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What is Periscope? Is It Free and How to Sign up It?

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Live streaming has revolutionized the idea of broadcasting and getting connected with the people. There are different platforms or apps available in the market for live streaming, one of which is securing a sound popularity. The name is Periscope and we will be discussing about this app here.

Part 1: What is Periscope app?

Periscope is an app that lets the users sharing and broadcasting using their smartphones. It is basically a live video streaming app that can be used for shooting what you are doing in real time. The app needs a 3G/4G connection or simply a Wi-Fi connection.

Periscope is purchased by Twitter in 2015. While sharing the real time film with your fans or friends, they can ask or comment you in between the video. You are notified easily when someone is watching your video or you can also see how many people are viewing your live video.

There are heart symbols to express the liking of the video similar to other social media apps. Moreover, you can also play the video even after the broadcast ends. Let us explore more about this social media platform.


Part 2: Is it free to use?

If this is the question that comes to your mind after discovering what is Periscope, then we would gladly like to inform you that you don’t need to pick up the tab for this app. Periscope is absolutely free to use. However, it is able to eat up much data than usually other apps do. For instance, nearly 400-1000 MB per hour can be consumed by the app if you watch other videos on Periscope.

Part 3: How to sign up Periscope account

Getting more familiar with what is Periscope; here is how you can join the app. To sign up, you can use your Twitter account, phone number, Facebook or even with Google account. In order to understand how you can do this, you can proceed with the following steps.

  1. When you download the app, open it and tap on ‘Create New Account’. You will get different platforms as the options on the next screen. Tap on the preferred platform from the list of ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Google’ or ‘Phone number’.

  2. periscope sign up

  3. Now, proceed to logging in with your desired account. Subsequently, type in your name followed by choosing a Periscope username. The username should be different from the existing username.

  4. periscope name

  5. When this gets done, your bio information will get transferred from the chosen account. And this way your account will be set up and signing up process will be completed.

Part 4: What are the features of Periscope?

Let’s start moving more towards what is Periscope by learning its wonderful features in this section.

  • The app promises the users to give real time interaction experience by allowing them to like or comment the live video. The viewers can tap on the screen while the video is playing. Single tap will make a heart pop-up whereas two hearts will come up when you tap twice. In order to show more love, you can tap the video multiple times and a lot of hearts will burst on the screen.

  • Periscope also gives the users a facility of map feature with the help of which they can discover the videos being shared across the globe. The interactive map view will let the viewers search the location and discover various videos being streamed at different places.

  • Another amazing feature of Periscope is its replay feature. This feature helps in video broadcast getting saved automatically and which can be replayed up to 24 hours following the first broadcast.

  • You can also download your live stream and get it saved to you after finishing your broadcast. This will help you keeping the record of your video so that you can watch it even after it gets expired.

  • The app, after being purchased by Twitter has got full Twitter integration. In other words, if you have Twitter account and followers, Periscope will simply connect those followers and will inform them regarding your new Periscope broadcast.

  • The video you post on Periscope are ephemeral and therefore lasts for a limited time and disappears. You can change the time limit from the settings and then your live stream videos can last up to 24 hours before vanishing.

Part 5: How to delete Periscope account

This section will complete the answer of the question ‘what is Periscope app’. You have learnt everything but deleting the Periscope account. This is what we are going to demonstrate here i.e. how to delete your Periscope account. Go along the steps given below in case you want to delete your account from periscope.

  • You need to email at using the same email address that you used to sign up at Periscope. Make sure to enter the following details in the email: ‘Delete Account’ as the subject line; Your Periscope user name

You account will be disabled at the moment and no one can access your profile. However, it will not be deleted immediately. Deleting will take some patience of yours. You may not get the reply instantly from the support team. Hence, you need to wait for some time to get the account deleted.

Please note that you will be unable to sign up using the similar username, account or phone number once your account gets removed.

delete periscope

Final Verdict

We would like to end the discussion here and hope that you are now well familiar with what is Periscope app. We have stated all important information about the app. Now you can sign up and create your own account or even delete the account by following the aforementioned steps. Please share if you have any doubt about what is Periscope or also you can share your thoughts with us by commenting below. Many thanks for making time and poring over this post.

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