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Snapchat Recovery: Quickly Recover Photos/Videos

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

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On Snapchat, you can pick between 1 to 10 seconds for viewing the shared content. As soon as the receiver opens the content, it gets deleted automatically within the time specified by you for viewing.

But, do wish to recover Snapchat photos/videos? You wish to see the same funny content again but it’s deleted automatically. What to do now? Don’t worry Snapchat recovery is possible and in this article, we discuss how to quickly recover Snapchat photos and videos from Android and iPhone separately.

Part 1: How To Recover Snapchat Photos/Videos From Android Phone

Are you seeking help to recover Snapchat photos and videos from your Android phone? There are possibilities that your photos and videos are saved in some folder on your Android phone itself. Although one of the best ways to keep your Snapshot photos saved is by taking screenshots. But, you often forget to do that. Isn’t it? Not to worry. The data is at times stored in a specific folder on your Android phone. The files you receive usually ends with .nomedia. It is an extension which makes the videos and photos invisible.

When you use your phone quite often, the chances of saving the deleted content in a particular data location becomes high.

  • You can search for folder
  • Reach the cache folder
  • Next search for two other folders in Cache that are and receive_image_snaps

snapchat recover

If you are unable to recover Snapchat photos/videos from the specific folder on your Android phone, you also can use Snapchat recovery to retrieve them on Android phone. The steps to retrieving the deleted content are-

    1. Firstly, connect your Android phone to the Android Data Recovery app by downloading, installing, and launching it on your PC. Once done, go to the Recover option. Next, use a USB cable for connecting the Android phone to your PC. Always ensure USB debugging is enabled on the phone.

snapchat recover

    1. You receive a pop-up when your Android phone’s operating software is 4.2.2 or higher version, you just need to tap the OK button to allow the USB debugging on your Andoird phone. As soon as your Android phone is connected to the PC, you can see a screen showing Contacts, Call History, Messaging, Videos, Audio, Gallery, etc.These file types are supported for Snapchat recovery by the Android Data Recovery tool.

snapchat recover interface

    1. By default, all the file types are marked checked by the software. In order to recover Snapchat photos/videos, you need to click on the file type you wish to recover and then click on next. The non-rooted devices get 2 options- Scan for deleted files and Scan for all files. You can select Scan for all files, though it will take quite long to scan, it’s worth as your phone is checked thoroughly. Click Next.
    2. The Android Data Recovery software analyzes your device and then, scan it to recover the lost data. After the scan process ends, you get a preview of the recoverable files. Just select the files you wish to recover and click on the Recover button to save the files on your PC.

snapchat recover

Part 2: How To Recover Snapchat Photos/Videos From iPhone

Unlike Snapchat recovery on Android, there are no other ways than apps to recover Snapchat photos/videos on iPhone. The FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery software can be used to recover Snapchat photos. The steps to Snapchat recovery are-

    1. Download the free version of the FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery on the PC to connect your iPhone to it. Once the computer detects your iPhone, click on the Start Scan button in blue color. As soon as you click on it, the program starts scanning all your iPhone data.


    1. With the end of the scanning process, on the left-hand side of the screen, you can find the App Photos. Click on it and try searching the deleted Snapchat photos and videos. If you find the Snapchats, click on Recover for Snapchat recovery.
    2. If not, then, you may disconnect the iPhone from your PC to try other 2 modes of recovery that are Recover from iTunes backup file and Recover from the iCloud backup file. These two modes to recover Snapchat photos/videos also have trial versions so you can always give it a try.


Part 3: Free Snapchat Recovery Tools

1. Dumpster

Retrieving the data from your Android becomes easy with Dumpster, which is an Android recycle bin. It saves the deleted data on Android automatically and is restored in your device. The features of Dumpster include-

  • Easy back up to your Android device
  • Videos, images, and files are easily retrievable
  • In premium version, you get cloud storage
  • 14 language support
  • Automatic clean feature available


2. iPhone Data Recovery

You can easily recover Snapchat photos/videos on iPhone with 3 modes offered by iPhone Data Recovery program. Now, recover the lost data from iOS devices, iCloud, iTunes Backup easily. The features include-

  • Restore the deleted messages, videos, photos, photostream, camera roll
  • Encoded iTunes backup files access
  • Retrieve iCloud backup files
  • Recover lost Snapchat data

iPhone Data Recovery


If you deleted your data by mistake or whether the data gets automatically deleted, there are ways to recover Snapchat photos/videos and other files and data on Android and iPhone. Follow the above steps and ensure the protection of your data at all times without worrying about the lost data.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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