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How to Video Chat/Call on Snapchat with 3 Steps

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Most people are not aware about Snapchat video chat facilities, though it’s been around since a long time. Sounds surprising though! Even few of our acquaintances approached us to know about Snapchat video call.

Well! We decided to decipher the fact and reveal the video calling feature of Snapchat, to make your life simpler. Your favorite social networking app is not restricted to sharing photos, videos, and stories, they can make you talk and see your family and friends anytime.

Here, in this article we are going to explain you the 3 steps to make a video call using Snapchat app.

Part 1: How to video chat/call on Snapchat

Least people had an idea that Snapchat offers a sleek video calling feature as well. So, we are bringing you the steps as how to video call someone using Snapchat without any trouble. Let’s see how you can enjoy communicating face to face from your respective places–

Step 1: Swipe right to start a video chat

First of all, launch the latest version of Snapchat on your mobile and then swipe right on the camera to get the ‘Friends’ list. You can also tap on the ‘Friends’ tab found at the bottom left corner of the screen. Now, find the contact you want to make a Snapchat video call with, and tap or right swipe on it.

snapchat call

Step 2: Press video camera icon

In this step, you will start calling your friend. For this, look for the video recorder icon on the next screen and tap on it to place the call. It should start ringing ASAP by sending them a chat request.

snapchat press

Step 3: Wait for answering

Their phone will start ringing if they have enabled Snapchat notifications. Enabling notification will also let them know that you’re calling even if they are not using the app that time. Or else, they can only get the call, while using Snapchat.

snapchat wait call

There are 3 options to respond to a call.

  1. If they click on ‘Watch’ option, they can see you, but you aren’t allowed for so.
  2. If they tap ‘Join’ option, it means both of you can see and talk to each other. In case they select ‘Ignore’ option, you will get a busy message.
  3. If you tap the green camera icon the video becomes one way, where only you can see them, but they won’t see you.

Note: By swiping the screen down, you can minimize the Snapchat video call.

Part 2: Tips for using video chat/call

Now that you are well aware of Snapchat video chat, how about some extra tips to add more fun to your chat sessions? So, get creative and enjoy the fun

1 Double check to switch

When you want to show your friend what your pet is up to, or that blooming rose on your balcony, you will definitely need to roam around and adjust the front camera. But, you can show him/her without switching your place. Just double-tap the screen of your Snapchat video chat and your friend can see everything. Switching or swapping between your cameras during a Snapchat video call is that easy.

snapchat double click

2 Add stickers

You are up to surprise your BFF with cute and funny stickers during the Snapchat video chat? Why not! On your screen, tap the ‘Smiley’ tab and select the stickers, they will be included in your video chat and both of you can view them.

snapchat add sticker

3 Close the call

Well! Now that you guys ran out of topics for the day and want to end the call. It is very easy to close a Snapchat call. You just need to exit the video chat by going back to the recent conversations or switch to another app.

4 Make sure to upload the latest version

It is advised that you update to the latest version of Snapchat to get the best out of this app.

5 Send video message

When your friends are not online in Snapchat or haven’t enabled notifications for Snapchat video calls, you can still leave video messages for them. To share a video message, tap and hold the video recorder button in the chat, and record something up to 10 seconds, then send it. Your friends will get the video message when they open that message in their Snapchat.

snapchat send video call

Final Verdict

Moving towards the end, we hope you have got a broad idea about how to use Snapchat’s video call feature, and add cute and funny stickers as well to pep up the chat. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mobile phone and start Snapchat video calling, we are sure that it will be so much fun than just sharing one sided snaps to each other. Thanks for going through the post. Please share your first experience with video calling with the Snapchat.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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