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FLV Editor for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7: Easily Edit FLV Videos on PC

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 16, 22, updated May 20, 24

If you are a streamer or a content creator then you undoubtedly may have come across files having .flv format. FLV stands for "Flash Video". It is a container file format like .mp4 and .mov. But it isn't used quite frequently nowadays. They are mainly used for streaming videos. Because it provides compressed video while maintaining the quality and takes less space. It supports codec which is compatible with most of the devices but you may need a flash player to play these files. If you have recently started working with .flv files or need more info about it then read till the end. We have gathered all the necessary information for you in this article.

Being a content creator, you can't just record videos and publish them directly. Sometimes it requires finishing touches or an entirely new look, for this purpose you need a good editor. And if you are working with .flv files then selecting a good editing software that supports .flv files is important. So, here we have mentioned a list of FLV video editors. You can select one depending on your needs and budget.

Best FLV Editor to Edit FlV Video on Windows and Mac:

  • Wondershare – Filmora:

 It is available for both Windows and Mac.

Filmora Video Editor is the most common and versatile editing software in this list that almost every content creator may have used or heard about. It has a lot of professional features used by content creators. It is one of the best video editors for .flv format, if u work with .flv files then you must get your hands on filmora.

Its UI is quite similar to premiere pro which makes it quite easy for people who are looking for premiere pro alternatives. It has hundreds of classy transitions/effects and dozens of unique and useful features but many of them are available on paid version only.

The free version also packs a punch but it is almost useless for most users as it leaves a watermark on the final product. It is good for learning video editing and once you master enough to move forward then you can purchase the pro version or you can start directly on the paid version.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later


  • Support a wide range of formats including .flv.
  • Have advanced color grading options.
  • Have standard Motion Tracking feature.
  • Masking and Chroma key.
  • Keyframing and Smooth animation. (Paid version)
  • Speed ramping and Auto Synchronization. (Paid Version)
  • Support industry-standard plugins (like Boris fx).
  • Have a vast stock library.


  • Leaves a watermark on export. (free version)
  • Have playback issues while using 4k videos.
  • Lacks some standard editing features.

*Almost every software has some pros and cons. Remember these are inspected from my point of view. And it can differ from your experience.


Import: Open filmora, a popup will appear, Select desired aspect ratio then click “New Project” to start editing or click “Open Project” to continue your old project.

On the center of the screen, you will see the import window, click it to import .flv file or any other video you want to edit.

edit flv

Edit: Drag the clips on the timeline to start editing. Drag the clips from the corner to trim them. Click the top left icon of the timeline (not the whole screen) to add layers. In the toolbar above the timeline, you will find a bunch of tools, like split, crop, speed ramping, animation e.t.c. Click the red scissors icon on the pointer to split the clip at the desired timestamp.

edit flv

Effects: Click the “edit” icon, then you will see a bunch of icons appear on the top left corner of the screen, These are as follow.

Select the “Video” icon to transform the clip or to do motion tracking, stabilization, chroma-key, Masking, e.t.c. To do Motion tracking, on the playback screen, lock the box on the item you want to track then click “Start Tracking”.

Select the “Audio” icon to apply effects and enhance your audio.

Select the “Color” icon to do fine-tuning and color grading, Select the “3D LUT” option to import a new customized lut. You can find a number of cool luts online.

Select the “Animation” icon to add preset animations or make custom animations by using keyframes.

Select the “Speed” icon to adjust the speed of the clip or to do speed ramping.

Click the “OK” button below to go back to previous tabs.

From there you can add Audio, Titles, Transitions, Effects, Elements, and Stock Media. Simply drag and drop the effects and transition on the clip to apply it. And to use titles and stock media, click and drag them on the timeline to use them.

Export: Click the blue “Export” button. Then choose Desired format and Resolution to export your final product.

More Free FLV Editor for Windows to Edit FLV Videos:

If you are looking for a .flv video editor to perform some editing tasks without spending any money then read till the end because here we have mentioned some free FLV editors for you.

  • VSDC video editors :

It is available only on Windows.

Despite being free software, it is packed with lots of features. It is a good choice for non-professionals and it can even run on low-end PCs. It supports a wide range of video/audio formats including .flv file. It has dozens of cool effects and tools that can give your videos a new look. It is a non-linear program that makes using layers much easier means you can add layers at any specific time frame and can add layers into layers for complex editing. It also supports 360 and 3D video which can easily be converted into 2D. It has a number of video and audio effects. It is an old yet powerful software which can even run in 19s Pc. Its features are mentioned below.


  • Free Software with no watermark.
  • Can support 4K footages on the latest versions.
  • Can import/export a wide range of formats.
  • Have built-in video and screen capture feature.
  • Has a Non-linear interface that supports multi-layer editing.
  • Have professional features like chroma key and masking.
  • Can convert layers into a sprite (Grouped Sequence) for handling multiple layers easily.


  • Being a free software it has some limitations too.
  • It's hard to learn for beginners.
  • It still lacks features for a professional creator.
  • Doesn't support Hardware acceleration.


Import: Open VSDC video editor, from the "Start Project Now" tab click "Blank Project" to start a new project or click "Import Content" to browse video or image files. Then select "Project settings".

edit flv

Edit: You can add more files by clicking the "Add Object" button on the top left corner. Then drag the file from Object explorer to anywhere on the timeline even on layers. On top of the "Editor Tab", you can find the necessary tools to split, crop, and rotate the video. Click "Spacebar" to play/pause the timeline.

edit flv

Effects: Click a video on the timeline then select the Effect buttons on top of the "Editor" tab to apply effects to your clip. Then Click the effect on "Object Explorer" to open its properties menu. On the left side of the player, you will find buttons to add text, shapes, e.t.c to the project. On the right side of the screen, you will find the "Basic effects window" where you can do color correction and grading.

Select Multiple Clips then right-click the mouse button and then the "Convert to sprite" button to make a grouped clip (clips within a clip).

Export: Click the "Export Project" button on the top of the screen. Then choose "Media device", "output video format" and select output destination and quality setup then click "Export Project" to export the video. If you are using the free version of the software, a popup will appear saying "export without premium features", just click Continue. Now your file is ready to be viewed.

edit flv
  • Shotcut:

It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It is a free and open-source video editor which is simple and easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners. It doesn’t have any pro version. It is an ideal software to deal with .flv files as it supports a large number of import/export formats. However, it takes some time to understand its UI. After that, it is quite easy to use. It has cool effects and transitions. It has a clean and simple timeline which is not versatile for professionals although it has some complex options to customize your timeline. It has some refined color grading options. Being a free software it has some 360 effects and 3D text which makes it comparatively good as compared to some other free softwares. It can support 4K videos also but lags or crashes sometimes when using 4K clips. All the effects and tools are combined in one tab “Filter” which is a plus point for some users. It also has some good quality audio effects. Some of its features are mentioned below.


  • It is completely free software with no watermark.
  • It has one of the largest file format compatibility.
  • It can support 4K video resolution.
  • It has 3 wheel grading tool and some other color filters.
  • It has standard animation and keyframing features.
  • It has some effects to support 360 videos.


  • It isn’t suitable for professionals as it lacks some useful features.
  • Have issues with playback of 4K videos and sometimes crashes.
  • Doesn’t have a separate text column and lacks some basic text and title effects.
  • Its UI is different from other common video editors and is a bit hard to understand.


Import: Click the “Open file” icon on the top left corner of the window to import files.

edit flv

Edit: Drag and drop clips on an empty timeline panel to add tracks. Right-click on the left side of the timeline to add a video or an audio track. To trim from ends, drag the clip from corners to trim. Click the Scissors icon on the top timeline to split the clip in between.

Click the “Properties” tab above the timeline panel to change the aspect ratio and playback speed of the clip.

edit flv

Effects: Click the “Filters” tab above the timeline panel to open the filter menu, Click “+” above it to add filters. Double click a filter to add it to the selected clip, then click the filter to change its properties.

Click the “Keyframes” icon on top of the window to open the Keyframes window. Then click the “Timeline” icon to go back to the previous window.

Export: Click the "Export" button on the top of the screen. Select a preset or click the “Advanced” button to change export settings then click "Export File".

edit flv
  • OpenShot:

It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

OpenShot is another choice for you if you are looking for a free FLV editor. It is simple and easy to use. Its User Interface is clean and beginner-friendly. It has hundreds of transitions and effects. It has an animated titles option also, which is powered by Blender.


  • Is simple and easy to use.
  • Its UI is Beginner friendly.
  • Can support 4K videos.
  • Support a wide range of formats.
  • Have smooth keyframe animation.
  • Is free and has no watermark.


  • Video Playback is a bit laggy.
  • Animated titles are only supported when you have Blender (3d software) installed on your PC.
  • Doesn’t have enough tools for professionals.


Import: Start “OpenShot” then drag and drop files in the project files tab from your file system (or press CTRL + F). Drag and drop files to add them to the timeline.

Edit: To trim from ends, drag the clip from corners to trim. There are some basic tools above the tracks in the timeline window. Click “+” to add a new track. Click the scissors icon to split the clip at the desired length. Click the magnet icon to on snapping mode. Click the green marker icon to add markers at desired points during editing.

edit flv

Effects: Above the timeline window you will see a bar containing 4 buttons: Project Files, Transitions, Effects, and Emojis. Drag these elements to add them to the timeline. Effects appear as a small icon on the clip. Right-click the icon then select “Remove Effect” to remove it.

edit flv

Right-click the clip to access more features like keyframe animation, playback speed, e.t.c.

Export: Click the red dot button on the top of the screen to export your video (or press CTRL + E). Select the desired Profile, Format, Quality, and Destination folder then click “Export Video” to export your file.

edit flv

More Paid FLV Editor for Windows to Edit FLV Videos:

If you are looking for a good flv editor and you are ready to spend some cash on it then we have selected some paid softwares worthy of your investment.

  • Power director 365 (import only):

It is available on both, Windows and Mac.

If you are looking for software to do more than just trimming and cropping the video then Cyberlink Power Director can be the right choice for you. It is packed with dozens of features that professional content creators look for. It has some professional-level plugins also. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

It allows users to import .flv file and edit it like usual but you can't export it in the same format as it exports videos in few formats only. FLV file is then converted into any of the other supported formats.


Its annual subscription is 69$ which is available at 30% off at 48.99$/year. This offer is valid till 4th May 2022.


  • Can support 4K videos and can import a wide range of file formats.
  • Have Auto Chapter and Subtitle settings.
  • Multi-cam editing.
  • Have hundreds of transitions, effects, and access to thousands of stock footage.
  • Can Group clips for easy editing.
  • Can import presets and color LUTS.


  • It lags sometimes, this issue can be resolved to an extent if you have a powerful PC.
  • Some features are complicated to use.
  • Export settings have fewer file formats as compared to the import file range.


Import: Open Power Director then select the aspect ratio and click "Full Mode" to start the program. Import media files to the media room. Click the "Import Media" icon below the files tab to add more clips.

edit flv

Edit: Drag and drop files to add them to the timeline. Drop files above or below to add them in layers. Click the icon on the top left corner of the timeline to add a new layer. You can find basic editing tools above the timeline.

edit flv

Effects: All the effects and overlay elements are situated at the top left corner of the screen in a vertical bar. Here you will find the Project library, titles, effects, transitions, overlays, e.t.c. Simply just drag and drop on the timeline to use them. Here you can also do audio mixing and add subtitles and chapters.

Double click a clip or an overlay element to open the designer window. Here you can customize the clips and overlays to enhance your project.

edit flv

Export: Click the "Produce" button on top of the screen then select the desired mode and file format and add a destination then click "Start".

  • AVS video editor:

If you are looking for a good .flv video editor and are ready to spend some bucks then the AVS video editor is a good choice for you. It is a low-budget software that is simple and easy to use and has some great features. It was my first video editor which I used about 5-6 years ago when I started making videos. It is simple and easy to use. It has some fine features that can fulfill your basic video editing tasks. Has a unique animation trajectory feature, where you can create paths for overlays.


It has two different plans, the first is an annual one which is at 69$ per year and the second one is a lifetime offer for 199$. In a lifetime plan, you can own the software forever. Right now, the software is at a 70% discount(till 30th April 2022) which decreases the price of the annual subscription to 39$ and the purchase price is 59$ this offer makes the software valuable enough to invest in.


  • Its UI is beginner-friendly and easy to learn.
  • Can Support 4K videos.
  • Has cool features like video stabilization and a chroma key.
  • Has 300+ effects, transitions, and overlays.
  • Has a storyboard-type editing style also, which is a great feature for some users.
  • Has keyframing and animation trajectory option for overlays.


  • Lacks some commonly used features.
  • It is a decade-old software and needs some new updates to compete with other editing softwares.
  • It isn't suitable for professionals as you can't do many customizations.
  • It has only one layer for every element like text, effects, overlays, e.t.c.
  • If hard disk crashes you have to purchase the license again.


Import: Click "Import Media Files" to import clips or click "Open Existing Project" to load previously saved projects. Drag and drop files to add them to the timeline.

Edit: To trim from ends, drag the clip from corners to trim. On top of the timeline, you will find a few basic tools like change speed, apply transitions, do color correction, or do video stabilization.

edit flv

Effects: Click the "Transition" button above the timeline to apply transitions. Drag and drop transitions between two clips to apply it. Right-click on the transition to change its duration.

Click the "Video Effects" button on top of the timeline, then drag and drop the desired effect on the effects layer and trim it according to your need.

Similarly from the "Text" tab Drag and drop the desired text to the text layer in the timeline. Then select "Edit text" to change the text.

edit flv

Export: Click the "Produce" button on top of the timeline to open the export window. Select the desired file format and quality then click "next" and then click the "Create" button to export your file.

edit flv (Online):

If you want to edit FLV videos quickly and don't want to install any software then can be a good choice for you. It is an online FLV video editor that can run on any browser and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and even mobile phones. It is a quick and simple method to fulfill your basic video editing needs. It has some amazing and uniques features as compared to other basic video editors. It is a great platform to edit videos anywhere. You can start editing video on your PC and can continue it on your phone if you have to leave your workplace. But these features come at a price as its basic plan has the majority of the features but it leaves a watermark on the final video.


It has 3 different plans depending on your needs. The first one is the "Free Plan" which is almost useless for most users as it creates a watermark. The second one is the "Basic Plan" at 18$/month. While third is the "Pro Plan" at 30$/month which has some more features than the basic plan. You can purchase an annual plan to save up to 33%.

edit flv


  • It is an online platform that makes it easily accessible from any device.
  • It is multi user friendly and is a good choice for team projects.
  • It has a simple and clean interface which is ideal for beginners.
  • It has an Auto subtitle generator + subtitle translator and editor.
  • It has audio to text and video to text features that aren't found in many other editors.
  • It is compatible with many video and audio formats.


  • It is quite slow as compared to other video editing software.
  • Downloading 4K videos is only available in Pro Plan.
  • It is an online platform, so its data can be breached or leaked, so avoid editing your personal videos on this platform. It can rarely happen but precaution is better than cure.


Import: Click choose FLV File on the home screen then a popup will appear, click "Browse" to upload a file or use a template.

edit flv

Edit: To trim from ends, drag the clip from corners to trim. Click the "Split" button above the timeline to split the clip in between.

edit flv

Effects: All the effects tabs like Text, Elements, Transitions lie on the left side of the screen (on windows). Click an element and it will be added to the timeline, then adjust the settings according to your will.

Export: Click the "Export" button on the top right side of the screen. Select a preset or change export settings then click "Export Video". Soon you will get your final product.

Which Should I choose Free or Paid FLV Editor:

 Are you confused to choose the FLV editor for you? Then look for the one that suits your other needs. Like if you want an editor only to crop or trim videos then save your money and go for a free video editor. But if you want some extra features to enhance your workflow or have some cash then go for paid software. For professionals, Power Director 365 or Filmora pro can be a good choice to invest your money in.

~ Some FAQs about FLV Videos:

why is .flv format used?

FLV is basically used to publish or distribute videos on the Internet. Many social platforms and web pages (such as youtube, Hulu, e.t.c.) use .flv files as it provide high-quality synchronized audio and video in compact file size. It was mostly used for embedded videos on these platforms. It is compatible with most browsers and devices even with older phones and computers.

How to play .FLV files?

To play .flv files a flash player is required. Which is pre-installed in almost most of the computers and browsers, if that's not the case. Then you need a good video player which supports .flv format. Therefore VLC media prayer is a good choice. It is quite easy to use and has some useful features like Speed, Adding subtitles, Audio sync, e.t.c.

Is .flv file easy to edit?

FLV is just a format, It can be edited like any other format. Steps may differ from software to software. But don't worry as I have mentioned the steps of some popular FLV video editors above.

Can the .flv file be converted?

If you don't want to stick with the .flv format for long enough and want to switch over to a more convenient format then you can try these converters.

VLC Media Player: Yes, apart from being a video player it can convert video formats. It's quite easy to use.

Simply Open VLC Media Player >> Click Media tab >> Click "Convert/Save" >> On pop up menu Select "Add" to add file (can add multiple files also) >> Click "Convert/Save" >> Add Destination folder and File Format (to convert in) then click "Start".

Hand Brake: It is another popular video converter that can convert a .flv file into almost any file format.

Open HandBrake-"Drop a file" screen will appear >> Select the specific file you one to convert >> Select Destination filder >> Click "Start encoding".

Flv vs Mp4 which is better?

FLV format was quite popular back in 2010 as it provides high-quality compressed video for the internet. It takes less space which makes it easy to download and transfer quickly. Nowadays MP4 format is used more as it is versatile and is compatible with almost all devices like Mobile, PC, TV, e.t.c. FLV uses H.263 codec while MP4 uses codec which provides better quality after compression. Still .flv file is a better choice for streaming platforms as one of the most common software used for streaming is OBS studio and it produces .flv files.

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