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Top 10 OpenAI Sora Alternatives in 2024 (AI Text-to-Video Tools)

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Mar 12, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

OpenAI shook up the AI-powered content production industry with its text-to-video tool, Sora. When Sora arrived, it was a watershed moment at the crossroads of AI and multimedia creation. This tool uses powerful algorithms to help users turn text into interactive videos. It can combine textual input with images and music to make professional-looking videos. Well, it is a remarkable feature that distinguishes Sora from others.

Above all, Sora is ideal for various use cases. Be it marketing campaigns, instructional content, or entertainment videos! Everyone, from marketers to educators to companies, has switched to Sora. But is it the only tool available to make videos from prompts? No! You can find many options that perform similarly to or are close to Sora. Here, you can discover the best ten alternatives to OpenAI Sora in 2024. You will learn about their features, benefits, pricing, and how they work.

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    1. Pika
    2. Runway
    3. Make-A-Video
    4. HeyGen
    5. Filmora
    6. Deepbrain AI
    7. InVideo
    8. Fliki
    9. Pictory
    10. Synthesia
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Complentment to Sora to turn your creativity into real scenes and edit them effortlessly with AI.
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Part 1: Top 10 Alternatives that Are Almost Like Sora

There are various solutions available in the market to meet multiple requirements. They range from well-established platforms to newer companies. Below, we'll look at the best 10 Sora alternatives to handle your content production.

1) Pika

Pika is a new platform that a group of creative programmers recently launched. It performs well to change the way people convert text into videos. This platform allows users to create impressive clips with ease. Pika's friendly UI and robust features can help improve the content production processes.

You can add lip sync, enlarge video canvas, and alter particular parts in clips. Unfortunately, its Discord server does not support these functionalities.

Pika needs more improvement than the high-quality demos posted by Sora. However, it has an advantage over Sora because of its other capabilities. It includes visual animation and lip-syncing.

Check the demo showing Pika's capability. This tool has created a beautiful demo clip using simple prompts like a tiger staring at a colorful butterfly in the forest.

demo video by pika
  • Lip sync
  • Canvas expansion
  • Video length extension


  • Basic - Free to use
  • Standard - $8 per month
  • Unlimited - $28 per month
  • Pro - $58 per month
  • Its friendly interface makes it suitable for both experienced and new producers.
  • Pika provides features to meet the demands of content creators. Be it customized templates or powerful editing tools!
  • Producing professionally edited clips with smooth transitions. Pika's powerful algorithms guarantee top-notch results.
  • Pika offers a variety of styles and editing capabilities. But, not all users will be satisfied with the level of customization available.
  • Users on a tight budget may not be able to afford Pika. It matters, mainly if they use premium features often or need a lot of video editing.

2) Runway

Rather than just another tool, Runway serves as a spark for inspiration. It uses a multimodal AI system to produce video clips from text commands. It is almost similar to Open AI's Sora mechanism. Among its features is the easy option to import media files for the video you want to create.

Sora is superior to Runway as an AI text-to-video generator. But we will have to wait to see whether Open AI's Sora can also generate video clips from source photos or footage. Indeed, Sora and Runway will compete for the title of the biggest text-to-video platform.

The demo below shows Runway's capability of creating excellent videos from text. This tool created a great video using a simple prompt - A man standing before an orange tree next to an orange wall.

demo video by runway
  • Real-time collaboration with cloud
  • 30+ AI tools
  • Custom LUTs
  • Background removal with a green screen


  • Basic - Free forever
  • Standard - $12 per month per user
  • Pro - $28 per month per user
  • Unlimited - $76 per month per user
  • Runway's algorithms can analyze images and videos and also comprehend natural language.
  • Runway's cloud-based platform allows teams to collaborate on video editing.
  • Beginners may find Runway's steep learning curve more daunting.
  • Users with slow internet connections may encounter performance problems.
  • Runway's subscription plans can be too expensive for individuals and small companies.
  • Users requiring very specialized visual styles may find Runway's customization options insufficient.

3) Make-A-Video

Facebook's parent firm, Meta, has just launched an artificial intelligence system. With only a little text input from you, it can create video snippets of any subject you can imagine. That makes it an excellent tool in a "generative AI" class of applications.

If you provide it with some text or images, it will generate unique videos.

To use this Meta AI, you may type in a sentence like "A dog flying over the skies in superhero clothing with a red cape." And then it makes a little video—just five seconds long—that seems like a surreal old home movie.

demo video by meta ai
  • Adding motion to a single image
  • Pairing multiple images to make a video
  • Creating multiple variations of the same video
  • 3x times higher quality output


  • Free to use
  • Make-a-movie evaluates the prompt language and gives video ideas.
  • This tool can save you time compared to more conventional video editing techniques.
  • Sometimes, the algorithms of Make-a-Video sacrifice quality for convenience and efficiency.
  • This tool is excellent for simple video editing tasks only. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles you need for more complicated projects.

4) HeyGen

HeyGen is a fantastic substitute for Sora in the year 2024! You can make perfect videos with talking avatars, styles, and languages. It enables users to convert text into voice to streamline the video-making process. Its voice cloning tool also makes an accurate replica of a human voice.

There are more than 300 pre-made templates available in this AI video generator. You can use them for various uses, including product promotion, outreach, and more.

This tool has created a great demo by giving a simple prompt and choosing a suitable avatar in a natural setting

demo video by heygen
  • AI Avatar
  • AI Voices
  • Video customization
  • Video translation


  • Free
  • Creator - $24 per month
  • Team -$120 per month
  • Enterprise - Custom plans
  • The integrated onboarding clips in HeyGen's user interface make it easy for new users to get up to speed.
  • You can clone yourself or dress up a pre-made avatar in HeyGen.
  • One drawback is that the site uses a credit system, so each video you make costs money. Moreover, you can't carry over these credits.
  • Though it seems promising, HeyGen's avatar and AI video tech aren't perfect yet.
  • More emotional intelligence would be great for the platform's avatars. It includes improved hand gestures, text-to-speech subtlety, and facial emotions.

5) Filmora

Getting a reliable AI video generator is crucial for content creators. Wondershare Filmora is an excellent choice for beginners because it is easy to use. Text-to-video functionality is a huge step forward in Filmora's existing editing tools.

You can convert simple text into interactive and appealing videos with this tool. This tool can make presentations, social media postings, or marketing videos. That makes it easy to communicate your message via visuals successfully.

Filmora has published an excellent demo clip highlighting the experience of a travel blogger. The blogger created an engaging video using text-to-video and other editing features.

Free Download
Free Download
  • All-in-one tool
  • AI text-based editing
  • Silence detection
  • AI smart cutout
  • AI audio stretch and denoise
  • Templates, stickers, effects, and more


  • Monthly Plan – From $19.99 per month
  • Perpetual Plan – $79.99
  • Annual Plan – $49.99 per year
  • Filmora's customization options for text-to-video components make it an ideal tool for everyone.
  • An easy-to-use text-to-video function simplifies the content production process.
  • You can improve visual messaging and audience engagement with Filmora's text-to-video feature.
  • This tool lets you add text overlays, subtitles, or captions to videos.
  • Filmora's text-to-video feature may not provide good results on complicated text prompts currently. You can avoid lengthy paragraphs or elaborate formatting.

6) DeepBrain AI

Are you looking for an AI tool to make appealing videos? DeepBrain AI is an ideal AI video maker tool. However, go ahead and choose it if it satisfies your needs; other users may find it pricey. Before adopting this tool in 2024, it is vital to learn about its features.

With this application, you can easily make captivating videos using only your words. Using this tool does not need much work on your part. Its impressive features make this tool a formidable contender to OpenAI's Sora. So, have a look and see whether it works for you!

There is a demo clip on DeepBrain's website. It shows the tool's capability to create marketing videos.

demo video by deepbrain
  • Realistic AI avatars
  • Multi-language AI text-to-speech (80+ languages supported)
  • Additional video editing tools


  • Started - $24 per month
  • Pro - $180 per month
  • Enterprise - Custom plans
  • DeepBrain AI is quite good at transforming plain text into interactive videos.
  • You can enhance the existing video content using Deepbrain AI. You must integrate it with multimedia like photographs, movies, and audio.
  • The user interface of Deepbrain AI might be complicated for some people.
  • Not all users can afford this platform's complex features or higher use limitations.
  • DeepBrain AI might incorrectly interpret or portray the input text on rare occasions. It often results in misleading or unexpected visuals in the produced video material.

7) InVideo

Another excellent option for Sora is InVideo. Many users have turned pro video makers with the help of tools like InVideo. With its pre-made layouts and royalty-free images, InVideo is the go-to platform. Moreover, there isn't much of a learning curve.

So, even those without prior experience can sign up for InVideo and start making videos. Above all, it lets you share videos directly on your chosen social network accounts.

It adds appropriate pictures based on the prompts and blends them into a concise video. You can also add voiceover narratives in 21 languages supported by this platform.

This tool has created a great demo video using just a two-word prompt - underwater sports.

demo video by invideo
  • AI talking avatar
  • Video editing with text prompts
  • AI voiceovers
  • 8M+ stock media


  • Free
  • Plus - $20 per month
  • Max - $48 per month
  • Users can personalize their videos using InVideo's editing tools.
  • You can change your videos' fonts, colors, visuals, and transitions.
  • The templates and design aspects lack creativity.
  • Videos may not be as entertaining or need more editing work to improve them.
  • InVideo's dependence on limited templates might make it unsuitable. Users might create videos using the same set of templates that appear identical.

8) Fliki

Fliki is an innovative text-to-video maker and a solid alternative to Sora. It uses AI to turn text into entertaining videos. This platform has an extensive collection of more than 700 human and machine voices. It makes this tool very adaptable. Moreover, users can adjust the audio to their liking.

A simple prompt mentioning meditation tips for beginners has resulted in a great demo clip.

  • AI voice personalization
  • Easy media search
  • AI avatar


  • Free
  • Standard - $21 per month per user
  • Premium - $66 per month per user
  • Users can test Fliki's features risk-free with a free, limited-word trial.
  • The auto-pick media function makes it easier to create content.
  • It has various male and female voices, which we rarely see in other tools.
  • You might face problems like choppy transitions or misaligned images.
  • While Fliki has many voices to choose from, not all of them are as good as professional voice actors.
  • The word limit could be problematic unless you pay for a premium subscription.

9) Pictory

You can make videos out of text with the help of Pictory AI. It offers several input methods, such as text prompts, URLs, blog posts, or video scripts.

You can enter text; the tool will create video voiceovers, subtitles, and captions. You can then utilize this dynamic video in your projects. It can scale videos for various platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

  • Video making with media, text, or URLs.
  • AI voiceovers
  • 10M+ royalty-free videos


  • Started - $19 per month
  • Professional - $39 per month
  • Teams - $99 per month
  • Users can check its functions and tools without making a financial commitment.
  • Pictory offers its customers a vast collection of visuals to personalize their videos. It has over 3 million source video clips.
  • The video rendering rate may be slower than other tools.
  • Its Standard plan may not be the best option because of its 480p resolution restriction.
  • It doesn't offer a lifetime deal option.

10) Synthesia

You don't need costly tools or specific expertise to create compelling videos. Instead, you can use Synthesia, an AI-driven platform for video production.

It lets you create avatars that seem to be saying the prompt lines in a video screenplay. It comes with a great amount of AI voices that seem realistic. You can personalize AI avatars, colors, typefaces, and layouts.

This demo shows the quality of videos created by Synthesia.

demo video by synthesia
  • 160+ AI avatars
  • AI voices supporting 120+ languages with perfect accents
  • 60+ video templates
  • Team collaboration


  • Starter - $22 per month
  • Creator - $67 per month
  • Enterprise - Custom prices
  • It provides an affordable option for making films, including avatars.
  • Synthesia offers multilingual video creation, which is unique compared to other tools.
  • The avatars from Synthesia are unique, but they are not as realistic as human performers. It makes the videos less credible or appealing.
  • The cloud video rendering process at Synthesia needs fast internet access.

Part 2: A Comparative Analysis of All OpenAI Sora Alternatives

After evaluating all of the competing platforms to OpenAI's Sora, this table lets you choose the best text-to-video option that meets your requirements.

AI Text-to-video Tool

Key Features

1) Pika

● Lip sync of main characters

● Expanding video length

2) Runway

● Almost 30+ AI tools available

● Easy background removal with a green screen

3) Make-a-Video

● Converts same video in multiple variations

● Three times higher quality videos

4) HeyGen

● AI avatars with voices

● Smooth video personalization

5) Filmora

● Multiple AI features, including smart cutout, audio stretch denoise, etc.

● Incredible editing options

● Highly affordable

6) Deepbrain AI

● 80+ languages

● AI voiceovers

7) InVideo

● Quality AI voiceovers

● 8M+ stock media, including videos and images

8) Fliki

● 700+ human and AI voices

● User-friendly interface

9) Pictory

● Huge library of stock videos

● Excellent voiceovers

10) Synthesia

● Many AI avatars for videos

● Huge video template collection


It completes our list of the top OpenAI Sora alternatives in 2024. As we can see, these text-to-video platforms are changing at a breakneck pace. They are competing to meet the demands and tastes of various users. Thus, each option provides something a little bit different.

We can expect more platforms to become available to users as technology develops. Thus, you must choose the best when making exciting videos.

Have a look at Filmora's AI text-to-video feature! You will notice how easy it is to turn your written text into beautiful videos. The editable designs, animations, and effects in Filmora will make your videos engaging. Don't pass up the chance to simplify your video editing workflow with Filmora.


  • How Can I Sign Up for OpenAI Sora?
    Public access to OpenAI Sora is currently unavailable. Anyone from the OpenAI staff or someone chosen explicitly by the firm can access it. The website is still in beta, and the company is conducting tests. When it's ready, the public will be allowed to use it, much as ChatGPT is today.
  • How Does Text to Video Technology Work?
    Text-to-video technologies use NLP to sift through user-supplied text. After analyzing the input text, it pulls out relevant details like entities and actions. It selects and organizes appropriate visual materials. Text-to-video technology works on three major elements - Natural language processing (NLP), Computer vision (CV) and Video synthesis techniques.
  • Can SoraAI Win Over All Other AI Tools That Convert Text to Video?
    Users will choose the platform based on its price, usability, personalization, and features. Of course, Sora could get a certain amount of traction and become the go-to choice for specific users. But it won't be able to take over the whole text-to-video market very soon. Software like Filmora already has several AI functions. It lets you use text-to-video and other editing options inside a single platform.
  • Are There Suitable Alternatives to Sora?
    Yes, SoraAI isn't the only text-to-video AI out there. Tools like Filmora, InVideo, and Pika are some excellent alternatives. These options work like Sora. They allow users to use AI-powered technology to turn text into exciting videos.
  • When Can We Expect OpenAI to Make Sora Available to Everyone?
    OpenAI hasn't explained when Sora will be available to the public. It depends on the development status, testing results, and distribution plans. You can follow the company's official announcements, blog postings, or social media accounts.
  • Will There Be a Subscription Plan for Sora?
    It is now unclear whether SoraAI requires a membership fee or is free. Sora's price strategy is up to OpenAI. They may make it accessible, add it to current subscription plans, or create a new structure.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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