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How to Save TikTok Video in Gallery-3 Proven Ways [Android&iPhone]

Oct 22, 2020• Proven solutions

The biggest virtual library of entertaining videos, TikTok, now lets you save TikTok videos to your gallery. But why bother saving when you can watch it online? Let me ask you another one: do you ever find a music clip that relates to your mood or a funny prank to scare your friends? But what if your friends and family aren't on TikTok?  Luckily, you can save TikTok videos and re-share them on other apps like Facebook and Instagram.

You can even save TikTok videos for customization with a video editor. After all, your videos need to be unique to win the race. If you are self-obsessed with your created content, you better save it for safekeeping or to show your kids how cool you used to be. Better safe than sorry, right?

If you are wondering how to save TikTok video to your gallery, look no further. Here are the three widely used methods for saving TikTok videos.

Method 1: Save TikTok Video by the TikTok App Itself

Unlike other apps, TikTok is well aware of our wants and likes. Since we youngsters are the obsessive kind, we love to rewatch our favorite videos countless times until we get bored or move on to the next. Hence TikTok has an in-built option to save TikTok videos to any device, be it a Smartphone or a PC. Better yet, you don't even need to own a TikTok account to save videos. Just install the app and follow these steps. Easy peasy.

1. Once installed, launch TikTok.

2. Press the arrow icon('share to' button) on the bottom right.

find and search your favorite video

3. Tap on 'Save Video'.

press video arrow button

4. Voila! Your video will be downloaded to your device within seconds.

save video

TikTok also lets you instantly share the video on Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp with a single click

TikTok's hassle-free option will save you a lot of time. You can keep on scrolling and clicking saves to download loads of videos without having to switch from app to app. And it's easier than it sounds—time to quench your video thirst.

Method 2: Save TikTok Video Online

TikTok downloader, a.k.a TTDownloader is an online tool to help you save your favorite videos from the wonderful library of TikTok. But why use an online tool? Because of the following advantages, it offers:

  • Save TikTok video to any device like PC, android, iOS, or tablet.
  • Save it in any format, MP3, or MP4.
  • Choose to remove the watermark.
  • There's no need to download the app. Only the video's URL is needed.
  • No registration or installation of the downloader is needed.
  • The platform offers free and unlimited downloads.

I'm sure this is enough to convince you but wait till you see how easy it is to use. Follow these steps and see for yourself what the fuss is all about. Here you go:

1. Open '' in the browser.

open online video downloader

2. Right-click on the TikTok video and tap 'Copy link address.'

copy video link

3. Paste the URL into the textbox on TTDownloader. And hit 'Get Video.' A drop-down menu will appear with different options.

try to download video

4. Choose the way you want to download your video and click on the 'Download video.' The video will be saved to your gallery within seconds. Easy peasy.

Method 3: Save TikTok Video by a Third-Party App

TikMate is a TikTok video downloading app available on the Google store. It offers super-fast downloading and is free. You can download unlimited videos, and it doesn't even require logging in. I know that can be tiring and instantly makes you hate the app. With that settled, let me add that it is not just a downloader, but also a video player! How cool. And all the downloaded videos are in the app, so you don't have to search your gallery looking for it.

Some apps have complicated interfaces, but TikMate once again wins us over with its simplicity. Only a few quick steps, and you'll have your favorite video saved.

1. Download TikMate from Google store and launch it.

video app download

2. Open TikTok and tap the video you wish to save. Now you can click 'Share,' swipe left, and click 'Others,' and select to open the video with TikMate.

click share video

Note: You can also click 'Share', then hit 'Copy link', and open Tikmate to paste the link.

3. Paste the copied URL OR if it appears automatically after direct sharing to TikMate, click 'Download'.

click download video

4. The video will start downloading and will end up in your gallery as well as in the TikMate library.

start downloading video

Bonus Tip—Make a TikTok Video Using Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a video editor specifically designed for us beginners. It offers professional scale tools that are incredibly easy to use with a simple, user-friendly interface. You can install Filmora for free and start creating your masterpieces right away. The range of advanced editing options that it has will transform and enhance your video no matter how bad you shot it. Any and every video and audio correction is present in Filmora. See for yourself.

1. Add multiple video or audio layers with effects to create elaborate videos.

2. Double click on the video and enable 'Chroma key' to achieve Hollywood style green screen effects.

3. Right-click on the video to open more editing features such as speed adjustment, reverse, or time-lapse.

4. Tap' Titles' to add subtitles. Choose from various templates or animate your text. Change color, style, and style with advanced options.

5. Double click the video to select the 'Motion' style. Rotate, flip, zoom in or out.

6. Tap 'Transition' and choose from a list of transition effects to improve the flow of the video and make it look cool.

7. In 'Effects,' choose from various special effects to make aesthetic videos. Hit 'Mosaic' to blue some areas of your video. You can even adjust the extent of the blur.

8. 'Elements' lets you decorate your videos with different motion graphics.

9. Tap 'Split screen' to play stitch multiple videos together and play them at the same time. You can also zoom in and out the video on the playback screen. And adjust its size in the frame.


There you go. Now you are well aware of how to save TikTok videos to your gallery. Say goodbye to days of worry when you feared losing your favorite videos. They can now rest safe and sound in your gallery to be watched whenever you like. No matter which method you use to save the videos, it will only take a couple of minutes, and bam! Saved.

But if you want to go the extra mile and make an exciting TikTok video with cool effects, Wondershare Filmora9 is the app that comes to mind. You don't even have to learn to use the app, follow the steps, and the user-friendly interface will help you create a mind-blowing video in no time.

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.