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How to Change Voice on Snapchat with 2 Easy Methods

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

The recent feature of Snapchat allows you to change your voice without using some third party voice changers. Isn’t it an amazing news? Yes, now you can manipulate your voice in a weird manner and gain confidence to say anything you want to, which you otherwise, lacked in your original voice.

Your confidence level can sky rocket with the new Snapchat voice changer feature and it is definitely fun and cool. Now, create a cat face on Snapchat and add a voiceover to make it more weird and funny.

The alien, robot, bear, and cat voice filters have been released and more are sure, on its way. But, how to use the voice filters? In this article learn how to change voice on Snapchat in 2 easy ways.

Part 1: How To Change Voice On Snapchat With Lenses

Earlier, there were a few lenses that had built in Snapchat voice changer feature. But with the new voice filters on Snapchat, you can add voice to an already recorded video snap. Do you know how to change voice on Snapchat with the lenses? Let’s learn the following steps.

  1. The first thing that you need to do in order to use the Snapchat voice changer is Launch the Snapchat app. Next, you may hold your finger on the screen, on your face to select the lens and keep holding it until a white colored grid appears and you select the filter from the list available on the right side of the capture button. Or you may also just record the video snap first by holding the capture button without or with any filter selection.
  2. snapchat voice changer

  3. Once the recording is over, let the capture button go off to stop the recording. Beside the add to story icon and usual download options, at the left bottom, you can find a speaker icon. For the first time users, check for the message displaying ‘Tap to try Voice Filters!’
  4. snapchat record voice

  5. When you click on the speaker icon, a list of voice filters appear above the screen. You may tap on any of the icon choices to start using the new voice filters.
  6. Once you have selected the Snapchat voice changer, you may keep on sharing snaps as you usually send by clicking on the blue button for sending.
  7. snapchat change voice

Part 2: How To Change Voice On Snapchat With Speed Modifiers

Do you know how to change voice on Snapchat with the speed modifiers? By altering the speed of your Snapchat video, you may change your voice sound. So, first, you have to open the Snapchat app.

  1. You have to use the front facing camera so tap twice on the Snapchat camera. Then, you can see a round shaped button for recording the video. Press the button to start recording. Once you start recording the video a red line starts filling the circle around the icon. Once the recording is over, just release your finger to stop.
  2. snapchat voice

  3. You can find a range of filter appear when you swipe the video to the right or to the left. These filters are used to change the video speed. To play the audio or video in reverse motion tap the rewind filter, for playing it in slow motion tap the snail filter, and tap the rabbit filter for playing fast paced video and audio.
  4. snapchat voice modify

  5. Once the recording is finished, it starts automatic playback, which lets you listen to the filter modified voice of yours.
  6. For editing your snap, from the top screen, you may select the icons to add stickers, texts, and drawings to your snap by swiping left or right. You may save the snap by pressing the download icon. You may set the timer at the bottom of the screen for how long your friends can see your snap. The share button may also be tapped in order to share Snap to the Snapchat story.
  7. snapchat edit

  8. Lastly, on the right of your screen, you can see a blue button. You may choose the friends and press the button to receive Snapchat from them.


Although the voice filters were already available on Snapchat through some of the face filters, the new Snapchat voice changer feature is an added bonus. This feature lets you use both face filters as well as the voice filters combinedly. You may obviously, also use the voice filter alone. Select the features and make a great entry into the Snapchat land with a bang.

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