. editing interface

Once done, you can then preview your final logo. And yet again, you need to pay to download the full version. It’s $19.99 for a high-res PNG and JPG, but if you want a scalable Vector you need to pay $59.99 for the Starter Kit.

4 BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd is another logo creation site you could use, where again you simply enter your Discord server name and it’ll instantly generate icons for you to customize. Unlike it doesn’t have a simple step-by-step editor, but instead it’s a lot more powerful, with various tools you can use to adjust shadows, layers and more.

 BrandCrowd logo maker interface

Once you’ve played with the editor, you can click Preview to see how it’ll look on a dummy website (or even on merch), then Download to sign up and access the files…but again they are hidden behind a paywall. BrandCrowd is one of the more expensive options too – a one off fee is $45 to get the high res PNG and JPG as well as vector files, or you can subscribe for $15 per month to unlock unlimited edits and downloads. The previews are watermarked to prevent you from just taking them.

 BrandCrowd logo maker editing interface

5 Kapwing

The final recommendation is Kapwing. Kapwing is, by far, the most comprehensive tool we’ve suggested so far. It isn’t just for creating logos, but working on all kinds of exportable content. The link we’ve included will take you straight to a dedicated workspace for Discord logos, but you’ll then need to upload all of your own imagery (although you can search Kapwing’s own resource collection) and make changes. It requires more skill, but the end results are more professional.

Using the menu at the top, you can play with text, add extra elements, or use the image tool to upload your own files or search Kapwing’s database.

 Kapwing logo maker editing interface

Once you’ve edited your logo, it’s already pre-set to download at 512 x 512. You’ll just need to create an account to access your download without a watermark, but it is free. The only drawback is that files are only available as JPG or GIF – so you can’t use a PNG with a transparent background.

Unfortunately, most of the ‘free’ online tools for creating Discord server logos aren’t actually free, or they come with limitations. There are other options than using online tools to create a logo however.

Part 2: Discord Logos and Icons - Free Download Sites

Rather than creating your own logo, you might want a helping hand – these download sites let you choose an existing icon, and edit it to your own tastes.

1 Icons8

Icons8 is by far the best option of all the free icon download sites. It’s really easy to use, with clear categorization to make finding the perfect logo easier. You can download each icon in PNG or SVG format (or even PDF, if you wanted to for some reason) and customize the size. You can embed the HTML directly and, if you download the Lunacy editor, make tweaks to it before you download it. It’s super simple, and the only minor drawback is you’ll need to register an account, but it’s free.

 Icons8 Discord logo Download

2 Iconfinder

Iconfinder is also relatively easy to navigate, and it also lets you download a PNG or SVG version of the file in a size that you prefer. You can’t edit, nor can you embed the HTML, and many of the icons are behind a paywall. However when you do find a free one, you can download it without a subscription.

 Iconfinder  Discord logo Download

3 BrandEPS

BrandEPS is another popular name for icon downloading but it specializes in existing brand logos. If you want something distinct and unique, you won’t find it here. But if your Discord server is about an existing brand, you can probably download its logo here in either a vector EPS or as part of a zip file with SVG, PNG and JPG versions. No need to sign up.

 BrandEPS Discord logo Download

4 FreePNGLogos

FreePNGLogos is another database of existing company icons and logos, and as you can probably guess from the name, they’re available to download as PNG files. The sizes are limited to the size it’s been uploaded as, and there’s no easy way to browse, you’ll need to search using key terms and hope you find something suitable.

 FreePNGLogos Discord logo Download

5 SeekLogo

Finally, SeekLogo has a large database of corporate logos but they’re not optimized icons, they’re full size logos including full business names. Downloads are mainly in SVG format, and again the option to browse is minimal, you’ll be relying on search terms and the categorization of icons isn’t the most intuitive.

 SeekLogo Discord logo Download

Part 3: Making A Logo for Your Discord Server Channel - Tips

When you’re naming your server, a longer name might be harder to remember. If you can create a name that you can then abbreviate, you can include the abbreviation in your logo design, so it’s even easier to find your server. Even better, if it can be an acronym (an abbreviation that also forms its own short word) then it’ll be even more memorable.

The other key tip when creating your Discord server logo is to embrace your creativity! Don’t be scared to really make your logo stand out, especially when it’s around a topic that other Discord servers may exist for. You need to make it easy for your server logo to be understood and remembered, and a bold logo is ideal.


1. What is a Discord Logo?

A Discord logo is an icon that’s associated with your Discord server. For any Discord user, the servers they’re a member of are listed by logo, so making a distinctive one that is clearly associated with your server is important for helping people to easily find the server they’re looking for.

2. What is the Best Size for Discord Channel Logos?

The size of your Discord logo is important, because if it’s too small then it means the logo will be poor quality, while if it’s too large then finer details just won’t be visible – the logo is only ever shown as a small icon. Aim for 512 x 512 pixels.

3. What is the Best Discord Logo Shape?

Discord logos are displayed as circles, so the easiest way to make sure your logo is properly displayed is to create it as a circle. If you upload a logo in a different shape, you risk having part of your logo cut off, or it being centered incorrectly.

4. How to Change the Server Logo on Discord?

When you first create your Discord server, you’ll be shown a ‘Getting started’ list where one of the actions is to personalize the server with an icon.

If you’ve already established your Discord server and no longer see this option, then you can simply right-click on your server to find a menu option for the server settings, where you’ll also find the option to update your server logo.

 change Discord server logo

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