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Instagram Influencer Marketing: 5 Steps to Conquer It

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

There are several marketing tactics like blogging, whitepapers, Twitter, Facebook ads and many more coming up every other day. With a platter full of options available every time, it might be difficult for the marketers to choose a few.

But, the Instagram Influencer Marketing is one of the tactics that shouldn’t be missed because it has the potential to help your store sales skyrocket overnight.

It is a great promotional tool and even if your budget is limited, investing in Instagram marketing is still a wise choice with a well-organized campaign. In this article you will learn how to build your own Instagram influencer marketing.

Part 1: Why Do You Need Instagram Influencer Marketing

According to a survey, about 94% of the Instagram influencer marketing users believe this marketing tactic to be highly effective. It helps you to acquire organic traffic and reach the consumers that were completely out of reach.

With 30% of the users blocking the ads, it is definitely difficult to reach them. The Instagram influencer marketing gives you the platform to showcase your brand in the limelight and make the conversation with the users more natural and less salesy.

Not, just reaching the users, Instagram Influencers also help to convert the target audiences into your customers. As per the research, it is seen that 81% of the customer’s decision of buying is due to the social posts from their peers and friends.

The influencer marketing offers 11 times more return on investment than traditional digital marketing process and with the increasing users on the Instagram network, it is one of the best for influencer marketing.

instagram influencer growth

Part 2: Steps To Build Instagram Influencer Marketing

Step 1: Set Your Goal

There are many who uses Instagram influencer marketing keeping brand promotions in their mind. But, simply setting a goal doesn’t work until you set a target for success.

How much do you wish to achieve and what does success look to you? Once you have it clear in your mind, you can start measuring how much you have achieved from the set campaign and how long you need to go further.

It must be clear in your mind whether you want followers from the campaign or need traffic to your site and conversions. Whatever it is, you must set a clear goal so that your campaign is executed properly and improved when required.

instagram influencer marketing

Step 2: Find Right Instagram Influencer

Do you need a big influencer for a huge audience or a micro influencer to obtain the trust of the small set of audience?

Before you decide on the size, you need to be sure of the relevance of the influencer to your business and brand. The content of the influencers, you work with, must be relevant to your industry.

But, the influencer often depends on your campaign too. You must also check the engagement rate created by the influencer as it reveals how much the audience loves to interact with or loves the style of the influencer.

Once you build a relationship with your ideal influencer on Instagram, generating high quality leads is vital for an Instagram Influencer Marketing campaign.

find influencer

Step 3: Reach Out Influencers

Do you have an assumption that influencers will work just because you are remunerating them? Then, you are completely wrong as the influencers only promote your product if they believe in it.

As the influencers are picky, it is good for your brand value. Your first impression and the pitching process must be good with your influencer.  You may send them a mail with your brief introduction or directly message them introducing your brand and how much you like the motivational messages from the influencer.

This is a positive way of discussing things and still, if your ideal influencer declines your messages, you may thank them and ask them to connect with you any time they like. This doesn’t create any animosity between you and your influencer.

reach out influencer

Step 4: Consider Your Budget

Deciding the budget can be quite a task. No one ever likes to pay more than the desired but you would also not like to offer peanuts. The budget depends on the size and value of your company. It depends on how much you can shell out and what is the value you can obtain from the Influencer.

According to the survey, an average influencer charges around $271. The influencers with a minimum following have better rates of engagement than the influencer with a huge audience base.

The influencer with a bigger following cannot be completely ignored. But, the micro-influencers have lower rates than the big influencers.

budget instagram influencer marketing

Step 5: Calculate ROI

Is the Instagram influencer marketing reaping in profits? How do you know that? Measuring and tracking the campaigns can show you the results. It depends on your goals. When you try selling a bulk product, setting up a link tracker for your influencer can help in calculating the ROI. When you are focused on awareness of your brand, you must use the Instagram Analytics tool. The more brand hashtags used, the better are the returns.

roi instagram influencer marketing


You must make a proper strategy, be selective about the ideal influencer you work with and never forget to track the efforts made by you if you want your Instagram Influencer marketing campaign to work. It is a powerful tool to promote your brand and convert customers. You also can use filmora to eidt Insta videos.

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