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Top 10 Tik Tok Catchy Songs of 2024 that are Stuck in Your Head

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

“Which Tik Tok song is famous?”

The above is one of the frequently asked questions on Google by fans of Tik Tok. Even though Tik Tok got launched merely three years ago, it gained a worth noting popularity in a short time. Being one of the reliable platforms, many use it for song promotions and even create original Tik Tok songs. Tik Tok allows editing, watching, sharing, and saving those videos. Meanwhile, we noticed that top TikTok songs are also getting real-time engagement as other content. People are finding them lovely, helpful, motivating, and super entertaining. 

Well, we are talking about the list of songs that stuck in your head. We're here to keep you updated on the most popular TikTok songs of 2024 that are super attractive to ears. Maybe you won't love all songs, but their ear-catchy and lovely voice feature will make you sway. Teens love such entertainment as it is available with reliability and real-time user access. Even if you perform a duet or dance on such music, there are great chances that your video will rank high. 

Top 10 Catchy Tik Tok songs

Let’s hear the best TikTok songs in our top 10 list given below.

1. Dance Monkey

Dance Monkey is a song that gets up to real fame and also makes you hop around. Many Tik tokers use an upbeat and catchy tune like Dance Monkey with perfect background music. The users watching various videos with this song found them a kind of addicted towards it. No matter how different every video will be, this song can get you an ear-struck. The popular videos with this music are dancing, horseback riding, and a video by 'Tones and I' with a theme of funny cupcake crème.

2. This is for Rachael

This song gained considerable popularity on TikTok. The song originates from Twitter's 2018 clip and is still a hit on the app. This specific video, the maker has shown fantastic creativity right from fish transformation to a human. They have used some software also other than TikTok's filter.

3. Intentions

Sung by Justin Bieber, Intentions song is just heart touching. Even though its lyrics mainly tell you about wife relationships, people have taken this a base and post tons of videos on TikTok. The girl also shows a kind of excitement factor in the video. Overall, it comes out to be a cool video that we would like to share with you in such sweet background music.

4. Shooting Stars

Shooting stars got shot in such a funny video. However, it gives you both the pleasure of the presence of its beautiful tone and funny moments. The song receives damn hits on TikTok in recent years. Although released in 2008, we are not able to ignore its fame. This hit song by Australian band Bag Raisers is also used by many tik tokers to grab a little publicity from it via dancing, acting funny, or doing other entertainment.

5. All I want for Christmas is You

Nose painting with the song 'All I want for Christmas is you' is a very heart-touching video. We got positive vibes and other good things in such a beautiful song. Just like others, it is also a famous song written by American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey. And, this particular song album is the lead single from her other album Merry Christmas.

6. Bad Guy – Billie Eilish

Bad Guy song by Billie Eilish has also seen some fame stuff on TikTok. And, we found this girl’s video on top ranking. She is performing just like the queen of chilly hits. Yet, there is some slow pace in its growth on the platform, but tik tokers love to make duet or to pair with this song album short video. Most of the users have also get it in artistic, funny, drawing, painting, makeup, and other kinds of videos.

7. Daddy (feat. Rich The Kid)

Blueface baby! Yeah, this trending rapper got some other hits that may look impossible to many to sing along. However, if you get that, the song is just great for dancing or lip-syncing. He is known as Blueface from his famous song 'Thotiana,' but he is again with more hit albums. And, as usual, tik tokers are gaining for this TikTok song. Everyone wants that beat and signature sound. Maybe, you also find it challenging to resist listening to this song.

8. Mo Bamba

Mo Bamba is the love of everyone, we must say! Sheck Wes, the famous American rapper, sung this. And there are so many videos available on this particular song. We loved this TikTok video as it says, 'throwback to Mo Bamba dancing to Mo Bamba because this is perfectly meta.' It's after a sports event that these guys are having fun with the song, which is cool and awesome.

9. Payphone

The song called Payphone is sung directly from the heart. After listening to it, you feel relaxed and happy. The performers all just look so natural. The famous pop-rock band of America Maroon 5 sung this on 16th April 2012. It also features Wiz Khalifa, an American rapper. Here, this kid is showing dance moves on the song. Well, he has given some funny bloopers also. That's looking good btw!

10. Sicko Mode

American rapper Travis Scott also sang Sicko Mode. It got so much love from fans that even the TikTok got significantly stuffed with this hit album. We found this TikTok song where Travis Scott himself is singing on stage and just rocking. The stage performance looked magnificent, where everyone got the adrenaline rush to sing along. 

How to download music from TikTok?

Want to download the best TikTok songs? If yes, then you have to use specific software that is reliable and quick. For inspiration, go for Filmora, which is the most basic version of Filmora by Wondershare. Wondershare has other advanced versions also such as Filmora Pro. However, to download TikTok songs, we recommend you to use Filmora. All kinds of video editing solutions are available here, right from basic editing to advanced changes. 

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Let's head towards a step-by-step tutorial on downloading music from TikTok.

Step 1: Launch Filmora

First and foremost, you have to launch the software after clicking on the Download tab. Then, you will need to install the software. After granting specific permissions, let it begin on your PC. 

Step 2: Download your favorite TikTok video.

Go to TikTok, search your favorite song, and download any particular video on it. It’s pretty simple to download from there. If you're on a laptop, you can right-click the video. Else, you can simply long-press the video on a smartphone and hit Save Video.

Download Tiktok Music

Step 3: Import tik tok video

We downloaded a video by a girl on the song 'All I want for Christmas is You.' Let's extract its audio with the help of the Filmora Audio Extraction feature.

Go to Media> +Drop icon button to import the TikTok song video.

Import Tiktok Video

Step 4: Add Project to timeline

Now, click on the imported video and add it to the timeline. Right-click video in the timeline and click the Detach Audio button.

Add Tiktok Song to Timeline

The audio will now get detached and show in the panel right below the video. To use this music, you can delete by a right-click and adjust this audio in any of your favorite videos.

Detach Audio

After you extract the video, take it to the main panel, and hit the Export button. Then, click Export to Device

You will be able to see the progress of the TikTok song in the new window, as shown below.

Export Tiktok Song


So, this is how you can download the top 10 TikTok songs of 2024. Next time, if you like any TikTok song, make sure to download it with the help of the software we mentioned. Then, it would be super easy for you to remember those albums and have fun.

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Shanoon Cox
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