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How to Make Money on Periscope if You Are New to This Space

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Every person wishes to jump into the live streaming business. With the Periscope app, you actually can make money from live streaming videos directly from the tab or smartphone. It is a new mode of creating a video as well as making money.

Based on Twitter, you can now get paid to live stream using Periscope. It offers super hearts to tip the video creators, by the viewers. These virtual hearts are sent by the viewers paying real cash.

As soon as the Periscope creators accrue $175 value of virtual hearts, cashing in the digital goods becomes possible. Do you know how to make money on Periscope? Let’s learn if you are new to this space.

Part 1: Can You Make Money On Periscope?

Yes, given that you are willing to face a few hurdles or hoops, and start making live streaming videos, you can definitely make money on Periscope. One thing is important to note that although anyone can send or buy super hearts, you must be approved as a super broadcaster prior to cashing in real money.

make money on periscope

Part 2: Prepare Live Streaming With Right Plan

1. Find Out What You Really Want To Live Stream

When you start out with live streaming of videos, it becomes essential to pick the right topic that can attract viewers. You must be able to understand and choose one particular thing you like to be known about.

Is it the trending games or anything else that people are concentrating more on? You need to find the right subject for your video live streaming in order to make money on Periscope. Once a particular topic is selected, suppose you wish to live stream games, try to analyze which game is the most trending one.

Try to check out the search engines and other gaming sites to find out the games that are the most in news but not yet, saturated. If you are not sure which topic to choose, you may look into gaming communities and forums to see which game is the most focused one.

stream on periscope

2. Consistent Streaming

It is essential to maintain a consistent schedule while publishing content. What does that mean? It means that the time span of the live streaming must be consistent in order to keep your audiences informed. If your audiences have to keep waiting and they are not aware of your posting schedule, they might lose interest and focus.

Suppose you have 3 videos ready and you stream for 3 consecutive days and then disappear for 3 weeks. It gives the wrong message to your audiences. So, it is better to live stream consistently on a weekly basis.

Consistent Streaming.

3. Talk to Yourself if You Are Shy

Are you a camera-friendly person? If not, then live streaming can be a quite intimidating task for you, especially if you are shy. Facing the camera and seeing and hearing yourself can be awkward if you are not used to it.

So, try and make it a habit to face the mirror, overlook any flaws that you might be observing, and talk to yourself continuously as much as you can. Increase at least 10-15 seconds with each session of chatting with yourself in the mirror. This will increase your confidence and help you in making yourself comfortable and at ease while you talk.

talk periscope.

4. Make a Script

Having a hard and fast script and narrating or speaking mugged up lines like a school kid can completely ruin your video. So, try to be spontaneous. Keep the points you wish to include in your video handy and refer to it every now and then to have a clear picture of what you would like to say. But, do not make a video as if someone forced you to speak. Be natural and sporty.

writer script periscope.

Part 3: How To Make Money On Periscope With Tactics

1. Doing Active Interaction

If you want to make money on Periscope, it is essential to reach out to your audiences. Apart from the stream chats, you must share all your social handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with all your subscribers.

Sharing your social media handles does not mean that you have to befriend all your subscribers, but you may share the social page which you want your subscribers to follow, where they may post any query or know more about your live streaming videos. Such active interaction is essential in order to make money from live streaming.

interaction periscope.

2. Find A Company To Let Them Sponsor You

When a company agrees to sponsor your live streaming video, you get paid to live stream. Do you know how? Your followers may not be aware that they are seeing a coffee mug with a company logo, or a service pitch in the background while you are explaining something or talking to your audiences.

But, you make money on Periscope on a regular basis for just sharing the services or products while streaming live. Getting hooked on the big and right brands and companies can earn you handsomely.

sponsor periscope.

3. Create Value for Your Audience

Never share any below grade and useless videos with your audience. In order to make money from live streaming, ensure valued information and an interesting watch for your viewers. Worthy content and a great presentation can rope in more subscribers and retain the existing ones, in addition to getting paid to live stream.


With the live video content setting the trends, always ensure if you are making one, you must get paid to live stream. Twitter, supporting the Periscope app is a great way to make money from live streaming. Follow the above points and make money on Periscope by sharing great live content which the viewers would love to gain knowledge from and watch glued to it.

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