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How to Make and Edit Multi Snapchat Videos Easily

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Recording and sharing videos are now easy with Snapchat. With a maximum limit of 10 seconds, these videos are kept short in duration. Whether posting the Snapchat video to the story, sharing it with friends or in a Snapchat group, Snapchat was always a hit until numerous competitors started ripping its features.

But, Snapchat is back with a bounce with its multi snaps feature which is a new addition to video sharing feature in Snapchat. What is a multi snap? Snapchat, allows users to make more than 10 seconds snap video now, which is called multi snaps.

In this feature, you can record footages as long as 1 minute, which is divided into 6 snaps. Do you know how to make a video on Snapchat? Here you will learn how to make and edit multi Snapchat videos even without holding the button.

Part1: How to Make Snapchat Multi Video Easily

If you wish to make a multi video in a few minutes very quickly, you just need to tap the big round button on the screen of the camera app and hold it.

Don’t leave the button even after the time is over. As you keep holding the button, the next snap starts recording automatically.

When you think it’s complete, at the bottom of the screen you can see the snaps appearing.

The ones you wish to keep must be saved and the rest can be dragged in order to delete.

Finally, you may edit the snaps and add effects like you do with any usual snap at the same time.

snapchat shoot multi video

Part2: Notes About Multi Snapchat Videos

  • In the Memories tab, you can find the multi snaps under the ‘Snaps’ icon and ‘All’ tabs
  • When a multi snap is added and saved to the Camera Roll folder, it will be saved as a seamless single video. You cannot divide the video or break it into parts.
  • One particular snap cannot be extracted from the multi snap
  • Are you looking forward to sending multi snaps to My Story but facing difficulty? In such a situation you can always find it in My Stories screen and send each snap one by one.
  • In multi snap, you cannot include 3D stickers, and it also cannot be reversed or looped at present.

Part3: How to Make Multi Video Without Holding the Button On iPhone

Pressing and holding the button constantly for recording multi snaps can be quite tiresome as it keeps your finger held down. But, the iPhone users can record multi video even without holding the button. Do your know how? Let’s learn the trick.

  1. Firstly, go to the Settings and select General from the drop-down menu. Tap on Accessibility and click the Assistive Touch. The Assistive Touch option helps to access the iPhone when you are unable to touch the screen.
  2. snapchat assistive

  3. Turn the Assistive Touch On from the of mode and then Create New Gesture, under Custom Gestures. With this mode, you can record the gestures. You can activate it from the Favorites in Menu bar. Then, use one finger to press and hold your iPhone screen’s center to allow recording your Touch. You can see at the bottom there’s a blue bar which once filled indicates that your Touch is recorded. Now, Save the gesture and open Snapchat. You can find a grey dot on the screen, tap it. Now, tap on the Custom and the saved gesture.
  4. snapchat saved gesture

  5. Once you click the saved gesture, you can see another grey dot on the screen. Drag the grey dot over record button of Snapchat and let go. One thing must be noted that you can only record 8 seconds video in iPhone than usual 10 seconds because gestures can be set only for 8 seconds.
  6. snapchat shoot

Your hands are free to move anywhere, meanwhile, the Snapchat video is recording.

Part4: How To Edit Video With The Built-In Features

Editing snaps and videos have always been fun whether it’s for trial or for work. After recording a snapshot video, you can edit it by swiping right or left to add special effects.

  1. Filters must be enabled to access the special effects. So turn it on. Rabbit will speed up your Snapchat video whereas, the snail will slow it down.
  2. If you wish to play your video is reverse mode then use the 3 backward arrows.The brightness of your Snapchat video can be adjusted with some of the filters. Your time, location, and speed can also be transformed by adding effects with some filters.
  3. There’s a magic eraser tool that can help you in erasing any object like a tree or your ex-girlfriend from the snap. You may also use a tint brush to pick a color and then touch the object you wish to tint with the brush. This feature is available for both the Android and iOS users.

edit snapchat video


If you want to have fun and better video effects, you can use Filmora to edit video on desktop before uploading Snapchat videos from the camera roll. Filmora is one of the best applications with a range of features. You can add graphic overlays and filters, color tuning, noise removal, 4k video resolution, pan zoom, and many more features to make your Snapchat video attractive and amazing. This article gives you a detailed information on how to make a video on Snapchat, even without pressing the button. Enjoy multi snaps feature on Snapchat videos and use by following the steps mentioned above.

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