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How To Make Videos With Music for Tiktok?

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

In today's world where social media is accessible to almost everyone, there are so many fun apps that launch on a daily bases. One of the fun easy to use apps is Tik Tok that came out in 2016. It’s a very versatile app that can easily push up your video making game and the best part about it is that you do not even need to be professional. The Tik Tok app has become extremely popular all over the world. You can follow people worldwide and also gain popularity easily if you get a good amount of followers. We will give you information on how to use it and discuss its different features.

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How to Create a Music Video via Tik Tok?

This app allows you to make music videos directly within the app. It is very user-friendly and as most of us have a knack of using snapchat and Instagram, one can easily figure out how to use it, but if you still face difficulty we are here to fix it. If you are facing problems as to how to make a Tik Tok music video, first off you need to learn how to record it.

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There is a prominent plus sign button in the middle of the screen. You can press and hold that button just like on snapchat for as long as your desire to make your video. There is also a handsfree feature available on the right side of the screen in the shape of a clock. The timer will start and your video will automatically start recording.

Once you are done with that, there is a “pick soundtrack” option that comes on the top of your screen from which you can pick the song of your liking from the wide variety of songs available in the Tik Tok music album. You can even trim the soundtrack by clicking on the scissor icon and trim it according to your preference. You can even pick a song before recording and mimic that song. There are also video speed options which can help you adjust the speed of your video and soundtrack making it slower or faster

After that, you can apply filters and even video effect. There is a vast range available which will make your video more creative and fun.

When you’re completely done with the video, you can select a cover or thumbnail for your video and you are all ready to upload.

Click next and showcase your fantastic work, add hashtags and catchy captions and gain more likes!

How to create music videos for Tik Tok using Windows or Mac

Tik Tok is not just restricted to your mobile phones. You can even edit videos from your laptops (windows or mac) and upload them on Tik Tok and even other social media platforms. Don’t worry if you’re not that great of a video expert because Filmora has you covered.

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Filmora is a video editing app specially designed for non-professionals. It is very easy to use and is unlike other expensive and complicated video editing softwares. Specially designed 9:16 aspect ratio to flawlessly edit mobile videos and has almost every video format available. It also has a built-in music library from which you can choose the song of your choice and give your videos life. Other than this, Filmora has such a wide range of filters and effects available that it gives your videos that special professional touch just by a drag and a drop!

All you have to do to get started is to launch Filmora and select 9:16 ratio to import your videos, this is the perfect ration for mobile videos. You can make simple changes to the video like trimming and rotating it easily. After that, you can add filters and overlays. Just choose the filter or overlay of your choice and drag it down to the video, that simple!

Other than this you have soundtrack options and audio adjustment features. You can add the soundtrack of your liking by choosing from the built-in music library to whatever part of the video you prefer again with a single drag and drop. There is all kinds of hot new music available from a vast variety of genres. Moreover, you can remove background noise with the audio adjustment feature and even fix the equalizing, pitch, fade in, fade out, and the speed of the soundtrack.

Besides this, you can add more features to your video for example slow motion, fast forward, playing the video backwards and even split screen! A split screen is an option in which you can play multiple videos at the same time on the same screen which is also one of the features highly professional video makers use.

There are multiple video formats available once you are done. Preview your video, click export and easily share it with other social media platforms for example twitter. You can even upload it directly on youtube and choose from different formats available for that. You’re not just restricted to that, you can upload your masterpiece on any social media platform you like even Tik Tok! This will make your videos on Tik Tok stand out as by editing on filmora you can use filters and overlays that are not available on Tik Tok and make your videos unique. This is also a very helpful application for bloggers.

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of social media, Filmora allows those who aren’t professional but just need an easy way to showcase their creativity and talent on TikTok. These are simple to use and have features available which only professionals had access too at first. So if this is what’s stopping you from becoming a video blogger, let yourself go and download these apps today!

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