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How to Get Viewers or Followers on Twitch 7 Tips

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Sep 01, 2022• Proven solutions

Besst Game Video Editor: Filmora

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1. Choose games of your interest:

If you are more connected to big games like whatnot or League of Legends then it will be quite difficult to mark your presence on Twitch because this platform is highly populated with this category of games and one needs to make huge efforts to get noticed. The best idea is to stream games that you like the most or are popular enough.


2. Maintain that one viewer score:

You might be aware of the fact that Twitch sorts directories as per numbers of active viewers. Make sure that your Twitch dashboard always has one viewer-that is you. In case if your count goes to 0 then you will not be able to gain higher ranking.


3. Boost interactions with Viewers and be real:

Can you imagine having deep connections with people without talking to them? The same rule applies here on twitch network. If you do not interact with your viewers then they will ignore you. Prefer to use two monitors at a time where one can be used for continuous streaming and other can support the active chat feature.

Note that there are millions of broadcasters on Twitch and this platform stays over crowded all the time. If you want to get new followers and viewers then you need to use the weapon of your honesty. People can easily recognize the fake personalities and if you are not genuine then people will prefer to stay away from you. Try to be open and real with your viewers.


4. Off Stream Chats have more Power:

It is not enough to communicate with your audience during active streaming session only rather sometimes you need to follow off stream sessions. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms over Twitch and you can use it to establish healthy communication with your followers and viewers. It is good to get a Discord Server for yourself as they are available for free and work like active mediums to establish active connections between viewers and you via voice or chat using internet. You will be glad to know that discord can be accessed on mobile, desktop platform and it also has a web version.


5. Boost your Channel Art:

Managing a small description below stream is the old idea. Presently if you want to catch more viewers then you must organize the description in several sections that can reveal information in impressive manner. Write eye catching words in different sections like About Me, FAQ, Rules and Social Media etc. One more interesting task is to add images for each section title as they have much better impact as compared to simple text. You can easily develop these images using MS Paint and your artistic nature will help you to make a remarkable appearance among all competitors on Twitch. With this channel art, you can also add an image for display during offline hours. It will encourage your followers to visit you again during streaming session.


6. Follow specific Schedules:

Professionals advise to follow specific schedules for your channels. Try to be consistent with your streams so that viewers can find it much easier to follow you. It is more convenient to use cast for you. Try to be live whenever you can.


7. Follow Right Audio- Video settings to ensure quality delivery:

Make right adjustments for some major factors like FPS, resolution, bit rate etc so that your content can be of high quality and viewers love to spend time on your streams.

Ensure that you have compatible devices that can allow rich streaming quality otherwise they will lead to buffering issues. You can also prefer to freeze out the potential viewers when you don’t want them to view your stream.


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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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