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What Is Discord Nitro

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

If you want to join an online community of like-minded folks, Discord is a perfect platform to do so. Introduced originally for gamers, it now has become a platform for all types of communities who want video calls, voice chats, video streaming, and more.

It’s arguably one of the best and most popular apps among the global gaming community. Though it’s free to use, you need a paid subscription plan to unlock its full potential like almost all other online services available.

The premium subscription service for Discord is known as Discord Nitro! Want to learn more about it? Read on as we elaborate.

Part 1: What Is Discord Nitro And What Does It Do?

Discord is absolutely free, but you may require a Discord Nitro subscription if you want to use its more powerful features! At this point, you may be wondering, what does Discord Nitro do?

Though upgrading is not a requirement as most features do not require a subscription, free users still have certain limitations.

 Discord Nitro pricing

For instance, they can’t use the same emojis on two servers. In addition to that, the streaming quality and account customization features also lack on the free plan. These features and more are strictly for Discord Nitro users only.

Apart from the fact that Discord Nitro offers better additional features, it also lets users help their preferred servers and unlock various features.

Part 2: Why Should People Use The Discord Nitro?

With the discord free version, you can do many things: communicate with your friend outside and inside of games, start your server, and even participate in various channels.

For some, these features are more than adequate; for others, they aren’t! They want more capabilities, and Discord Nitro provides them exactly with that.

However, most of these new features are cosmetic.

For instance, you can make and use your custom emojis if you’re an emoji admirer. Not only this, but you can also use animated emojis, including GIFs.

 Discord Nitro benefits

Without further ado, here are a few key benefits you’ll get with Discord Nitro:

Better Emojis

We all know how vital emojis have become for healthy chitchats, even to the extent that no conversation seems complete if you don’t have an emoji in it.

Discord Nitro allows you to collect and create your customized emojis. Usually, these emojis are animated and easily used while chatting with other Discord users.

Personal Profile

Since your personal profile is your only Discord identity, make sure to customize it with animated avatars and claim custom tags to get going.

Better Animation

With Discord Nitro, you can also unblock various GIF avatars and custom tags.

High-Definition (HD) Screen Sharing

You can share the game screen on the server or with friends and other users with Discord Nitro. Choose from 720p and 1080p at 30fps.

Fancy Badge

One of the better additions for several Discord users is getting the latest, fancy badge. With Discord Nitro, you can earn new badges to display on your personal profile.

Part 3: How Much Does Discord Nitro Cost?

Free Discord users can choose from two variants if they want to switch to Discord Nitro premium services.

You can choose between annual or monthly subscription plans. And if you pick a yearly subscription plan, you’ll get a 16% discount.

The two Discord Nitro variants are Nitro Classic and Nitro!

If you choose the Nitro classic subscription service, you’ll have to pay $4.99 on the monthly plan or $49.99 annually. This variant is comparatively cheaper than the Nitro and provides stripped-down features.

On the other hand, if you go for the Nitro subscription service, get ready to pay $99.99 on the yearly plan and $9.99 on the monthly. It offers many features to its users.

Both these variants provide loads of advantages to discord users; here are a handful of benefits the two paid subscription services offer:

  • If you choose the free version, your screen share settings typically max out at the 720p resolution (30fps). However, if you select either of the two paid versions, you can share a screen with friends at 720p (60fps) resolution or 1080p resolution (30fps)
  • Go-Live provides users with limited streaming; it means you can stream games to users who don’t happen to be your friends, unlike screen-share. So, with a free version, you can stream at 720p (30fps), whereas, Nitro Classic subscription will allow you to stream up to 1080p resolution (60fps), and the Nitro will provide you with 60fps and more quality
  • With the free version, you can upload and share only 8MB size files. But with paid variants, you’ll get an increased uploading limit. For example, Nitro Classic allows an upload limit up to 50MB, while the Nitro goes a step further and allows 100MB
  • Users of both paid versions will get a badge which will be displayed with their usernames
  • You can upgrade your image to an animated GIF!
  • With paid subscriptions, you can create customized usernames and emojis to enhance your experience

One significant difference between the Nitro and Nitro Classic versions is the difference between their server boost capability.

Server boost is a user-gifted advantage that paid subscribers can provide to server owners to unlock extra perks for other users. The Nitro service has two server boosts, unlike the Nitro Classic service.

Part 4: How to Subscribe to Discord Nitro?

Looking at the perks you get if you become a paid Discord member, it’s evident that several users will want to avail the opportunity. Especially with the number of streamers and gamers increasing every day!

But how does one upgrade to Discord Nitro?

It’s quite straightforward to get a paid subscription plan with Discord. You can either do it using the mobile app or through your desktop.

Subscribing On MAC Or PC

To get a subscription plan through a desktop app or Discord website, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the ‘settings’ icon at the bottom of your screen
  2. Once your settings menu appear, click Discord Nitro
  3. Press the subscribe button below Discord Nitro to subscribe to either of the two variants you choose
  4. If you want to gift a paid subscription plan to some other user on Discord, click gift next to the ‘subscribe’ button

Subscribe to Discord Nitro

Subscribing Via Mobile Apps

If you want to subscribe through a mobile app, you can tap the hamburger menu on the top-left.

As the menu appears, tap the user icon and then tap Subscribe Today from the various options listed below the settings category.

Subscribe to Discord Nitro  on mobile

You’ll see brief info on the subscription-plan. Once you read it, tap subscribe button below Discord Nitro Classic or Discord Nitro.

Follow the directions to confirm the payment. The moment it gets approved, your subscription is activated.

Part 5: How to Get Discord Nitro for Free?

If you want to get Discord Nitro for free, you can get it without paying a dime. There are various methods you can follow to get a free subscription plan.

Today, we will tell you two effective ways through which you’ll get your free Discord Nitro subscription plan.

First Method

Here’s how to get free Nitro with your Xbox game-pass:

As the menu appears, tap the user icon and then tap Subscribe Today from the various options listed below the settings category.

Get free   Discord Nitro

  1. Download, install, and run your Xbox app for Windows
  2. Log in to your account; if you don’t have one, create your account using outlook email. After that, place a gamer tag, press Game Pass and then press Get a Game Pass
  3. Press Join Game Pass and make sure to join through “Xbox game pass ultimate” to qualify for a free subscription plan
  4. Buy a game pass that will cost you only a dollar to get a free Discord Nitro
  5. Click the perks button on your Game Pass window tab and scroll down and click the Get Link button
  6. As the link opens, subscribe for the three-month plan of Nitro
  7. Now visit Microsoft services to claim it
  8. Log in to the account through which you bought “game pass ultimate” and cancel the subscription

This way, you can Discord Nitro free of cost!

Second Method

Here’s how you can get free Discord Nitro through your mobile app:

  1. Create a Discord account using a mobile app
  2. Join some, if not many, public servers
  3. Now add some people
  4. Buy a Discord “Nitro Gift” for one month using your dummy account (make sure to purchase the gift through Apple)
  5. Then, send the Nitro Gift back to your primary account
  6. Redeem the gift on the primary account and wait at least a day or two
  7. Now, contact Apple and say you have no idea what this ten-dollar charge is on the Discord. Make them believe your little brother or kid has been purchasing things using your cell phone
  8. Apple Inc. will repay you the entire $10 you spent on buying
  9. Discord will likely ban the dummy account you have created in the first place

Note: Make sure your primary account is safe. If you intend to repeat the process, make a new dummy account and Apple ID and use a different type of payment method.

Part 6: When Should I Use Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro improves your all in one Discord video, voice, and chats. Here’s when you should use Discord Nitro subscription plans, be it Nitro Classic or Nitro:

  • Use the Discord Nitro if you want better, customized, and animated emojis in your chats to make the conversation more lively
  • Go for the paid plan if you want a personalized profile with custom tags and an animated avatar
  • Use discord Nitro if you want an extra 30% boost and two server boosts
  • Lastly, if you want bigger uploads and high-definition videos, you should use Discord Nitro!
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