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How to Add, Upload and Embed Video to LinkedIn Company Page

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The video, being the great B2B marketing tool for various companies and LinkedIn, being the best networking site for B2B, adding, uploading, and embedding video to your LinkedIn company page is of great importance. It is vital that the company is under LinkedIn profiles of employees enlistment and if you upload video to LinkedIn company page, it becomes the icing on the cake that helps in boosting and promoting your company.

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Part1: Can you upload video to LinkedIn Company Page by now?

Yes, it is, possible to upload video to LinkedIn company page in YouTube format and must be uploaded while posting an update. But, the native video function is also available by now on LinkedIn. To post an update on your company page along with a video, you must be an administrator of the page.

upload a video

Part2: Why Do You Need to Add Video?

As mentioned earlier, the video is an ideal B2B tool and LinkedIn is the ideal B2B network for any company that makes the uploading and addition of video, a must. To elaborate further, video helps in reaching other companies and members of LinkedIn for a business collaboration. To introduce yourself or your company, upload video to LinkedIn company page that includes an overview of the company, what you can offer, testimonials from trusted clients, your culture,  and a call-to-action. It will help in benefitting your business.

why upload a video

Part3: How to Easily Upload or Add Video to Linkedin Company Page

How to embed video to your LinkedIn company page? Do you already publish video on YouTube? Great! So, now upload these YouTube videos to company’s LinkedIn profile page in just a few easy steps.

The Products and Services tab at the top of the page must be selected and the Products and Services option must be clicked.

click product

Next, you must scroll to check the box marked “Step 10. Add a YouTube video about this product or service” to add the heading of your video.

add product

Once the header is added, scroll to the box marked ‘Add your YouTube video URL’ to paste the URL of your video and your video upload to LinkedIn company page is complete.

add youtube url

Part4: The Must-Haves for LinkedIn Video- What Your Video Should Be About?

Whenever you upload video to LinkedIn company page, it should be precise and relevant to your brand, product, and service. Any kind of fluff can distract your traffic. Here are some of the points that must be taken care to add video to LinkedIn company page.

Company Introduction- The very first upload video to LinkedIn company page must be about the company you represent. The introduction of your company like how and where you started and how can you help your target audience must be presented in a very precise way.

Products and Services- Add an overview of the services and products you offer and its features to make your audience aware of your company’s presence.

Call-to-Action- On the left side of the page, ensure that there’s a clear call-to-action asking your audience to watch the video.

Upload an unlisted YouTube Video- What is an unlisted video? An unlisted video on YouTube can only be viewed by the people having its link. Such videos do not appear in the public spaces of YouTube. If you use an unlisted one for upload video to LinkedIn company page, you can specifically track the LinkedIn audience’s performance.

Create Offers- When you add video to LinkedIn company page, create offers for your products and services like a discount or free product for all who found you on LinkedIn can entice your customers to follow you and become loyal consumers in future.

Individual Service Pages- If you are a platform having multiple sellers, consider using separate service page and a separate video for each one of your seller.

A Link to your Website Landing Page- Let the people know about your company and allow them to find more about you by creating a link to your website landing page within the video itself.

Ad Campaigns- You may create several company profile ad campaigns from your LinkedIn account. When you upload video to LinkedIn company page, you can rope in traffic by creating the ad campaigns and routing them to the page featuring the video. You can also redirect the traffic to your company website with the help of such ad campaigns. Just click on the service tab and then, select Promote my products or services box on the far right.


Do you want your company profile video to have a professional approach? Try out the Filmora on the desktop to edit your video before you upload video to LinkedIn company page. It is a simplified video editing tool to give your videos better effects, high resolution, animated elements, graphics overlays and filters, and much more. With Filmora on the desktop, having a fascinating video is just a matter of few minutes. Make your LinkedIn company page more attractive and traffic generating platform by adding a great attractive video.

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