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How to Change Your TikTok Username

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

  1. Introduction

TikTok videos are gathering more attention and popularity at present, and maybe it’s because they are real. However, the username is the one that serves to be an identity to your account in the respective platform. So, what is your Tiktok username? Does it sound crazy, funny, or creative? Or else is it a usual one that must be for your official business and marketing purpose? Are you someone who needs more public attention and want to know how to change the username on Tiktok

If you are the one who wishes to be trending in the Tiktok videos and has more followers, then your username should be the impressive and unbeatable one. If your current username sounds common, and a boring, don’t worry, because it’s never too late to change your Tiktok username. The below write-up will guide you on how to change the Tiktok username without hassle.

  1. Why Username Matters?

Starting from a Google mail account to a social media account, every entry has a username and a password. Usually, most of us have our names as usernames but in different ways. In contrast, some have their birthday date numerals, favorite personality names, foreign language collage, or their pet names as their username. When it comes to a brand marketing or follow-up page, a good username becomes a vital one. A small, creative, rocking, but a unique username grabs attention rather than long run of alphabets or numbers in serious.

You must choose a username that is not too complex to remember and simple to communicate and pass on to closed ones. While some think that username is just a space in the account creation, the real fact is that it is the online persona and the representation of an individual in digital means.

  1. How to Change Username on TikTok: a Step-by-Step Guide

Changing username for your Tiktok account isn’t difficult, but you must keep in mind that the username gets attached in every post or video that you post from your account. In other words, the username becomes the brand name for your TikTok videos.

Hence, be cautious that your username isn’t of a standard type because Tiktok allows you to change it once in 30 days only. You would not be able to change it in between. Another factor why a username change is difficult in Tiktok is because Tiktok is very mindful of online safety. A separate team at Tiktok ensures that the account is real and not a fraud or scam.

Now, there are some rules that a Tiktok user must maintain before proceeding to username creation. Here is the list:

  • Avoid using your mail address in place of the username as both are completely for different purpose.
  • You should carefully avoid using personal details such as full name, address, or phone number can be avoided as username. Country Names are preferable but don’t go off grainy.
  • Never try a username that could get traced to find your account password.
  • Avoid usage of inappropriate usernames.
  • Avoiding generic names, rather something weird or off the book that can stay at the back of your audience’s head.
  • You can let the username be related to your content or intentions.
  • If your account is business-based, make an identity based on the brand.

Have you decided on a username for your Tiktok account, and are ready to change it? Well, then here is a step-by-step guide on how to change your Tiktok username.

Step 1: In your smartphone, open the TikTok application. Log on to your account if not logged in.

Step 2: Hit on the   icon from the bottom of the main menu screen.

 Step 3: Now you need to visit the “Edit Profile” option.

 Step 4: Click on the “Username” option.

Step 5: Enter the new username by deleting the old one.

Step 6: Hit the “Save” button.

It just takes a couple of minutes to change your Tiktok username.

Do note that if the name isn’t registered before in the database, you can begin, but if the username is already available, you will get notified and you would have to try out another.

  1. Get Inspired by Creative and Cool Usernames

So, you now know how to change the Tiktok username, and do you have any idea on how to proceed further. There are different types of tiktokers, and their interest is what makes the difference. Here are some fresh and exciting username suggestions from which you can choose and build your own based on it. 

If you are a motivational tiktoker, try Bean secrets, Elite, cubicle force, Haughty leaders, and Open book. For professional tiktoker, it is the bridge connect, business preachers, capitalist crew, innovation geeks, and passionate entrepreneurs.     

Are you an art or music lover? Dream makers, Icon lover, viola, craft lady, and lasting beauty are some username ideas for you. Especially for makeup tiktokers, Queen hood, butterfly on rose, glowing gold, doll diamond, and bubbles are unbeatable.

As for rocking game tiktokers, we have electric players, which are aggressively new, extreme, ever since never, flame, gaming changing, life racer, and no limits on hand. 

If you are tired of thinking one, then online username generators like Jimpix and LastPass can lend you a hand.

  1. Conclusion

I believe that you would have now come to know what a good username can do to your Tiktok account and how to change the Tiktok username. Username can either build your account else shatter it too. In the increasing competition among Tiktokers, the username is the first-sight impressions that bring your account popularity and make them a shining star in the sky of tokers. But one has to be careful that the username created is within the scope of the rules and never a threat to the public or the other Tiktok users. So, for what are you waiting for, Tiktoker? Think of a new username for your account and wait for your account to get noticed by millions of audiences around the world.     

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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