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How to Measure the Performance of IGTV Videos?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Social media have entirely changed the way we communicate, either privately or professionally. Facebook, YouTube or Instagram TV all offer effective ways to advertise the products a company offers and ultimately boost its revenue streams. However, your posts on IGTV or any other social media platform may not be getting the kind of attention you were hoping for. If that’s the case, then you are at the right place because in this article we are going to show you how you can measure the performance of the videos you share on your IGTV channel.

How to Measure the Performance of IGTV Videos?

It has been less than a year since IGTV was launched, and it is already becoming obvious that this video sharing platform is here to stay. Such state of affairs presents a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to promote their products or services, as well as for video content creators who are looking for a new way to monetize their content.

Getting thousands of likes and comments on each and every post you share on IGTV is far from simple since you need to have the right type of content and a methodical approach to content promotion in order to be able to achieve this. IGTV also offers a few metrics that can help you gather the information you need to draw more attention to the videos you share on this platform.

Which Metrics Are The Most Important For IGTV Video Analysis?

In this regard, IGTV is fairly similar to any other social network, since the metrics you’re going to need to track are identical to those on YouTube or Facebook. Analyzing the statistics of each of your videos can help you discover the time of day that is the most suitable for posting new content on your channel or what type of videos are the most popular. Here are the metrics that the IGTV platform provides to all of its users.

Views – After someone spends more than three seconds watching your IGTV video, that post will get a view. The number of views a video gets indicates the total number of people who interacted with it, even for a period of time that is as brief as a couple of seconds.

Engagements – This metric shows you the combined number of likes and comments a video has at any given moment.

Audience Retention – A rather important statistic that tells you the percentage of all viewers who watched a video from start to finish.

Audience Retention Graph – A visual representation of the percentage of all views a video has at any moment. You can use this graph to see the exact point in the video where people stop watching it, which enables you to improve the content you share on your IGTV channel.

Engagement Rate – This option is only available if you’re using an Instagram analytics app, such as Delmondo that enables you to measure the engagement rate on each of your IGTV videos. 

How and Where to Check the Performance of IGTV Videos?

Accessing the IGTV analytics is a quick and simple process since you just have to open a video and tap on the three-dot icon, located next to Like, Comment and Share buttons. Once the menu appears on the screen, you just have to select the View Insights option and a new window will load on the screen showing you the number of Views, Likes and Comments that particular video has at the moment.

The Audience Retention Graph is located directly below these statistics, and you can use it at any moment to see the percentage of viewers who watched the entire video. These metrics can help you discover the type of content that can attract a large audience on IGTV. It is worth noting that these metrics are only available for IGTV videos, so if you’re also using Instagram and Instagram Stories you might want to consider installing an Instagram analytics app that enables you to conduct a more thorough analysis of the metrics the content you’re sharing is generating.

How to Promote IGTV Videos and Get More Views?

Focusing on a single social network during an online marketing campaign isn’t necessarily a good choice, since sharing a video on multiple platforms can improve its visibility significantly. That’s why you should share your IGTV videos on Twitter, Facebook and all other popular online destinations that grant you access to a large audience. What’s more, you can also create a blog post that includes additional information about the topic a video is covering. If you scripted your IGTV video, then you can simply copy that script into a blog post and then just embed that IGTV video into the blog post. Alternatively, you can write a short description of the video that helps potential viewers get a better idea of what the video is about.

Each time you upload a new video to your IGTV channel you can use Instagram stories and Instagram live to promote your new post. The IGTV’s algorithm is relatively young and it still has a lot of room for improvement, which is why you have to use all means available to you that allow you to increase the number of views and likes your content is getting.

Can You See Who Who Watched Your IGTV Videos?

The shortest answer to this question is no. You can never know who watched your videos, just as other IGTV users can’t ever know that you watched a video they shared on their channel. As we already explained you can check how many people watched your video, but you can’t know who they are unless they also liked your video. Don’t trust the people who claim that they can help you find out who watched your videos, because they can’t.


Online marketing isn’t an exact science, but that doesn’t mean that you should disregard the statistics and the metrics provided by either IGTV or any other app designed to track the performance of your posts on social media. Do you think that audience retention or engagement rates can be essential for developing a viable online marketing strategy? Leave a comment below and share your opinions with us.

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