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Everything about Vigo Video You Should Know

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you looking for the best free app to create videos or you want to learn how to mint money out of creating videos? With hundreds of video making apps available for download either from App-Store or Google Play, the Vigo Video app (Formerly Hypster) is among the most sought.

The majority of the apps claiming to create stunning videos online will not only demoralize you but spent money on the ads instead of making a passive income out of it. To realize your dream beyond imagination, use the Vigo Video app to create videos then upload to the most used video editing software-Flimora- and they'll go viral on all social media platforms.

Making over $500 a month from Vigo Video is actually possible; but how many make it to this mark? And why do they miss the target? Find all the answers just before the last parts of this article.

To learn more about how to use this app effectively, keep reading to the end.

You will Learn :

What is Vigo video?

This is a video making app designed to help people showcase their creativity and earn money by creating funny short videos and sharing them across social media platforms. It is available for download on Google Play Store. Persons above 16 years are only legally permitted to use this app.

Even though it was designed with a deep love for video makers, it is an entertaining worldwide social platform with millions of funny videos on different profiles that will keep you happy the whole day. The videos are usually 15 seconds long.

This app uses Al technology and is available on 150+ markets across the world. Vigo Video app is owned by Byte Dance a Chinese based internet company.

What is Vigo video used for?

what is vigo video

Vigo video showcases one's talent through video or music clips. Therefore, Vigo Video is used for creating and editing videos then sharing them for people's view and comments. It can also be used to share daily stories in funny music clips.

The main reason why most people are using this app is to get rewards which include prizes and cash payouts. The youth, who are the majority users are now making Vigo Video a money-making venture. They have learned the art of collecting as many flames as possible which are converted to dollars. It's the main source of income for some Indians.

Celebrities and social influencers are the greatest users and beneficiaries of the Vigo Video app. To ernes mass following, they use this app to share their best life moments using the #tagyoureit challenge. Popularity is what makes influencers influential. If you are talented, use Vigo Video to gain millions of followers and you'll become an influencer.

Vigo Video Review: Standout Features

With a 4.3/5 stars rating from over 750k reviews and 100+million downloads, Vigo Video has become a favorite video making the app to many people around the world.

Since the launch of the newest version, every user has the full ability to manage his best life moments and incorporate artificial elements like rain to change the scene's appearance. During the launch, a lot of new features were introduced to make videos attractive and worth watching.

  • Live Streaming

Live video streaming is now possible with the current version. To go live, tap the "Go Live" button to start streaming. The new advanced filters and effects can be applied to the streaming video to totally change its background, one's facial looks and new weather conditions like freeze and rain.

  • The Chat Feature

The chat feature allows users to communicate either individually or as a group 24/7. You can send messages and exchange videos privately. This enables popular artists to merge and create videos while far from each other and appear as though they are at the same place. To get more Vigo Video tricks, just follow the seasoned and most followed stars and chat with them for free.

For your videos to be more popular, duet with other famous Vigo Video stars.

  • Stop Rain, Change Light Intensity and Change Background

A day may be cloudy, rainy or extremely bright. All this can be changed to make it look almost the same. Stop the rain on your camera, increase or decrease the light intensity of your images and change the background as you wish. Then compile the videos and viewers won't notice the different weather conditions.

  • Beauty Feature

It's possible to completely change your facial outlook on Vigo Video. For your video theme and mood to manifest, use the many editing tools to beautify or alter your face and include emojis.

  • Is Vigo Video Safe?

With all these unlimited features at children's disposal, is Vigo Video safe? Even though it's limited for those over 16 years, not every market its available has 16 years as the legally recognized majority age. The limitations as to the kind of videos anyone can upload are measures in the direction towards protecting the underage or those with impaired judgments. Therefore, no one can rule it's safe or not. So, take charge and protect the vulnerable in society.

How To Use Vigo Video?

How to create GIFs from Vigo Videos should be preceded by knowing how to capture images and create a video. So, let's first learn how to make Vigo video.

Step 1:Download App

If you are using an android device, download the Vigo Video app from Google play store. On iOS, you'll find it in the Apple Store. Now the app is installed, tap the icon to open. The first page will show the most recent and trending videos.

Step 2:Create an account

To create Vigo Video online, at the top right corner is the register/login button. Tap to sign up with your Facebook, Instagram, email, phone number or Twitter. Tap the Vigo Video log in to join the other stars.

Step 3 : Create and Upload videos

At the center bottom is the video button. Once you tap this button, video recording will start immediately. Click the "save" and your video will be saved.

To make the best GIF, ensure your videos are at most 3 seconds.

vigo video

Step 4:Start creating GIFs

Now that you've already saved your short videos, creating Vigo GIF should take less than a minute. Select the video to create GIF and tap to open. Click the "Save as gif" icon and the video is converted to GIF.

vigo video review

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Tips On How to Get Money From Vigo Video

The amount of money you earn from Vigo Video is determined by the number of flames you collect on shared videos. Every video uploaded is rewarded after 24hours. However, not every video gets a reward. One flame equals to $0.015 (1 Flame = $0.015).

There are several ways you can earn good money from this app. These include:

  • The main method is through uploading original videos created directly from the app. Create an account, create videos and upload to get rewarded.
  • You can also earn money on Vigo Video by playing a quiz game.
  • By referring to the Vigo Video app to friends. The reward is 20% of your friends' 10 days earning. On the "GO" section of your account, click on the flames to get a referral link. Using the "Invite Friend" option, send the referral to as many friends as you want.
  • There are plenty of offers on this app. Participate to increase your flames. There is no limit as to the number of times you can participate.

Best Vigo Video Flame Tricks

It's the number of flames that count and not the videos uploaded. How your videos go viral is a measure as how many flames the account will be accredited with. So, how do make Vigo Videos go viral?

How you edit videos can make or break the videos. Acquaint yourself well with all the editing tools to where best they apply.

Other flame tricks include;

#1. Share only original videos uploaded from the app.

#2. To attract more followers, showcase a specific talent .i.e. singing, comedy or dancing. The more the followers the more video views and comments and ultimately the more flames you earn

#3. Hashtags are among the best ways of making content viral. Choose hashtags that are trending and matching the video character and theme.

#4. Music is among the most viewed and loved content. Select the best and most listed music to DJ your Vigo videos.

#5. Keep Your Videos Trending with Filmora Video Editor.

Filmora from Wondershare has been the best and most preferred video editing software by experts. There are many reasons as to why video makers prefer to use Wondershare Filmora video editor. The huge category video editing tools, effects will definitely suit all your circumstances. It's simple and easy to use. You can create up to 100 videos in one timeline. The library of royalty-free music will keep your videos on trending.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version


The number of video-making apps has tremendously increased over the past few years. However, Vigo Video has exceptionally emerged as the only that rewards its users for uploading videos. For this reason, it's one of the fastest-growing rewarding video making apps.

But how does the Vigo Video app generate their income enough to pay its users? This is among the questions that have baffled many people. And to date, it has remained a myth to both its users and non-users.

What other apps reward its users by either giving prizes or cash? Leave your comment below and you'll be appreciated.

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