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How to Upload Video to Pinterest – The Only Guide You Need To Read

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

How to upload video to Pinterest? I want to upload a mini video of my brand, but I can't see any option on my Pinterest dashboard!

If you are new to Pinterest or haven’t used the platform for a while now, then you can also have a similar query. Since Pinterest doesn’t have the interface of a standard social media platform (like Facebook or Instagram), you can also encounter issues to upload a Pinterest video. The good news is that Pinterest doesn’t have a lot of restrictions and we can easily upload our videos as “pins”. Without much ado, let’s learn how to upload video to Pinterest like a pro!

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Basic Prerequisites and Things to Know for Uploading a Pinterest Video

From quick craft videos to interesting recipes and fashion trends to home décor ideas, Pinterest is actively used for so many creative things. Though, before you upload your first Pinterest video, you need to know some basics. While there are no strict guidelines for uploading videos, you can consider these suggestions to make sure the process would be seamless:

  • Your video should be in MOV, MP4, or M4V format.
  • The size of your video should be less than 2 GB.
  • Also, your video should be shorter than 30 minutes.
  • The recommended minimum resolution is 240p
  • The suggested aspect ratio for mobile viewing is 2:3 or 9:16 (vertical videos)
  • For desktop viewing, the aspect ratio of 1:1 is recommended.

Please make sure that the file is of the right format and size, else you will get an error prompt on Pinterest.

Wrong File Format Warning of Pinterest

Pro Tip: Edit Pinterest Videos before Uploading Them

Now when you know about the basic requirements for posting a Pinterest video, we can get things started. If your videos are not of the ideal format or size, and you wish to make them look more interesting, then you can use Filmora. Considered as a must-have tool for all video creators, it will help you come up with the kind of Pinterest videos that would leave an everlasting impression on others.

  • Filmora is a lightweight and user-friendly video editor that is equipped with several tools to meet your professional requirements.
  • There are hundreds of prebuilt effects and media layers in Filmora that would make even an ordinary video stand out.
  • You can import/export videos in different formats, optimize them, change their aspect ratio, add effects, and do tons of other edits in seconds.
  • It also allows us to import music, remove any background noise, and attain perfection with its key-framing feature.
  • Since it also supports 4K videos, you can easily work on HD frames and make your videos ready for social media platforms like Pinterest on the go.

Runs on: Windows 7+ or macOS 10.12+

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

How to Upload Video to Pinterest: A Step-by-step Guide

I’m sure that after using Filmora, you would be able to get your videos in the right resolution and aspect ratios. Once you have your file ready, you can post it on Pinterest using its mobile app (iOS/Android) or by visiting its website. The process for posting a Pinterest video is the same on almost every platform. To learn how to upload a video to Pinterest, all you got to do is follow these steps:

1. Choose to add a Pin

To start with, just go to the official website of Pinterest and log-in to your account. Alternatively, you can also launch its mobile app and access your Pinterest account. From its home, you can go to your Pinterest profile. Just click on your profile icon from the top to go to your Pinterest account.

 Click Profile Icon

As your profile would be opened, it will display the saved boards by default. From here, go to the “Pins” section instead to view your saved pins.

Select Pins

Now, to upload a Pinterest video, just click on the “+” icon from the sidebar. From here, you can just choose to create a new pin. If you have a business account, then you will also get an option to create a new advertisement here.

Click Plus Icon

2. Upload the video to Pinterest

As you would choose to create a new pin, you will get a dedicated interface like the following. Here, you can click on the add icon to browse and load the video of your choice from your system. You can also drag and drop the video directly on the interface of Pinterest. Just make sure that the video you add should be of the approved format, size, and aspect ratio.

 Upload Video to Pinterest

3. Add details and publish

Now when you know how to upload videos to Pinterest, you can easily use this social media platform as a marketing tool. Though, if you want to get more views for your video and improve its CTA, then I would recommend the following tips:

  • Mostly, short videos get maximum views on Pinterest. Therefore, make sure that your video is of less than 2 minutes (ideal duration is less than 60 seconds) to keep it engaging and fast-paced.
  • Don’t upload a Pinterest video without having an interesting title and description. You can look up for some hot keywords and include them in the description to get it into maximum searched results.
  • Try to include the pin in a public board that already has a lot of traction. In this way, you can make it accessible to the right target audience.
  • Have an appealing thumbnail for the video that would make your audience view it (make sure that the title would go well with the thumbnail).
  • If you want to redirect your audience, then include the URL of the website in the link feature. If a user is interested, they can just visit your website and know more about the posted content.

That’s a wrap, everyone! I’m sure that after reading this interesting post on how to upload a video to Pinterest, your doubts would have been cleared. As you can see, the process to post a Pinterest video is pretty simple and you can do it from your laptop or smartphone. Just make sure that you upload the video of the right format and size. To make the needed changes in it, take the assistance of Filmora. It is equipped with lots of editing tools that will let you come up with a winning Pinterest video for sure!

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