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You will need a greenscreen video of someone dancing and a photograph of a building with a greenscreen behind the windows. First, we need a background, go to Effects and search for “Background”.


Drag “Retro Greenscreen Background Vol 02 Overlay 02” onto your timeline. Place the building photograph on top of the background in your timeline. Go to Image> Transform and scale it to cover the background image.


Get rid of the greenscreen by clicking on the image and click on Chroma key icon. Use the eyedropper icon to select the proper green color of the image. You can work with the settings for perfection.


Go to Color section and under Tone, lower the brightness and increase contrast to represent night time. Now, drag the dance video right on top and keep on track empty below it. Turn on Chroma key as usual.


You will see a faded color and you have to adjust the offset setting to get rid of the faded effect. Select the video and go to Color section. Click on Advanced> Adjust> Color. Decrease Exposure and Brightness to make the subject dark.


Increase some contrast and reduce saturation to hide the detail of the subject. Go to Effects and search for “Chalk” and add onto the video. The subject will become a silhouette, and there will be glowing neon around her.


Double-click the video and go to Effect> Chalk Edge and change the color if you want to. Search for “glow” under Effects menu, and add Glow effect directly onto the video. Double-click and go to Effect>Glow to adjust the effect.


Split the video where the background image ends and get rid of the unnecessary parts. Copy and paste with video with all the effects and drag the duplicate video right on top. Go to Video>Effect> Chalk Edge and change the color to black.


Split the top video clip where you want the neon lines to show up and get rid of the beginning part. Split the video clip again after some time, and we will add another effect for the rest of the part.


Go to Effects> AI Portrait and bring up the later part of the split video to the top of the timeline. Drag and drop Background Afterimage 03 effect to the top clip onto the timeline. Go to Video> Effect and adjust the parameters for the new effect.


Go to the track that we left blank above the greenscreen background image. Go to Elements and search for Neon Wings. Add the element to the empty track and keep its duration as per your preference.


You can also add Elements> Pop Neon Pack Element and adjust its duration based on where you want it to appear and disappear. You can also scale in or scale out the elements for perfect fitting with the subject.


Go to Effects> Filters> Color Correction and add Kickin effect at the top of the timeline, and it will give a retro dance effect. We are finished now, and you can play and watch the video. It is as simple as that.

How to Add VFX To Music Video?


What you need to prepare:

  • Your computer or laptop
  • Greenscreen video of the subject dancing
  • Wondershare Filmora video editor
Step 1

Download and install Filmora on your computer. Launch Filmora and click on New Project. Import the greenscreen videos by going to File> Import Media> Import Media Files option. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the videos directly from the hard drive to Project Media folder.

download and install filmora
Step 2

Go to Stock Media> Pixabay and choose a night time forest background as shown in the screenshot. Place it onto the timeline and bring in Scene 1 greenscreen video and adjust the duration of the background accordingly. Go to Effects and search for “Alien Planet”. Drag and drop the effect on both the clips on the timeline.

night forest image pixabay
Step 3

Go to Effects and search for “moody”. Drag and drop MoodyTwo on the greenscreen video. Go to Elements> Fire and drag and drop Large Scale – 14 on top of the timeline. Adjust the duration and double-click on it. Go to Color and adjust the White balance for bluish fire particles.

find fire element vfx video
Step 4

Bring Magic Ball element on top of the timeline. Double-click and go to Transform and resize and reposition it so that it fits into the hand perfectly. Go to Mask and choose Rectangle. Go back to Basic> Compositing and change Blending Mode from Normal to Screen. Go to Effects and add Glow effect to Magic Ball and harry Potter effect increase its intensity to 100.

compositing settings vfx video
Step 5

Go to Stock Media> Pixabay> Videos and search for “galaxy”. Add the following background video to the timeline. Add the second greenscreen video and match the duration with the background video.  Turn on Chroma key and remove the greenscreen as before.

add galaxy vfx video
Step 6

Go to Effects menu and type in “contrast”. Add ContrastOne effect to greenscreen video. Go to Effects menu again and search for “blur”. Copy and paste background video and put the new one above the original one. Add Square Blur to the duplicate background video.

add square blur vfx video
Step 7

Make a keyframe at the starting of the greenscreen video. Go to the point where the curtain is completely pulled away and add a keyframe and make the opacity to 0%. Go to Effects> NewBlue FX> NewBlue Filters and add Light Leak effect to the top of the timeline. Match the duration and double-click on it to choose preset as Cool Wash. Play the video and watch VFX on your video.

add newblue filter vfx video

What you’ve learned:

  • How to replace greenscreen with background effects
  • How to add graphical elements to the subject
  • How to match the entire video environment with the effects

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