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How to Make A Funny Vlog for TikTok?

Do you wish to get a start on TikTok? Find out what funny vlogs you can make for TikTok to get good reach quickly.

TikTok has been among the few social media platforms that have gained an exponential following in a truly short time. Regardless of this stunted digital environment, the platform made its statement of becoming part of the all-time greats.

TikTok became known as a short-video platform that influenced the making of funny vlogs. If you are interested in making a funny vlog, you are at the right place.

Part 1: Ideas for Creating A Funny Vlog for TikTok

When creating a funny vlog across TikTok, there are numerous ideas that one can think of. However, since TikTok videos are of small lengths, achieving diversity is difficult yet possible. You'll surely get your break if you understand the following ideas for creating a funny vlog.

ideas for tiktok funny vlogs

React to Other Videos

While it may seem the most mainstream style of creating funny content across TikTok, it is also the most effective way of making people laugh while watching your video. This will also bring recurring viewers across your channel.

Display Failure Videos

It is always great to see people trying and doing something funny across the video. Failure videos are believed to be the other way of creating content for a funny vlog on your TikTok, which shall make people laugh hard.

Use Goofy and Peculiar Voices

Unrealistic and weird voices can make your short video seem funny. If you consider talking about something in a silly voice, it will make people burst out of laughter.

Trolling Family Members

One of the best ways to make something good out of TikTok is creating candid moments. This can always be done if you troll or prank your family members out of nowhere. Just keep reminding that you have to ensure no one gets injured due to it.


Making impersonated videos of major celebrities is another way of showing funny content to the viewers on TikTok. If you consider some funny examples for this, it will surely bring you effective results.

Make Puns and Funny Statements

Another great way to create a funny vlog for your TikTok is to be good at making puns. This is purely hilarious content and needs someone to be highly great in it.

Physical Challenges

This can be a bit risky, but it can become quite fun to make and show to the world if executed with care. However, this can be conducted individually or in a group of people, as you find it appropriate.

Use Effects of TikTok

TikTok makes sure to provide something funny in effects to its users. The use of effects for TikTok is an excellent technique to make funny vlogs; however, it can get funny if the elements used across it have a dubious meaning.

Run Everything in Reverse

One of the most straightforward techniques to make a funny vlog is to run everything in reverse order. The simplest thing of a video becomes the funniest to watch.

Part 2: 5 Popular Funny Vloggers on TikTok

This part will provide some popular examples of TikTokers who have made a considerate performance in providing funny content to people across the platform.

Khaby Lame

This is, without a doubt, the first-choice in TikTok accounts that would always come while relating to funny content. Khaby started his journey as a TikToker with a remarkably simple motive of pointing out the simplicity in different tasks, which were displayed to be difficult. Although it sounds pretty basic, the technique taken by Khaby has been so considerate it brought him millions of followers for creating funny content.

khaby lame tiktoker

Sarah Cooper

Want to see a great impersonation of Donald Trump? It is undoubtedly great to see every time. With Sarah Cooper, it just becomes an entirely different story. Her impersonation has been so perfect that she has been referred to as one of the best funny vloggers on TikTok. Her likes across the platform may not be that great, but she has shown some stature in presenting funny content in a great way.

sarah cooper tiktoker

Dobre Twins

This twin duo is known across many social media platforms for its funny content. As the twins started using TikTok, they started creating good funny vlogs, which gained quite the traction for them. Their unique ideas to present different things have presented the following worth 23 million likes across TikTok, which is quite commendable. However, Lucas and Marcus are only known to operate this TikTok account.

ideas for café vlog

Image alt: dobre twins funny tiktoker

Brittany Broski

Quite a few TikTokers actually make funny videos with impressive comedy. Brittany Broski is a celebrity in this genre, where she has taken great use of her comedy skills to present great vlogs with different and unique topics. Her take on comedy is entirely different, which makes her funny vlog unique and better than others.

brittany broski funny tiktoker

Cole LeBrant

This TikToker makes a good collection of funny vlogs across his account with his family. The variety and variability in his videos make him a different version of fun compared to other TikTokers. He has built a great reach across the account, which makes him an impressive choice.

cole lebrant funny tiktoker

Part 3: How to Make a Funny Vlog?

Funny vlogs are a fabulous way to interact with people of different tastes. It can be something that cherishes the moods of the viewers, regardless of their current emotions. To make this happen, you need a good platform that helps you create a video for your viewers to watch. Wondershare Filmora fulfills the needs of a video editor by providing you with the perfect options while editing the video for TikTok.

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If you are looking forward to understanding how to create a funny vlog for your TikTok using Filmora, you need to follow a set of simple steps. These are shown as follows:

Step 1: Launch and Import Video

To start, you need to have Wondershare Filmora installed across your device. Launch the tool and click on "New Project" to start from scratch. Once the screen opens up, you need to click on the "Arrow Head" icon across the 'Media' Tab to import the audio you wish to amend for TikTok.

import your tiktok video

Step 2: Perform Basic Editing

Wondershare Filmora provides users with multiple options for editing their files. At first, drag the file onto the timeline. Following this, you can merge different videos or enhance the video by trimming it. Along with that, you can also consider splitting the image or changing its playback speed for different results.

use filmora basic editing tools

Step 3: Add Effects and Transitions

After you are done with some basic editing, you can add different effects from the “Effects” section. To make the video look exclusive, you can also include “Transitions” across it. Use the “Elements” tab to include stickers and emojis to enhance your TikTok video.

use effects transitions or elements

Step 4: Manage the Audio

For managing the audio of your video, you can make several changes across it. You can detach audio and change the audio with another soundtrack. Filmora also allows you to add audio from the "Audio" section, which contains royalty-free music to add. Once you are done, click on the “Export” button to set the settings of the video before exporting it back onto the device.

 manage the tiktok video audio

Closing Words

This article has presented some of the finest tips that can be utilized for creating funny vlogs on your TikTok. If you coherently use these tips, you can get significant results across your account in the name of the followers. Along with that, you can also use Filmora for making the best funny vlog with different editing tools.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


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