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10 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Business

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

The video content marketing is not a new concept, but the content has taken the form of videos in the recent times. Why video is considered an effective tool for promotions?

Whether boosting the rate of conversion or increasing the click-through rates and ranking, the benefits of video marketing are immense. It is an expressive medium to connect with the customers.

Video marketing is nothing new, but it is a proven effective tool for promoting business, especially for small business. Let’s learn the benefits of video marketing for small business in detail.

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Part 1: 10 Benefits of Video Marketing

1. Video Increase Brand Awareness

For a small business, the growth of the customer base holds a great importance. How to increase the customer base? Letting people know what you do and who you are in a unique way can help to increase the customer base.

Why video is the most important tool for the small businesses to stand out in the colossal crowd of the competitors? It is because the videos are an expressive medium to convey the core values of your business.

Your company gets a great exposure when entertaining and educational videos describing your company, products, services, and more are presented to the potential customers. When the video is attractive with great content, your company name remains etched in the customer’s mind.

2. Google Likes Video

Are you optimizing the videos for the search engines? It is a great way to direct the organic traffic to your website. When there are descriptions and links in your videos, it can rope in traffic to your website after the complete watching of the video.

Although links in the videos are good, you must never overdo things as too many ads and links can piss off the customers. They might feel harassed or pushed by too many ads and see your marketing attempts more as an annoyance.

google like video benefits of video marketing

3. Video Brings Social Shares

The idea of promotions has changed with the social media and networks taking over. Sharing of videos have become a trend and research shows that more than 92% of the mobile users using videos, share it with other people.

You can boost your company’s feature and achievements, products and services, customer satisfaction data, and more in a fun way and describe your company through your eyes to your potential customers.

Whether big brands or small business, the benefits of video marketing on social platform shares create a great range of opportunities for your business.

Social share

4. Video Has High Conversion Rate

YouTube is a great platform to learn about a product or service. It helps in making decisions prior to buying the products with product review videos as it offers honest reviews that help the customers in coming to a decision.

Getting in touch with a Vlogger who is relevant to your business, to review your product can be beneficial for your small business. A great product review persuades your customer to buy a product and thus, increase conversion rates.

high conversion rate

5. Customers Love Watching Video

The benefits of video marketing also lie in customer watching more videos. About 92% of your target customers watch online videos and surveys reveal that 4 billion YouTube videos are watched each day by the customers.

Around 1/3rd of the buyers watch the product ad video before purchasing products.

customer love video

6. Video Builds Trust

If you wish to create an identity or personality for your brand and company, a video is one of the best ways that not just help your company in being recognized or become a household name but also lets you win the trust of your potential customers and connect with them.

It is believed that product videos help in the decision-making process and 90% of the users agree to that. The more quality videos you create for the customers, the stronger foundation of trust is laid that converts to sales.


7. Video Had Stronger Emotional Connections

The features that make a video to connect with the users are voice tone, facial expressions, music, color, themes, to name a few.

Even if the users don’t make an instant purchase by watching a video, it keeps playing in their sub-conscious in a subtle way. The evoking of emotions by a video has proven to be a positive sign that mostly results in conversion at a later date.

video emotion

8. Video Bring Online Presence

In the recent times, having an online presence is mandatory for every big or small business, without which it becomes difficult to survive in the industry. With the help of video marketing, you can make the video contents more attractive, consuming, and engaging.

You can encourage the users to take an action like subscribe, share, or visit the site. When your videos are attractive and effective, it starts getting popular, creating a prominent space in the online world.

video presence

9. Video Marketing Is Almost Free

The compelling online videos have the power to reach millions of people across the globe within seconds. It is not only easy to create and economical but also effective in comparison to the traditional t.v. space where the advertisement rates are on the higher side. Consider the benefits of video marketing and try to create videos for the growth of your business.

10. Video Is Entertaining

However busy the users are, more than 60% of the users spend almost 2 minutes of their times on watching videos before buying a product.

Videos are a powerful medium as even a 2 minutes video can move the consumers to cry, laugh, learn, get mad at, or simply take action, unlike audios, photos, or texts. The moving story in a video helps in keeping the customers hooked on to your site.

Part 2: FAQ of Benefits of Video Marketing

1. Why is video so effective in marketing?

Video is important and effective in marketing. The main reason is people like to watch videos. We tend to be persuaded by someone in a video, so marketing more likes to make videos for promotion. All in all, video is more effective than text and image.

2. Why video is important in social media?

By now, social media tend to expose video content in feed no matter in FB or Twitter. In this case, you need to post videos to get a better display in social media. The another reason is videos are more attractive to us, so social media will recommend more videos.


With several benefits of video marketing, the small business owners must focus on this video marketing tool more than any other traditional mode of marketing. The digital world is on the roll and keeping up with the trend helps to reap profits, irrespective of the size of your business. If you offer quality video with great content where your customer can learn and connect, there’s nothing that can stop you in this race. If you want to edit video, we highly recommend Filmora. It is easy to use with various features.

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