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Techniques You Never Heard of for Learning AI Marketing YouTube

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 25, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Techniques You Never Heard of for Learning AI Marketing YouTube

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YouTube is one of the largest entertainment websites, where you can watch, share, and create videos. Millions of active users on YouTube have taken premium subscriptions on YouTube to enjoy hassle-free entertainment. YouTube was launched back in 2005. With the passage of time and advancements in technology, YouTube has also evolved.


Artificial intelligence is one of the recent and most famous advancements in technology. The introduction of artificial intelligence in the industry has proved to be a boon. The introduction of artificial intelligence has made things easy to manage in every industry. AI can easily be applied in any industry be it manufacturing or the IT sector. Artificial intelligence has made work easier and increased the efficiency of people working in different areas. Even YouTube has started using AI techniques for many tasks. In this article, we have listed some of the applications of AI on YouTube.

Part 1 How Is YouTube Using Artificial Intelligence?

Tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning have made things easier to manage. Even the introduction of Artificial Intelligence on YouTube has helped a lot to smoothen its procedure. YouTube being one of the most engaging websites has applied YouTube Intelligence to manage all its activities smoothly. Read further to know how YouTube is using artificial intelligence currently!

youtube 2

01Automatic Removal of Inappropriate Content

One of the main applications of AI on YouTube is to remove inappropriate content automatically. YouTube uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to remove the violative and inappropriate content from the platform. As this content was one of the main reasons for the rise in racism and terrorism. To avoid all these harmful after effects, YouTube introduced the "Trashy Video Classifier" to scan and examine the feedback.

Although these algorithms might not be 100% accurate, they can perform the task more easily and efficiently than the manual examination of the content. Due to these algorithms, it has become easier to automatically remove the controversial content from the platform immediately. AI aided feature helps in determining the inappropriate content faster. However, it doesn’t provide 100% accurate results. This is the reason why YouTube has a large team of human specialists to check the accuracy of determining violative content.

02Add New Video Effects

The introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the market has made it easier to add new video effects without the use of any external equipment. You can now swap out backgrounds from videos with just one click due to the in-built AI features on YouTube. This AI neural feature is prepared by Google’s AI YouTube researchers to make it easier for the AI algorithms to understand video patterns. This feature makes it easier for the system to maintain the correct pace with the video.

03Maintain Age Restrictions

Being an online platform, YouTube is open to everyone. There are many creators and viewers on the platform with different interests. Moreover, it is accessible to all age groups, which makes it necessary to optimize the content according to the age groups. YouTube has always been very particular about the age-restricted content. A lot of content is published on the platform that can be harmful to the children’s minds and growth. YouTube uses different AI tools and algorithms to maintain the age restrictions of adult content.

YouTube has guaranteed that the mature content will not be accessible to the kids and youngsters aged below 13 years. It has also created a separate application for the kids to maintain the age restrictions from the matured content.

Earlier, the YouTubers used to flag their content as mature themselves, but now the platform is planning to flag the content using machine learning technology. YouTube had also used machine learning technology to thwart the age-restricted content automatically in 2017.

04"Up Next" Feature

The "Up Next" feature of YouTube is also a result of artificial intelligence. With many creators uploading a large number of videos every minute, it was becoming difficult for the platform to manage the suggestion engine properly. So, YouTube has introduced the AI technique to streamline the recommendation process to maintain the real-time and latest suggestion.

This feature is a mix of two algorithms, one is used to optimize the suggestion engine according to the search history and watch history of the user, and the other is to determine according to the ranking. As the main aim is to provide the content so that the user can spend his/her maximum time watching YouTube videos. This helps in creating a better sidebar full of user-specific recommendations. YouTube’s special recommendation feature ensures to recommend different videos to the different viewers as per their interests.

05Training on Depth Prediction

YouTube has a lot of data stored that provides easy knowledge of AI algorithms. According to the recent data and announcement, it is now clear that Google’s AI YouTube researchers used the "mannequin challenge" to understand depth predictions.

In this challenge, they researched around 2000 groups, with 1 group in each video. Video had many people standing still like they have been frozen and one person was going through the scene to shoot the video. A better understanding of depth prediction can further help in generating the development of Augmented Reality (AR).

06Tackle Fake News

Among the different features of the most engaging online platform comes the ability to detect and tackle fake news and misleading content. YouTube can understand and detect fake news. With so many users on different social media platforms, it has now become common to spread fake and false news. Unlike other platforms, YouTube is using artificial intelligence to detect and remove misleading content that is against YouTube’s privacy policy.

YouTube understands that this type of content can be harmful to the audience and can be the reason for disputes among different communities. Hence, giving rise to racism and terrorism. To reduce its wrong impact on society, YouTube is using AI technology and removing this type of fake and misleading content. Around 11 million videos were removed from the platform within a single quarter. The introduction of AI has also proved that the technology works more effectively and efficiently rather than the manual removal of such content.

Part 2 How Is YouTube Using AI to Recommend Videos?

youtube recommendation

YouTube aims at finding the perfect video for each user separately and anticipating the users to spend more time on the platform. Keeping both these things in mind, it decided to use AI technology to recommend videos and optimize the suggestion panel. Just like Netflix, AI technology makes it easier for the platform to determine the best suggestions for different viewers. It recommends the videos after researching the user’s age, interests, watch time, etc.

YouTube generally focuses on increasing the watch time of the viewer, that’s why it recommends the videos keeping the user’s interests on priority. The goal is to watch more rather than watch the best.

YouTube uses different AI algorithms to understand things and recommend optimized videos to stand out from the crowd. First of all, it uses AI algorithms to understand the user’s interest by scanning his/her search history and watching history. It creates a list based on the findings and then ranks the videos as per the google rankings. Each video on YouTube has a different ranking.

YouTube has been changing its algorithms over time. Earlier, it used to rank videos according to view counts. But soon people understood the technique and started using the eye-catchy title and thumbnail to gain a large number of views. Due to this, viewers even started complaining about the content and YouTube changed its algorithms to resolve this issue.

YouTube introduced AI and ML technology to customize the recommendations in 2016. This introduction has made things easier for YouTube as well as its viewers. It has now announced to ban the "borderline content".

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Ending Thoughts

Applying AI on YouTube has made it easier for the platform to manage activities more effectively and efficiently. As a result, many new features are added to enhance the convenience and maintain the quality of the user experience.

Moreover, YouTube is now experimenting with AI and ML for automatically adding video chapters. This feature will be beneficial for the content creators.

It will assist them in creating and uploading, resulting in the elimination of the time used in adding timestamps manually. Even the creators are uploading AI-generated YouTube videos that are created with the help of an AI YouTube video maker.

You can even learn about the different applications of AI and ML from different YouTube channels. Many accessible YouTube channels for machine learning are available on the platform.

YouTube intelligence can also be seen on the homepage, recommendations, notifications, and subscriptions. The latest trending videos are also ranked with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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