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How to Convert YouTube to IGTV Videos? [3 Ways]

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Publishing video content on social media platforms like Instagram or IGTV can help influencers and brands reach new customers. The only trouble is that both Instagram and IGTV have very precise video upload requirements, so each video you want to share on your IGTV channel must be saved in MP4 file format and in a 9:16 aspect ratio.

YouTube videos, on the other hand, are mostly horizontally oriented. If you attempt to upload a YouTube video to IGTV and wondering how to achieve it, just keep reading. Because in this article, we are going to show you how you can convert a horizontal YouTube video into IGTV vertical one in 3 different ways.

Part 1: Convert YouTube Videos to IGTV Vertical Videos with Filmora

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If you don’t already have the original file of the video you’d like to upload to your IGTV channel, you can download a video from YouTube, but keep in mind that you can’t use any content without permission from its owner.

Once you have the file, you can create a new project in Filmora and then after the project loads you should click on the File menu and select the Project Settings option. Pick one of the 9:16 video resolution options provided by the editor and click OK to confirm the changes.

Filmora  Project Settings

Click on the Import button to add a YouTube video to your project and then place it on the timeline. Your video will be displayed in the Preview Panel, and you’ll be able to see that the video is positioned at the center of the panel and that its top and bottom are black.

Go to the Effects tab and click on the Background Blur submenu if you want to blur the empty areas of the frame. Add the Basic Blur effect to the timeline and drag one of its sides to position it over the entire video.

Filmora  convert YouTube to IGTV

In case you are working with a video that already has a 16:9 aspect ratio, you can create a project that has the same aspect ratio, and then just use the Rotate slider in the Transform menu, to change turn a landscape video into a portrait video. The scaling tool is helpful to enlarge the frames in a vertical aspect ratio.

Filmora  convert YouTube to IGTV with transform

Filmora lets you create vertical videos in just a few quick steps, which makes it a perfect choice for influencers and marketers who want to share video content on YouTube and IGTV.

Latest News: In Filmora V10.5 and later versions, there is a new feature called Auto-Reframe. This feature allows users to convert one video for different social media platforms based on the aspect ratio changing, and its features of detecting the moving object. Click the Analyze button, and Filmora will convert this 16:9 YouTube video to vertical 9:16 IGTV video automatically. And I can adjust frames to follow Yasmine’s movement to fine-tune the result.

Filmora  Auto-Reframe YouTube video to IGTV

You can watch the video below to find out more information about the Auto-Reframe tool.

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Part 2: Use Kapwing to Convert YouTube to IGTV Online

YouTubers who already have lots of videos on their channel can use online video editing platforms, like Kapwing to edit the content they want to post on IGTV. This online video editor offers a number of video editing tools that let you polish your videos before posting them on social media.

Click on the Resize tool and simply copy and paste the URL of a YouTube into the appropriate bar and the platform will automatically import a video and display it on the screen once the content is finally fetched.

Kapwing  Crop YouTube video to IGTV

Pick the Story (Snap/Insta) or IGTV 9:16 option and then proceed to choose the background color for your IGTV video, increase or decrease the zoom level or change the position of the video. Click on the Create button when ready and wait for Kapwing to process your video. All videos you create with the free version of this online video editor are going to be watermarked and you have to pay a six-dollar fee for each watermark-free video you edit with Kapwing or you can opt for a $20 monthly subscription fee that enables you to export an unlimited amount of videos without watermarks each month.

Kapwing  Rotate YouTube video to IGTV

A growing number of IGTV users choose to rotate their videos, instead of resizing them, so if you already have a YouTube video with a 16:9 aspect ratio you can just rotate it and get a video with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Click on the Rotate option and then rotate it 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise and click on the Create button. If you opt for this method of creating a vertical video for IGTV, your video will remain the same size, but the viewers will have to hold their phones horizontally in order to view it properly.

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Part 3: Changing the Aspect Ratio of a YouTube Video with Final Cut Pro

Editing videos with professional video editing software products like Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro requires a certain amount of skill. There is more than just one way to change the aspect ratio of a video in Final Cut Pro, but probably the best one is to set the project resolution to 2160X3840 or any other lower resolution that matches the 9:16 aspect ratio. During the video editing process, you will have to resize all of the footage you want to include in the final version of the video. Planning your shots and composing them differently than you would compose horizontally oriented shots can potentially save you a little time on resizing and repositioning the video clips you’re working with.

If you’ve already exported a video and uploaded it to your YouTube channel, you can open that video in Final Cut Pro and just rotate it using the Transform tools. However, the viewers will have to hold their phones in a horizontal position while watching the video if you choose this method of creating a 9:16 aspect ratio in Final Cut Pro.


Posting YouTube videos on your IGTV channel is still a somewhat complicated process because you can’t share posts directly from one platform to the other. Moreover, you can’t upload videos that last more than ten minutes to IGTV, unless you have a verified account. Even so, the IGTV platform can help you extend the reach of your videos and increase the revenue you’re generating from the content you’re sharing on social media. Do you know another way of changing a YouTube video’s aspect ratio before re-posting it on IGTV? Leave a comment and let us know.

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