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8 Must-Have TikTok Tools to Boost Your Growth

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

The youth-oriented app called TikTok has already found its place among many users across the globe. It's not just a lip-syncing platform with lots of followers, likes, and fame. Moreover, it's a great place for marketing purposes. All of its influencers are using particular TikTok tools to attract handsome sponsorships. It is what the goal and process of making money on TikTok are currently. The need is to use those tools in a channelized manner to boost overall growth on this Chinese app.

After analyzing the growth analytics and behaviors of TikTok influencers, we researched eight must-have TikTok tools for your ultimate success. Without further ado, let's discuss their versatile features along with price and availability.

Top 8 TikTok Tools for Ultimate Growth

For ease of use and better channelization among each area, we've divided these eight tools into three sub-parts, as discussed below.

Best TikTok Tools for Video Editing

In terms of video editing, you must go for two tasks. Apart from the inbuilt video editor of TikTok, we'll discuss an additional video editor with impeccable qualities.

1. TikTok Built-In Video Editor

Right after video recording on TikTok, you can jump to its interesting inbuilt editing session. It can capably perform basic tasks of adding filters, soundtracks, blurring, and so on. Tapping on + icon will let you present both the recording and editing interface. You can use certain features even while recording video. Tap on Add a sound to go through TikTok's vast media library. 


  • There are several options in Beauty, Filters, Timer, Speed, and Flip, etc.
  • Turn on the Beauty mode for smoothness and shadow removal.
  • Flip is a feature that helps switch the camera mode.
  • Playback speed can be changed from 0.1x to 3x i.e., from slow motion to fast motion.
  • The next two worth noting features are Trim and Mixer. Tap on Trim to shorten the video length. And Mixer is used to adjusting the playback sound levels.

Pricing: Free

2. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Now, let's check the advanced editing solution by WondershareFilmora. Almost every influencer we checked to use external video editor for making videos that stand out. Furthermore, the upgraded version is loaded with new in-built effects to consider. Whether it's travel, music, game, business, family, vlog, and education, WondershareFilmora is there to help with advanced yet easy-to-use editing solutions.


  • It offers a range of beautiful overlays and filters for exceptional editing.
  • They feature a Filmstock with loads of royalty-free audio files, video files, video effects, and stock images, etc. All in all, it's a handy tool for TikTok video creators.
  • If you wish to learn editing and photography skills, simply subscribe to their Video Editing Academy.
  • The platform offers 24/7 user-friendly support with helpful tips on growth and other support channels.

Pricing: Perpetual subscription at $69.99.

Best TikTok Tools for Marketing

Marketing is essential, and here are different ways you can advertise your TikTok account.

1. TikTokAnalytics

Tiktok Tool Analytics

Evaluate campaigns via marketing tool for Tik Tok called Tik Tok Analytics. It is a helpful tool for all social marketers to check for social insights on this popular video sharing platform. It's singular yet cross-platform with several KPIs, benchmarks, and baselines.


  • Users must have a Tik Tok Pro account to access Tik Tok Analytics.
  • All the relevant information about the content performance and audience is available over the site.
  • The TikTok Analytics dashboard displays Profile Overview, Follower Insights, and Content Insights.
  • It helps in forming an effective content strategy after analyzing these points.

Pricing: $20/month

2. Fanbytes

Tiktok Tool Fanbytes

Fanbytes is said to be one of the powerful TikTok tools to find authentic influencers. It uses a combination of Neuro-linguistic programming and machine learning for the purpose. The internal tool helps in searching bios and to discover influencers who have campaigned for different brands. 


  • The app targets the young audience's reach between the age group of 13-30 on various social media platforms, including Tik Tok.
  • They provide an in-depth way to find influencers for different brands based on audiences’ interests, location, and age groups, etc.
  • It also helps in creating Tik Tok profiles.
  • After access, you will have full analytics information even when the campaign is running throughout.

Campaign basis Pricing: Minimum £3000.


Tiktok Tool Analisa is another TikTok tool for hashtag and profile analysis. With this tool, you can peep through the profile of any influencer. Analyzing influencers is very important for marketing. However, it is helpful for various agencies such as brand marketers, media publishers, and influencers.


  • The platform helps in campaign reporting, overall profile analysis, competitive analysis, follower demographics, influencer mapping, and authenticity checks.
  • It is an AI-powered platform to get insights for public profiles, followers, and hashtags.
  • Analisa breaks down the analysis of rates into engagement rate, comment rate, and likes rate.
  • It also shows posting maps if geotagged, along with audience engagement and posting activity.

Pricing: Pro @ $199.35, Plus @ 109.55, Premium @ 59.35, Basic [Free]

4. Pentos

Tiktok Tool Pentos

Pentos is said to made TikTok analysis super easy. It gives you an overall review and performance of other TikTok accounts. It's quite challenging to analyze other TikTok profiles with current API. Thus, you need a specific app such as Pentos for corrective analysis.

You can also get needed insights on trending challenges that appear on the TikTok platform. The free version allows tracking up to three profiles. You need a paid account at $20/month for additional facilities.


  • You can also check the insights on trending challenges of Tik Tok via Pentos.
  • You can track up to three profiles with Pentos’ basic and free version.
  • The discovery of detailed data gets checked in terms of hashtags, songs, Tik Tok public profiles, and different posts.
  • It provides an in-depth analysis of the Tik Tok profile, including hearts, views, engagement rates, comments, and so on.

Pricing: It is a free Tik Tok tool to calculate engagement rate and viral score.

Best TikTok Tools to Gain More Following

In this section, we're going to discuss two hacks with regards to TikTok auto follower and TikTok auto liker. All three tools are going to help you in gaining more followers in natural ways.

1. TokCaptain

Tiktok Tool TokCaptain

TokCaptain is a straightforward Tik Tok tool for ultimate growth. The software offers real followers and likes without worrying about the quality at all. They provide a quite easy-to-use interface with basic yet exciting features.


  • You can get started after choosing a plan to target the desired audience.
  • Profiles and content get filtered for real-time engagement with followers.
  • TokCaptain guarantees immediate results and genuine likes.

Pricing: Education, Professional, Business, and Premium Pricing plans: 100 followers @ $2.99.

2. Fireliker

Tiktok Tool Fireliker

Fireliker TikTok auto liker provides all the safe and secure methods to get instant likes and views on the TikTok account. To get started, you just need to type in username along with specific usual details. 


  • The easy user interface lets the task done effectively and quickly.
  • The procedure is simple yet effective with a follow/unfollow technique.
  • You will get instant likes, instant views, and instant fans in a safe and trusted manner.

Pricing: Free

3. Social Viral

Tiktok Tool SocialViral

Social Viral is another TikTok auto liker that is compatible with both Android and iOS. It's a decent platform to get real views, followers, and TikTok likes. After signing up with the platform, you can rest assured the growth over them.


  • It will help you get the desired results necessary for overall TikTok growth.
  • They offer followers, likes, auto-likes, and views.
  • This contemporary tool also comes up with trendy and latest ideas every day.

Pricing: 50 followers @ $1.49


So, this is all you need to boost your TikTok account and make it viral. However, while using these TikTok tools, don't forget to shoot video with ideal equipment so that editing stands out better than others. Remember that TikTok, similar to other social media platforms is a great marketing platform if used correctly. Hence, everything needs certain practice and the use of suitable tools to reach a goal.

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