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Top 8 Best Selfie Sticks in iPhone 2024 Review

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Capturing solo images or a group image without leaving out anyone is now fun, easy, and simple with the selfie sticks. Though most of the selfie sticks have the same appearance that consist of a telescopic pole with your iPhone at the end, it varies in features, price, and quality. A special moment’s capture can be ruined, if you have to run after finding someone who can click. So, why still get into such circumstances when selfie sticks can ease all your worries of clicking photos? Here are some of the best selfie sticks iPhone device supports.

Types of Selfie Sticks

By the classification of usage, we could divide selfie stick into 2 kinds.

1. Blue-tooth Connected Selfie Stick

What is a bluetooth selfie stick? It is basically a device controlled by the Bluetooth connected remote control. How is the selfie stick paired with the blue tooth device? It is definitely a better and convenient, but, a bit pricier idea to use the bluetooth selfie stick. The bluetooth can be paired as simply as connecting bluetooth to other devices. Find the bluetooth setting on your iPhone after pressing a button on the stick. When pairing is done, open the camera app and place your iPhone at the end of the stick to click your desired pictures by pressing the remote control.

Blue-tooth Connected Selfie Stick

2. Manual Shutter Button Selfie Stick

A more relaxed pricing selfie stick is the manual shutter which has an inbuilt shutter button at the stick’s end in the bottom. Press this button at the bottom of the stick and then captures the Photos. These selfie stick iPhone supports is simple, without much technicalities involved.

Manual Shutter Button Selfie Stick

Find below some of the iPhone supported best selfie stick available with selfie stick price, its features, and availability detail:

1. Mpow Selfie Stick (Bluetooth)

A best seller on Amazon, the Mpow Selfie Stick has a built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter for iPhone 8/7/7P/6s/6P/5S and more. It has a built-in bluetooth remote shutter and supports Android and iPhone devices.


  • Light and compact for easy usage during travel
  • Highly adjustable for capturing beautiful angle while taking selfies
  • Great battery and built in Bluetooth remote control makes it a better photo sight, along with easy usage
  • Handle has a great grip in case of slipping

Price: $10.69-$11.69

18-month warranty & 45 days money back with friendly and easy-to-reach support.


2. Yoozon (Bluetooth)

It is an extendable selfie stick with wireless remote and tripod stand selfie stick for iPhone X /iPhone 8 /8 Plus/iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus. It is a perfect gadget that captures memories of a lifetime, most ideal one for every kind of occasions.


  • Handy selfie stick with great extendable length
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Rotates 3 different ways for you to get the best angle for your picture

Price- $21.99


3. Selfie World

This selfie stick iPhone supports comes with premium 5-In-1 bluetooth feature for iPhone X, 8, 7, 6, 5. It extends to a huge 32 inches when you take a group selfie.

This selfie stick price has two options. One is Bluetooth $14.99, and the other one is wired $12.99.


  • lightening fast wireless connection
  • Zero shutter lag & lower battery consumption
  • This bluetooth selfie stick is design with precision. It has 3-sided mount which secures any phone up to 3.25 inches wide

The function is limited, but it’s enough to meet your basic needs.

Selfie World

4. MFW (Bluetooth)

MFW (Bluetooth) comes with bluetooth shutter remote for iPhone and tripod. The remote control is effective up to 30 feet distance and this selfie stick iPhone compatibility makes it one of the best selfie stick.


  • Adjustable height from 15 to 59 inches elongation
  • Self-timer bar with the Bluetooth remote control shutter, effective distance of up to 30 feet
  • Foldable selfie stick can be changed to a tripod for stable shooting
  • Anodized aluminum is used for the rod and anti-slip rubber handle for anti-rust

Price: $26.99


5. Anker (Bluetooth)

One of the best selfie stick iPhone supports is Anker (Bluetooth). It comes with highly-extendable and solid handheld monopod for iPhone, Samsung, Note, LG, Moto and more.


  • Stretch out till 29 inches
  • Extendable body and stretchy phone cradle
  • Ergonomic handle for better grip
  • Battery life of 20 hours on a single charge

The Anker selfie stick price is $15.99. It has a user friendly design.


6. Kungfuren (Bluetooth)

Kungfuren is a professional bluetooth selfie stick iPhone supports. It comes with Japanese Seiko PCB protection and built-in remote camera shutter for selfie stick iPhone 7 Plus, all iOS and Android Smart Phones.


  • 50-hour battery life
  • 270-degree adjustable head ensures the best flattering angles
  • Handy and compact for an easy carry in your handbag
  • Only black in colour

This selfie stick is minimally priced at $7.99.


7. outDOOR MasH (Bluetooth)

This bluetooth selfie stick is a digital phone tripod with portable and adjustable camera stand holder and universal clip for iPhone. It also supports android phone, cam and sports camera go pro with self timer for a selfie.


  • 30 feet wireless range
  • It has over two dozen leg joints with foot grips and rubberized ring that allows you to twist, rotate or curve it up to 360°
  • 90 days money back guarantee and friendly customer service

The selfie stick price for outDOOR MasH is $5.99.

outDOOR MasH

8. LONENESSL (Bluetooth)

With strong and bold tripod legs, LONENESSL (Bluetooth) selfie stick is durable, bold and strong. It has a 0.37 in leg made up of metal for a strong and improved tripod that will not fall off or break easily.


  • Each part, from screw to the tripod are made up of highest quality material to ensure durability and strength
  • Can be twisted to any shape with 360-degree flexibility
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Has self timer that is compatible with any android or iOS smartphone devices
  • The tripod even supports ipad and mini cell phone

This is conveniently priced at $15.99.



Are you tired of receiving the wrong alternatives from the market? Forget your worries and check out the above list of best bluetooth selfie stick for iPhone 2020. The choices above comes with some of the best features that anyone would love to enjoy while capturing the cherishable moments of life without asking for anyone’s assistance. Each of the selfie stick prices is nominal and yet delivers the best quality selfie stick iPhone support. Grab the best deal for yourself from your convenient place to be delivered to your doorstep.

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