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LinkedIn Video: The Ultimate Guide to Introduction, Creation, and Tips

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

What is LinkedIn Video?

The LinkedIn video or the LinkedIn native video as it is known is directly recorded on your mobile or desktop to upload on the LinkedIn. If you want to share the video consisting of this feature, you must click on the video icon and add video to LinkedIn. Once uploaded, share the update. Your LinkedIn app must be updated in order to access the LinkedIn native video feature. The native videos get more weight in comparison to the YouTube videos as per the LinkedIn algorithms and this is a proven fact.

The LinkedIn video gives you an opportunity to be the face of your company and showcase your brand, products, and services. Apart from sharing knowledge and making people aware, a LinkedIn video also helps in growing your network, connecting to new jobs and generating leads. to check the insights and understand if you are reaching your expected on success.

Part1: Why is LinkedIn Video Important?

In the recent times, the LinkedIn video has taken the center-stage. The research and data reveal that two-thirds of the consumers in the US and three-fourths of the traffic online, watch videos on their mobile phones regularly. The people are hooked on to their mobile and willingly spend their time on videos. LinkedIn is one of the most vital B2B networking platforms that definitely needs a video presence for all the company profile pages as videos are the greatest marketing tool at present.

mobile traffic

With the launch of the LinkedIn native video, you can reach your message to the clients and other businesses faster while creating engagement. For instance, share the excerpts in form of a video from your CEO’s speech in a global conference or national launch of your services and products on the LinkedIn feed. Your presence in the video helps in building the trust of your clients in your products and services.

Video is More Important in LinkedIn Algorithm

When you open your LinkedIn app, you are directed to the homepage feed. You will notice that it doesn’t show everything posted on/by your network by default. Only the relevant content which it feels that might attract you is shown in your feed. This is because the LinkedIn algorithm implements a 4-step content distribution process throughout its network to control inappropriate or spam content. A video, being the best way to engage the audience is considered important in the LinkedIn algorithm.

linkedin video

What is LinkedIn Algorithm? Algorithms are the codes supported by flow charts that averts the spams to a great extent, making the content relevant to your targeted traffic. In the LinkedIn, the LinkedIn native videos are preferred by the LinkedIn algorithm and show up more often in the feeds than the YouTube video links. The visibility of the LinkedIn native video is more on the LinkedIn platform. It is tested by the clients and proved that for the LinkedIn algorithm, the videos are more important.

Making Your Profile In The Spotlight

The Spotlight account of LinkedIn is a paid premium service that lets you enjoy better and advanced features and make you stand out from the crowd. It costs $10/ month and if taken yearly the price is reduced to $7.99/month. The premium features include-

  • Large profile image
  • Expanded profile header
  • LinkedIn recommends you with a set of keywords and profiles summary to optimize your profile
  • You get a profile badge
  • Connect with people outside your network with full profile visibility
  • A list showing people visited your profile in the last 90days
  • More visibility

linkedin premium

Part2: How to Make and Upload a Video to Profile on Android or iOS?

In order to create and add video to LinkedIn profile, open the LinkedIn app on your mobile. Now, click on the video icon on the right side of the status update box to upload or create the LinkedIn native video. You may upload the video from existing recorded video in the camera roll segment of your mobile or you may record the video. Remember to add a caption that says it all for your video, an attractive catchy caption to entice the viewer’s attention. People might not be ready to watch the video always, so a caption can change their mind.

upload linkedin video

Part3: What Video Types You Can Make?

The LinkedIn video can be of two types- Interview and Self-Introductory.

Interview- With a LinkedIn interview video, you can reach out to the potential candidates or customers. Put an introduction and then arise questions like why are you reaching out to the viewers, what are the products and services, how can a person benefit working with your organization or from the services you are offering, how a particular job is relevant to a particular skill set and experience, and many such questions. It has an instant nature.

Self-Introductory- Introducing yourself through a LinkedIn video can help your network to know your skills better. Although LinkedIn is a professional network, regularly updating your profile and showcasing any surprising skills of you can make people in your network, aware of your presence. This builds trust and helps people to connect easily.

Part4: Tips You Should Know

Minimum video duration- The minimum duration of a LinkedIn video must be 3 seconds and it should not play more than 10 minutes, that is the maximum duration while you add video to LinkedIn.

File Size- The file size limit is 5GB.

Can’t Upload Video From iCloud- Video upload directly from iCloud is not supported by the LinkedIn app. If you wish to upload a video saved on iCloud, you must move it to the phone memory first and then upload the LinkedIn native video.

No In-Built Captioning Option- There’s no inbuilt captioning option available yet, so your LinkedIn video have to be hard captioned if you wish to add subtitles. Whenever a video is played, it is automatically without sound and there are many viewers who avoid turning on the sound. So, the addition of caption becomes mandatory.


While posting a LinkedIn video, it is important to ensure that your LinkedIn native video is attractive enough to engage your clients. If you find that it is not appealing, you can give a complete makeover editing effects to your videos with Filmora on the Desktop. The Filmora app is easy to use with a simple interface and numerous advanced editing features like graphics addition, color and contrast enhancements, augmented resolution, and much more. Give a professional touch before you add video to LinkedIn.

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