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How to Use TikTok Hashtags to Increase Your Post Reach

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

In this age, being just a member of social media is not enough when social media is booming with lots of activities. One such trending way to access the large mass of people or making your messages reach more than expected followers is using hashtags in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. You might be amazed that though hashtags for TikTok or other social media platforms refer to just a symbol of hash (#) and concerned text or phrase, they hold enough weightage to attract more and more followers. Well, the mechanism is quite simple but useful as well. For example, in your message, if you use some popular hashtags, it will automatically refer to everyone discussing the topic worldwide. This way, you get numerous followers with the fantastic trick of using Hashtags.

Hashtags in Socual Media

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What is TikTok hashtag, and why should you use hashtags?

In simple terms, a hashtag for TikTok is a combination of words and numbers or short sentences mentioned after the hash symbol (#).

So are you a frequent user of TikTok application and wondering what are TikTok trending hashtags, ways to use them, and even why to use them? Please go through this guide, as it is the right approach to look out all the possible ways to make your post visible or post trending in the social media platform like TikTok.

Hashtags for TikTok are a mixture of the hash symbol (#) and either letters, words, or phrases without providing any space in between them. It works the same in TikTok as with other platforms like Instagram and used to promote your media content like videos you have posted in the TikTok. When you use a relevant hashtag, it will categorize your content and make that discoverable to all the interested users, whoever searches for the respective content or hashtag content over the internet. 

Hashtags in Tiktok

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The process is quite simple to use. See, whenever you create content or video, it may or may not visible or accessible to others. But, when you apply a hashtag with a particular word or phrase to it, then that video will be visible to all users looking for related categorized content on the internet. Thus, hashtags make your content detectable to more followers in the TikTok platform than ever. Further, in addition to any video content, you can also mention the TikTok trending hashtags on any post or part of the comment. It will also assist you in leading the followers of interested sections or groups of users.

What types of hashtags on TikTok?

Different types of Hashtag categories exist on the TikTok platform. By choosing them, you would be able to boost your content to a broader audience on the online media.

Let’s take a look over some of the types of the popular TikTok hashtags that are currently trending on the TikTok:

Hashtags for Funny Videos

Eg: #comedy, #acting, #friendship

New Songs Hashtags

Eg: #music, #duetwithme, #foryou

Educational Videos Hashtags

Eg: #education, #edutok, #careergoals, #knowledge

Child videos Hashtags

Eg: #childact, #babygirl, #children, #childcomedy, #childstar, #childhood

Motivational Videos Hashtags

Eg: #inspirational, #decision, #cleanbeach, #poetry, #life, #motivationalvideo

Health-related hashtags

Eg: #exercise, #advice, #fitness, #bestforhealth

Friendship Hashtags

Eg: #friendshiptest, #dost, #realfriendship, #friendshipforever, #truefriendship

Recipe Hashtags

Eg: #italianrecipe, #easyrecipe, #cakerecipe, #momrecipe, #homemaderecipe, #breakfastrecipe

Dancing Hashtags

Eg: #dancemasti, #danceindia, #dancer, #dancekpop, #dancevideo, #dancechallenge, #danceinpublic

Beauty Videos Hashtags

Eg: #beautytips, #beautychallenge, #beautyblogger, #beauty4charity

Craft Videos Hashtags

Eg: #crafts, #5mincraft, #crafttime, #bottlecraft

Festival Videos Hashtags

Eg: #mifestival, #festivalteen, #festivalfun, #favfestival, #mifanfestival

Art TikTok hashtags

Eg: #visualart, #pencilart, #nailart, #chalkart, #artproject, #artchallenge

Rangoli Video Hashtags

Eg: #specialrangoli, #myrangoli, #easyrangoli, #diwalirangoli, #ganeshrangoli

In addition to them some of the TikTok trending hashtags are: #memes, #smile, #dog, #cat, #nature, #gym, #lifestyle, #fun etc.

These were some of the favorite and well-trending examples of TikTok hashtags. The list does not end here; besides, you can generate your creative new hashtags for TikTok too.

How to find the best TikTok hashtags to increase your post reach?

No matter how weird, it is indeed the reality that hashtags of all kinds work well in the era of TikTok users. It is significant in promoting your post, receiving the bulk of likes and video sharing across the platform.

Thus, it is vital to know how to find the best TikTok hashtags to increase your post's reach. 

Best Tiktok Hashtags

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The first thing that you need to know is how to categorize which particular TikTok hashtags are the best or appropriate to use for your post or content media. Well, you follow a few tips as mentioned below for the same:

Categorize your post: For example, if your post is about Education or Motivational information, consider them under the category of education, motivation. Thus according to the category, you need to search for the related hashtags circulating widely across the TikTok media world and then use the best one to post.

Awareness about the targeted audience: It is a fundamental criterion to boost your post reach, i.e., to be aware of your targeted audience in advance. A hint you can get from the category of the post you created above. It is crucial since most of the time, uninterested users will not move forward to like or monetize your post further. It is only the real targeted users who will make that approach possible.

Information about the competitors: Besides the information about your work, holding specific information regarding your competitors is equally beneficial. You can check the way they are dealing with TikTok hashtags, how they trend. This way, you will get an idea about their strategies as well as what kind of hashtags they apply.

Hashtag Generator: If you do a little search online, then you will get some excellent hashtag generators that will continuously work in the field TikTok hashtags and, from time to time, suggests you appropriate hashtags for your posts.

By using the less competitive hashtags: The most important criteria is to create new relevant hashtags for your post or product.

Can launch some hashtag challenges, events, and online activity: Keeping the audience engaged is an important tactic to mobilize the TikTok media. For this purpose, you must launch some exciting games, online challenges, or some activities. Doing so will attract the interest of the users, and acts as the branding source for your post.

Use current Hashtags only: It is advisable to use current hashtags instead of the expired, obsolete, or old hashtags. If you do otherwise, it will be just a waste of time and effort.

Following some simple tactics above, you can quickly find the best hashtags for TikTok with the least effort and little smartness.


Now, you do have some idea about what are TikTok hashtags and what types of hashtags for TikTok trend mostly. Just remember, you must be well aware of using hashtags, as these are proven to be the most reliable for marketing your brand (especially if you are planning to launch a product or looking for a brand awareness campaign). 

These TikTok hashtags are going to act as your voice to the large mass of people. Also, TikTok hashtags are the medium to let users know or link your new posts to the previous posts or create a proper link for the complete set of posts. Thus, they automatically boost your user base across the world for the newly created or modified content/media files.

Additional Tip (Relevant to you):

  • There should be the right amount of Hashtags (Do not cluster them; 2-3 hashtags per post is sufficient.)
  • Relevant Hashtags (TikTok Hashtags should be related to your content)
  • Create a Brand Hashtag (and keep them short and simple)
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